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What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security is a mechanism of securing endpoints or entrance points of end-user devices like laptops, notebooks, and cellular devices from being manipulated by malicious programs or software. Endpoint security systems shield these endpoints.

Endpoint security has developed from conventional antivirus applications to providing comprehensive security against malware and evolving zero-day dangers. Endpoint security is frequently seen as cybersecurity’s frontline, also signifies one of the primary areas organizations seem to secure their own business networks.

Since the quantity and elegance of cybersecurity risks have steadily increased, so has the demand for more innovative endpoint security options. Now’s endpoint security systems are designed to rapidly discover, assess, block, and comprise attacks in advance. To do so, they will need to collaborate with one another and with other safety technologies to provide administrators visibility to complex dangers to speed detection and remediation reaction times.

 Why Endpoint security is important for the business?

To understand this question, we are considering here two aspects so that the answer is easier. In the previous era of internet, when businesses or enterprises just began adopting the new and advanced technologies into their corporates, local networks had always the perimeters that were firm and clear. It was very important at that point of time to be present physically in the same office to access the servers and central repositories also for going through the common portal.

Now, taking the second scenario, when the technologies have advanced and workplaces have also become modern, the transferring of business into cloud hosting and software as a service has become very common which led to turning the situation entirely different. Businesses have employees, partners, vendors and what not now. All of them connect with each other through the enterprise network from their personal devices and at times from remote locations as well. It has made everything stress-free for corporates as they can run the business globally but it has also led to introducing several cyber security threats that businesses are facing on regular basis these days. Also, it is important for businesses to understand that most of these threats occur because of the insiders.

So, it has become very crucial for the corporates to integrate the Endpoint Security Software to identify all the possible entrances that are used by the outsiders or hackers to gain the access of internal network. This way it would be easier for the business to secure all the endpoints that may become the target of cyber-attack or any of the security threats.

Best Endpoint Security Software 2020:-

Protegent Endpoint Security software

Protegent Endpoint Security Software is a tool used to protect the end devices or endpoints such as computers and laptops from the threats like malware, spyware, ransmoware, and access that is unauthorized. With the help of this security software, user can ensure controlling the access to network which is most likely to become the victim of malware’s or malicious attacks. The Protegent Endpoint Security Software is developed with cloud-based innovation to closely monitor and to ensure threat detection, fortification and stoppage.

Protegent endpoint security is developed with the motive of offering an extra advanced security features to protect the corporate from massive security threats associated to endpoint devices of network.  The primary help this security software offer includes limiting the access for hackers while they are planning to initiate attack with the new methods of obtaining access, stealing the important data or information, and influencing the employees so that they can disclose the significant information of business.

With the incorporation of Protegent Endpoint Security Software, it would be easier for the businesses and user to secure their entry points from the user who is unauthorized and any sort of malicious activity that may take place. Companies also can efficiently look after the maintenance of endpoint compliance with the standards of data security.

Conversing about the enterprises, then Protegent Endpoint Security Software process assists in securing the organizational devices effectively thus protecting the corporate network from susceptibilities and measure any kind of exploitation by attackers through cybercrimes, malicious, malware, spyware etc.

Protegent is developed mainly keeping the security threats in mind integrating the endpoints with current patches, following the adequate protocols of security, also the standards set by several compliance policies are met. The users of software would find the integration of configurations to prevent the security risks in the endpoint devices.

To comprehend the Protegent Endpoint Security Software, you need to keep reading below as the relevant aspects are detailed for better understanding.

What are the uses of Protegent Endpoint Security Software for businesses?

To begin with the installation process of Protegent Endpoint Security Software, it is essential that corporates comprehends the uses of it. It would be helpful for them in using the product appropriately. So, here are the primary uses of software:

  • One of the main uses of Protegent endpoint security includes device protection. Since nowadays the trend of BYOD (Bring your own Device) is quite popular and also organizations are allowing for it, so in that case the software use would assist them in securing the endpoints and devices from cyber threats like ransomware. It would oblige in reducing the probability of any inner threat caused by employees. Corporates can secure their devices even when the employee is working from remote location.
  • Secondly, corporate can make use of this software for network controls. It is evaluated that most of the businesses have to experience intricacies when controlling their network because they don’t find any adequate and required security product. So, in that case, Protegent endpoint is the solution for such organizations as it would help them in networking controlling. It is also integrated with the comprehensive firewall so there is also no requirement of getting apprehended for the filtration of incoming traffic and categorizing the probable risks.
  • Application control is another primary use of the software and corporates without any doubt can integrate it to secure their endpoint devices. It includes the integration with server of application so that appropriate monitoring and restricting the endpoint kind’s access can be ensured.
  • It is seen that these days most of the businesses are worried about their data protection because of the increase in cyber and security attacks or threats conducted by the hackers. It makes them more worried because of the information stored in it. So, integrating Protegent endpoint security would not only help in securing endpoints but also ensure data controls. The software has the ability to prevent and reduce the probability of data leaks. The best part is that it also benefits the business in improving their data security with the encryption of confidential information.
  • Browser protection is also the use businesses can incorporate with the installation of Protegent endpoint security. The security software inculcates the option of web filtration so that the sites corporates can permit the access to the only type of sites they want their employees to use when connected with the network.

What benefits Protegent Endpoint Security Software offers to the Small, Medium and Large Enterprises?

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to destroying the businesses of all sizes, be it small, medium or large. Even after the pandemic, it has been noted that most of the enterprises are still neglecting the problems like cyber security.

Companies are utilizing the remote workforce technologies so that the infection spread is combatted but they are not concerned about protecting the modes of communication being used for getting in touch with the employees. Hence, it has become the need to integrate Protegent endpoint security solution to reduce complexities that can take place due to security threats.

It’s just not about the present situation even in future it is very important for businesses of all sizes to accumulate the software to be stress-free. For more information, let’s have a look at the benefits of Protegent endpoint security for small, large and medium-sized businesses:

  • Management of patch increasingly: It is significant to understand for every size of business that patches matter. There is always a crucial information related to security in every endpoint patch which assists in mitigating or preventing the cyber threats or attacks. It has been identified that hackers make use of the endpoints that are unpatched and use them as way of major targets. As per the survey of PonemonInsititue, the usual endpoint is three months overdue when it comes to update. Whereas, there is always the requirement of around 97 days for testing and deploying the patches to every endpoint.

Therefore, Protegent Endpoint Security Software is the solution when it comes to patch management for all size of businesses. The software enables the IT team for identifying the devices that are unpatched and assists in troubleshooting the probable susceptibilities before attacker plans to abuse. This security solution ensure patching of the devices in a manner so that the workflow for employees in an organization is disrupted.

  • Enhanced visibility: Lack of visibility is one of the problems in enterprises causing the risks like cyber security. Organizations keep putting efforts to create the extraordinary acumens into their atmosphere. But, it is essential to comprehend that if there is no visibility then it gets problematic for experts of cyber security to identify the attack surfaces planned by attackers. Businesses should also know that hackers always victimize as they prefer secluded, susceptible, and the ignored endpoints.

Hence, among all the other benefits enhanced visibility is also offered by Protegent endpoint security solution to the small, medium and large sized businesses. The software assists corporates in identifying all the devices that are linked to the network so that appropriate norms are amended for the remote work. Thus, the software helps in uncovering all the probable gaps and ensures performing the frequent checks so that fragile spots are prevented within no time.

  • Streamlined connectivity: It has been evaluated in studies that layered and complex endpoint security may at times enhances the breach probability rather than eliminating it entirely. If we take it in an objective manner, then it may sound sensible. Basically, congesting endpoints with multiple agents lead to create the problems associated to integration that create varied susceptibilities for protection. Protegent endpoint security is the solution that can offer benefits like streamlined connectivity. The software ensures offering comprehensive abilities that are helpful for enterprises when it comes to streamlining the solutions linked to cyber security.
  • Reduction in loss:In this current scenario, most of the employees are working from home due to covid-19 situation. So, in that case it becomes very important for the organizations to look after loss prevention whether it is digital or physical. Conversing about the digital sphere then Protegent endpoint security offers the benefit of providing the protection to endpoint devices since so many employees are working remotely these days specifically.

The software is useful in preventing the data from leaving the locations of database that are verified including endpoints. It also help in preventing the complex data from being uploaded to the databases i.e. public cloud. On the other hand in case, if an employee experience the loss of an endpoint comprising important data or information then this software remains the only help. It assists in remote wiping and identifying the endpoints so that the data can be protected efficiently.

What are the unique features of Protegent Endpoint Security Software?

Protegent endpoint security has been developed with the intent of assisting the organizations when it comes to securing the endpoint devices. So, there are unique features that have been integrated to make sure that it works best for enterprises. Here are its features:

  • Sandbox threat capture: This is one of the prominent features in the software and is beneficial for enterprises when it comes identification of the unknown threats. With the cutting-edge technology accumulated in the software, it has the efficiency of capturing the file which are unknown and sends them to the endpoint antivirus threat labs. The main purpose of sending the files in these labs is to initiate the real time analysis for ensuring safety and protection.
  • Vulnerability scanner:It is seen that malicious registry and traces of cookies don’t find any sort of difficult when it comes to the system. It is effortless to damage and breach the personal information. Hence, it is essential for an enterprise to integrate the Protegent end point security system as it benefits in scanning the vulnerabilities of the system. After the scanning is done, it ensures system registry cleanup from the problems like virus, malware or software traces which include unsolicited changes.
  • Speed-lighting: This feature of Protegent endpoint security is useful for the corporates in obtaining the updates linked to threat and hence make it one of the frivolous software’s. The feature accumulate the significant segment of analyzing threats in sandbox hence ensures system is not slowing down.
  • USB Vaccine:This feature has been integrated in the software to protect the USB drives across the network so that the businesses don’t experience disruptions when operating. It also repairs the USB’s that are infected within no time and also retrieves unhidden files because of virus outbreak.
  • Junk cleaner: With this feature in Protegent endpoint, it would be easier for the corporates to categorize and remove the unrequired files. These are the files which are generated by windows and applications like log, temporary and files for error reporting.
  • Data loss prevention: With the use of Protegent endpoint security, enterprise obtains the feature of data loss prevention as well. It assists in storing the data in case theft takes place and limits the access which is unknown for the devices.
  • Registry Repair: Corporates can efficiently mitigate the issue of registry file that leads to impacting the performance of system. Registry repair feature in the software ensures cleaning up the concealed traces in file extension category, assist menu order, startup
  • Updates & Upgrades:With this feature, businesses can ensure hourly updates and upgrades which again eradicates the probability of any security threat for the endpoint devices.
  • Light weight antivirus:The software is a lightweight and hence makes sure that the systems are not slowing down which is why it is also called Speedo.

Admin console features

Following are the admin console features that have been incorporated in the Protegent Endpoint Security Software to make it more proficient:

  • Easy creation and groups managing with endpoint clients.
  • Different policy enforcement for the offsite and onsite users.
  • Security policy creation and adequate deployment all over the groups.
  • Easy interface integrated for use.
  • Simpler deployment associated to customized settings per group/client.
  • Solitary dashboard allows the user viewing the status of endpoint protection, status and events of USB.
  • Role-based administration consent for sharing and delegating the accountability for actions.
  • Comprehensive feature of reporting for tackling the system that is pre-defined and customizable.
  • Improved and supple massive network management.
  • Single console for managing the security for both antivirus and web.
  • Easy installation wizard for use with zero configurations.
  • Easy generation for an audit report of the user system centrally with profound details of hardware and software.
  • Simple identification of user logs (events, device, manual scan, real-time scan and manual scan, USB events, app logs, anti-ransom backup logs, new file logs etc.
  • Easy sending of the endpoint reports on the email id of admin.
  • Generation of audit report centralized.
  • Taking centralized anti-ransom backup.

Which are the challenges a business encounter and why it must need an endpoint security?

According to the Verizon report of 2018, it is estimated that around 92% of the malware attacks takes place through emails. Reason identified for the problem is that in an enterprise employees keep clicking on the link thinking that they are from trusted resource. This leads to giving a chance to hackers for initiating the malware installation, spreading it and access gaining for the applications, databases and servers. All we mean to depict here is that the parameter security solutions don’t prove to be sufficient for fighting back the malware attacks.

It is being addressed here so that businesses can understand the challenges which require endpoint security. For better comprehension, let’s have a look at the challenges below:

  • Operating system exposure: It is identified that the security issues in a business takes place because of the operating systems. Reason being is that even when the technology has advanced even then enterprises are using the old systems such as Windows XP which are not supported by the Microsoft. To upgrade the system, there is the need of huge monetary and outflow that is operational. So, to reduce this organizations settles down for the traditional antivirus security. The result is security attacks and data theft.

It is important that businesses integrate Protegent endpoint security so as to reduce the issue because it has the efficiency of mitigating the discussed problems. It not only helps the business in securing the endpoint devices but also notifies even before the security attack takes place.

  • Not understanding the endpoint security: This is another significant challenge most of the business experience because they don’t comprehend it in an efficient manner. Most of the times, organizations confuse endpoint security with previous available computer protection programs. They just believe that it would help them in securing the network and the IT infrastructure and it’s not their fault entirely as certain endpoint security software claims too many features and don’t provide them to the user. But, Protegent endpoint security is unique and exceptional.

The use of this software would ensure providing the different controls such as port, application, endpoint detection and response, data loss prevention, sandboxing, secure email gateways and cloud perimeter security. All in all, businesses can proficiently feel calm when it comes to security attack or any malware, spyware etc.

  • Not keeping the apps up to date: This again is one of the main challenge that requires protection. It is seen that most of the businesses are not concerned about updating their applications time to time which leads to creating the huge probability of security attacks. Enterprises have the misconceptions that simple antivirus security installation will figure out the solution for security threats. It is high time that they understand the significance of endpoint security and integrate it in the system. With the use of Protegent endpoint security, they don’t have to be concerned about the updating of application every time. Software itself initiates the regular updates so that the vulnerabilities can be suspected and eradicated if found any.

Scenario- Real case Problem

Here we are going to illustrate the real case problem to understand the amazing qualities of Protegent Endpoint security. There are always two kind of IT managers in an office. One who is always chilled out and second who always find himself in chaos.

Let’s talk about the second one first. Ed works in a company called, “ABC” as an IT manager. He is been working with the company for years and understands the core of business. He used to begin his mornings in the office but one fine day it wasn’t usual. As soon as, he reached the office and switched on his system, he was in a big chaos. He encountered the virus detection. The complete office was in mess and he couldn’t understand.

Now, he started identifying what actually went wrong and evaluated that the software was not updated. The employee’s productivity in the office was very poor, computers also were speeding down. He had no idea of whether the systems were experiencing contamination with malicious content from the sites or it is because of the external storage. Somehow, he managed to resolve the issue with the assistance of technical team.

Scenario 2

Adam, works in a “XYZ Company” as an IT manager. He is always relaxed and calm. He never finds himself in the trouble. The team always shows complete productivity and also systems never slows down. So, how does he manage to do that? Simple solution, installed Protegent endpoint security. He has efficiently take care of the issues beforehand. The software is easy to install deploy and manage.

He has obtained the several defense layers that continually ensures performing the usual endpoint security. The single console solution assists him in minimizing the overhead management and offers the visibility with control. He can easily view the risk score and ensure analyzing the misconfiguration with the susceptibilities.

The Protegent endpoint security has set him free from worrying about any security threat and proficiently he manages everything with the software as it keeps updating on regular basis.

Therefore, it is also essential for Ed to integrate the Protegent endpoint security if he wants to begin his morning calmly every day like Adam.


It has become a challenge for every enterprise when it comes to dealing with the endpoint security challenges as most of them are using the software’s that are traditional. There is a requirement of accepting the fact that nowadays it is improbable to accomplish endpoint security without using the solutions that are automated.

It is every day cyber and security attacks are rising and traditional software’s don’t have the efficiency of dealing with the trends of cyber threats. Hence, to resolve all these issues Protegent endpoint security is the only solution.

With the software, every business can mitigate the issue in an efficient manner and don’t have to find the complexities when it comes to resolving the security or cyber-attacks.

Hopefully, the article would assist in understanding the Protegent endpoint security software – Best Endpoint Security Software 2020.

Protegent endpoint security

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The Best Laptop Tracking Software | Download Free Laptop Tracking Software

What is a Laptop tracking software?

Laptop tracking software is the tool used for protecting and tracking the laptop if is lost or stolen. It reduce the problem for the users and corporate when dealing with the laptop theft case. The software is useful for the users when it comes to recover their system in the event if is misplaced by mistake or stolen.

Locate laptop is a module under the Protegent complete security and is identified as the best laptop tracking software due to its exceptional working process. The system requirement for software includes windows, windows XP, Vista, windows 7 and windows server 2008. The software development is initiated so that tracing the laptop location and data retrieving in the system becomes easier for a user.

Another noteworthy aspect of this tool is, it’s a free laptop tracking software (on trial period) which means users don’t have to get apprehended about payment when downloading it. If we talk about the physical assets, then protecting the laptop is bit difficult. They are concealable easily and probability of theft cases rises significantly.

Taking the aspect of laptop use in organization then the robbery of this asset can cause vivid loss to any corporate because of the increased data storage. Hence, the development of laptop tracking software initiated so that users and corporates are not worried about their personal information stored in the system like banking details, pictures, videos, or any other personal and professional documents.

The unique functionalities and features of the software not only assist the user in tracing the laptop but also ensures security to their information and data effectively that is stored in the system. To provide more understanding of the software, other aspects are discussed in the write-up more comprehensively so keep following the writing piece.


Uses of the software

Now, to install the locate laptop software it is important for a user and organization to know what it can do for them. So, here are the uses of software for enhanced understanding:

  • Firstly, the use of locate laptop software would help an organization or a user in detecting the pin point location once it is connected to the internet after it is misplaced or lost.
  • The incorporated Google map application in the software will assist the user in demonstrating the location with particular information of latitude and longitude.
  • The use of this software in any organization is helpful to keep track of the employee’s laptop through master login.
  • When the user experiences robbery or lost the laptop then it’s just not the financial loss but more than that it is of data and information stored in it which leads to the major apprehension. The use of software obliges the user in encrypting the complete data without letting the unauthorized person read it through automatic data encryption feature integrated in the laptop.
  • It is also easier for a corporate and a user to recover the applications with the use of locate laptop software.
  • The use of this software allows an individual to activate or deactivate the integrated functionalities in the system. The only requirement is to use the verified code from the compatible device.
  • The software which is also known as one of The Best Laptop tracking Software can be used for the image capturing of an unauthorized individual through the feature of web cam while tracking laptop location.

What benefits locate laptop offers?

According to technology firm, it has been identified that a user experiences laptop theft every 53 seconds around the world.        If figures are to be believed then theft most of the times takes place in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports or public transports. Hence, the need of using locate laptop – laptop tracking software arises to reduce the probability of risks like theft case or misplacing the laptop by mistake.

Following are the benefits locate laptop offers to its users in a proficient and effective manner:

  • Track and control: It is obvious that when a user or an organization experience the laptop robbery or misplaces it then the problem creates a lot of hassle. It becomes difficult to understand what should be done in this situation but installing the locate laptop software removes all the worries. User can benefit from this software extensively. They can obtain the better efficient tracking and control aspects. The software offers the functionality of tracking devices proactively in place, time, and detect movement efficiently. The software enables the user to quickly react to the movements that are unauthorized through GPS.
  • Security of device with anti-theft solution: Another major benefit of using the laptop tracking software is linked to device protection. The users of locate laptop not only can enjoy the advantage of tracing or locating services but also can ensure security for their system. With the software, it is easier to wipe the data or folders remotely that are there in the laptop so as to be relieved for the private and personal data in case laptop is lost or stolen. The encryption feature secures the complete data and information.All in all, the software offer security actions for a lost device and configures it automatically.
  • Laptop managing remotely: Locate laptop not only offer the benefit of download free laptop tracking software but also allow the users to enjoy the advantage of managing the laptop information remotely once the lost laptop is tracked. The user wouldn’t find any complexity when working with the software as it tracks the location with IP address and once it is done, it becomes easier for user to manage the information or personal data sitting at home without letting the unauthorized user know about it.
  • Encryption of data automatically: Reason locate laptop is known as the best laptop tracking software because it offers automatic data encryption feature. Automatic data encryption feature in the software benefits in making the data unreadable to the unknown user. For instance, if laptop is lost and an unknown person gets hold of it then the software encrypts the data automatically.

In a nutshell, installing the locate laptop software offers numerous benefits to the user ensuring that they can easily

What are the features of software?

The development of locate laptop took place under the module of Protegent complete security so that enhanced services are offered to the customers. Security of the laptop is one of them but there are other features also accumulated in this download free laptop tracking software. So, to gain the more understanding ensure following the reading as below are the major features of software explained:

  • Laptop tracking: After the brief illustration of locate laptop, it is evident that the user can use it for identifying the location of lost or misplaced laptop. Thus, laptop tracking is one of the major features that have been integrated in the software for the comfort of user. With this feature, user can easily relish the benefit of tracking information linked to laptop user. Users don’t have to get apprehended about handing the feature manually as the complete functionalities automatically tracks the required information to trace the location after the laptop is connected to internet.

After tracing the location information, user requires opening the and provide the necessary details i.e. login and password to report theft. Once the relevant information and scanned police report is attached, software will begin the work of locating laptop. The user would be able to obtain the data within short period of time like IP address, ISP, city and so on. The security solution combines tracking methods, and selects the most precise and reliable result from GPS to locate your laptop.

  • Automatic data encryption: The users of locate laptop can enjoy the feature of automatic data encryption. With this feature, users can easily encrypts their information or data in case they experience the laptop lost or misplacement case. It is evaluated that mostly users are majorly concerned about losing the important data and information like pictures, videos, and other professional documents. But, if the user is using locate laptop software then they can get rid of the worry as it automatically encrypts the data in a lost or stolen laptop.
  • Tamper proof agent: The tamper proof feature integrated in the locate laptop helps in reporting on the server including the information like IP address, location, country, city, ISP, longitude and latitude also date and time. With this feature, user doesn’t have to hinder as there is no requirement of human involvement.
  • Recovers data with cloud server: The Protegentcomplete security software is developed with the integration of cloud technology and as locate laptop feature is developed with the accumulation of recovering data feature. So, in case user misplaces the laptop or it is stolen then user can easily recover the information loss or sensitive data. Cloud server is useful in retrieving the complete data for an authorized user if it is delete.
  • Screenshot: Last but not the least, locate laptop also involves the screenshot feature. If the software is installed in the system then the user doesn’t have to get apprehensive about the stored data or information for the lost or stolen laptop. It automatically captures the picture of screenshot every time the screen is used by an unauthorized user. The best part is the unauthorized user doesn’t get to know about this feature as it is hidden in the laptop.

How locate laptop works?

Being one of the best laptop tracking software, Locate laptop process is simple yet effective. It helps user in quickly locking and finding the laptop and secure the valuable information if it’s lost or stolen. Users can also use the browser easily anytime, anywhere and remotely to discover the system and to find who has it. Let’s find out the software process below for better understanding:

  • Locate is the first process that is initiated by the software after the user is aware that the laptop is missing or stolen, it instantly tracks and maps the location if an unknown person is using it through connecting with internet.
  • Second process is linked to making the online support of locate laptop aware quickly by providing the necessary details to trace the exact location. If the user is unable to do this, user can immediately lock the device by preventing strangers from using. Rest they can move on with the process through reporting the theft on official software website locate laptop.
  • Locate laptop sends the complete details on users email after the required details from user is obtained which includes location with IP address, ISP, city etc. is traced. Thus, this way user can easily find the missing or stolen laptop.

Scenario- Real case Problem

Let’s  explain it as a story, There is a company ‘XYZ’- dealing in technologies and services like web and mobile app development consented one of the employee named ‘Tom’ for work from home due to some personal health problems. Understanding the concerns and difficulties, organization was convinced and trusted him as he was serving in the company from last few months. They approved the laptop to him so that he can continue with the work and also for the reason that tasks of company are not hampered. Had they any idea, company wouldn’t have ever done this mistake because soon it realized that the laptop was stolen.

The managers and senior kept calling him but no answer they received. They tried reaching his home but found out the wrong address was provided by Tom. Company got to know that they have been conned. The issue was not only lost laptop but the information and data stored in it.

The company was in a great dilemma and was unable to understand that what they could do in this situation. Problem got more intense as he was working on several development projects and the information was in the laptop.

Scenario 2- Solution

Now, after experiencing such problematic ‘Company – XYZ’  was in stress but they soon managed to resolve the problem. The solution company applied was locate laptop tracking software. With this software, they not only traced the laptop location but also managed to save the important information linked to the business. After the company was aware about the theft, one of the managers instantly reported theft on with attaching the scanned police report.

The software helped the business in certain ways. Firstly, the tech team secured their information on the laptop and also software automatically encrypted the complete business details with other important information so that Tom is unable to use it for his own purpose. After the case was reported to official website, the instant step was taken to locate the laptop. With the provided information to the support, laptop was traced with IP address, ISP, name, city etc. The complete details were given to the company on mail so that they can obtain the laptop. Successfully with the locate laptop software, ‘Company – XYZ’ efficiently managed to get their laptop back and saved the information required for the projects. Tom was caught hence ended up in lockup.

So, the case is presented here to make the reader understand about the locate laptop more comprehensively. With this one can measure how big problem laptop theft or lost can create for the real user. Therefore, it is very important to install secured laptop tracking software to eliminate issues like ‘Company – XYZ’ faced.


Concluding the whole write-up, it is anticipated that it must have helped the regular laptop user and readers to understand the significance of laptop tracking software. Since in this era of 21st century when technology is being advanced extensively specifically in the IT industry so the risks of security threats have also increased.

It has been analyzed that laptop theft cases are growing year by year due to the private and personal information stored in it according to the various researched initiated. To prevent the misuse of data and information through laptop theft or lost case, Unistal has developed Protegent complete security software with locate laptop module.

Hopefully, the writing piece has helped you in gaining the information on locate laptop effectively. If you want to then you can easily download free laptop tracking software from here:

Protegent complete security solution

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Free Antivirus Software

Best Antivirus Trial Download | Most Premium Antivirus

Still, thinking of getting the Best Antivirus Trial DownloadYou shouldn’t because every system is disposed to the virus, and you will definitely experience varied kinds if you are a regular user of a laptop or computer. You should know that when you plan to get the antivirus product, the purpose is serving for a more extended period. There are very rare viruses providing the trial versions. 

Getting the security layer for using the system these days’ has become a need and demand in the market. The only primary reason is the increase in security threats every day and attacks the system to obtain sensitive information. If you are not aware, let us tell you that these attacks are not something that you ignore. They are severe and can lead to catastrophic destruction. Thus, it becomes essential for getting the most premium antivirus. 

If you are looking for the best ways to ensure the best security system for your computer, then the Best Antivirus Trial Download  is a solution. It is evident that now you would be thinking about why you should choose this only. Don’t worry; the answer is here. With this trial version of the software, you would be able to install it for free, and you can use antivirus for a period of one month. This will assist you in making the right choice depending upon how you are using your system and also comprehending your security requirements. 

The trial concept allows you to download all the products named Protegent antivirus, total security and complete security. Once you complete the one month time, you will be sure of which product you want. You can purchase the product according to your security requirement for one year. 

The reason to offer the trial version for most premium antivirus is to make you test and comprehend the specific product use in the actual period. This will also assist you in discerning your requirements, for example, a trial period enables the assessment of the product features objectively, and at times it even leads to opening up the perspectives you probably haven’t experienced earlier. But, it is essential to know that you can use one product at a time. 

You can enjoy the benefits of a complete version of a product without any limitation of features for 30 days. To begin with our trial, you would have to fill up the details of your card but don’t worry the information is secured with extra security layer. You won’t be charged anything until the trial period gets over and will begin charging only after the completion. 

Also, keep one thing in mind when the time is over make sure you have removed the details because if you don’t want to keep it, even then you may be charged if card details are there. This happens because of the automatic generation of payment gateway integrated in the software. So, don’t forget this step.

Keep following the write-up for gaining more understanding on the concept of best antivirus trial download and its functionalities you can enjoy. 

Most Premium Antivirus – All You Need to Know 

Most Premium Antivirus

Most Premium Antivirus

Viruses are identified as the robust destruction means that causes unauthorized snooping for the online and computer users. There is an urgent requirement of best antivirus trial download if your network is disposed to any of the security threat or viruses. You don’t have to give it a second thought as it is one of the best investments you can make especially if you have experienced the attack or have been victimized to it. The major aim of providing the trial version for users is making them comprehend the traits like removing the unwanted users and preventing them from making an entry to the network. However, certain kinds of viruses are there which enter the system subtly. But with the most premium antivirus software it would be easier for the user to detect the discreet virus through scanning feature and completely deleting them from the computer. The best antivirus trial download is a package of advanced complete with exceptionally amazing and superior features for complete protection against the advanced attacks such as only online cyber-attacks. 

The software is integrated with the features that are unique and its extra security layers offers you more than 75% of additional features comparing with other products all around the globe. It is also intended with the major objective protecting the data from viruses, theft and attempts of users that are unauthorized and targets to access the confidential information. 

Conversing about the ability of this software, then it is essential for you to know it has also got the efficiency of securing businesses and their private data including computer/laptops from the attacks that are malicious. The most premium antivirus inculcates interface that is intuitive and is user-friendly. It also hold the traits of easy navigation including being logical. The casual users and tech-savvy both of them can use this software without any hassle and complexity. 

If you are someone who thinks that you don’t need an antivirus because your system is not prone to any of cyber-attacks or security threats, then here we would like to break your bubble. It is very important for every user that they should know that every computer system in the world is prone to virus and users may experience them. But, then there are varied kinds of antivirus which can be used to fight against these attacks. And, best antivirus trial download is one such instance.

The developers have developed this software keeping in mind a lot of different threats that can be there in the system. It has also got the efficiency of scanning your computer completely hence clearing all the errors from your system. Scanning is one of the integrated traits in the system as in case if there is any suspicious activity going on within the device then it automatically detects it and heals it. What else do you want?

The ability of most premium antivirus doesn’t stop here as it also inculcate the feature of scanning drives and if there is any unwanted program then again it removes the drive by itself or doesn’t let the scan any information from the system which means your information in the system is entirely protected and safe. 

Features: Most Premium Antivirus 

As you now almost comprehend the significance of getting best antivirus trial download, it is also essential that you know about the features it accumulates. Understanding the features is also an aspect that almost every individual ignores thinking it will function on its own. It’s true that the antivirus software’s work automatically but if you won’t enable they cannot work. And, you require appropriate elaboration of features for the software. 

Therefore, let’s discuss some of the feature software holds and that can benefit you extensively against the virus and security threats: 

  • Effective antivirus security: 

    The most premium antivirus holds the feature of effective security. It is evident that it can fight against the viruses and malicious attacks. But, you need to know its basic nature as well. The software has the ability of preventing, detecting and removing all the probable security attacks. The software has been developed with the high detection rate by integrating the efficient and advanced algorithms. It ensures receiving the daily updates for enhancing the abilities of malware-suppressing. If it detects any malware knocking the door of system, instantly the software provides protection in real time. You don’t have to worry about the file system when using best antivirus trial download. The fast scanning feature in the software ensures cleaning the system in a short span. 

  • Advanced protection against cyber threats:

    Cyber-attacks and theft of identity have become very common these days. It is because of the enhancement in advanced technology and people are storing their information or data in the digital platforms instead saving it manually. However, this has proved to be beneficial but it has also opened up ways for attackers. So, the most premium antivirus is the software you must go for as it provides you the protection for your information in the finest way. It is developed with the integration of exceptional features and measures for verifying your identity all the time you insert your user information while using online platforms. One of the benefits you can enjoy from this software is it provides you the email security as well. The software warns you every time you open the file from an unauthorized mode. 

  • Proactive data recovery for lost/ deleted data:

    Another noteworthy feature of the best antivirus trial download is that it is helpful recovering the data lost or deleted. You don’t have get anxious when the data is lost due to any of the reason. Most of the attackers, attack the system with the purpose of stealing information or misusing it in negative way. But, the software has got the solution for both the cases. First, it will ensure you recover the data efficiently and you don’t have to face any loss of information or data that is sensitive. Second, it takes care of the unauthorized accessing of the system. Thus, this software makes all of work and activities effortless. 

  • Prevention of unauthorized data leakage from different external sources: 

    In this age of technology, it is not at all difficult for the users to make an entry into the system without the permission of user. And, it becomes more risky if there is no security layer at all. If you are always worried about your data leakage from the varied external resources in an unauthorized way so it becomes essential that you take care of the aspect of getting most premium antivirus software. This will allow you to relax as it doesn’t let your data leak from an unauthorized way. 

  • Reporting and monitoring of user’s application and internet use: 

    The use of best antivirus trial download enables you to report and monitor the user’s application and internet use. You can keep track of how the internet services are being used and if there is any suspicious activity going on. Once the software identifies such activity then it immediately takes the action by blocking the mode and by warning you to take protection step. 

  • Secured data encryption in case of laptop theft: 

    If you have experienced the theft of your laptop and installed the most premium antivirus then don’t worry. The software has the feature of securing your data by encrypting and when the robber would try opening it, you can scan the location as well. And, if not then at least it will encrypt your data entirely which means an unknown person wouldn’t be able to see the information stored on your laptop. 

  • Enhances system performance: 

    The best antivirus trial download is also developed with the feature of enhancing your system performance. Most of the antiviruses in the system makes the performance of system slow down and it also doesn’t work appropriately. But, with this software you wouldn’t face the issue in fact it will help you with the increase in speed and you will experience that the system work more efficiently now. 

Therefore, these are the features that you will obtain after getting the most premium antivirus. And, you will not find all of them in one product comparing with other antivirus product. So, it is recommended that you should get it and as said earlier decide upon it later by getting the trial version. The trial version makes a lot of difference. 

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Protegent internet security antivirus software

Total Security Antivirus | Best Total Security Antivirus 2020

Worried about your PC security against the deadly security threats and attacks? Don’t worry, Best Total Security Antivirus 2020 is a solution to your problems. It is very scary and dangerous as well to identify that the computer we use in our daily life is intruded by the cyber-attackers. Being a user, you would never that your online activities are being monitored by anyone especially by cyber-attackers for carrying out various immoral acts. Just the name of malicious activity scares the hell out of an individual so think if it happens in real. These things sound really daunting and it is very important that required step should be taken to offer the complete security to computer or laptop. Hence, to be ensured of security and protection against the security threats, one must install the Total Security Antivirus. 


The software has been built with keeping in mind the quality and also understanding the pocket of users. It not only offers definite security to your laptop or computer but also helps in providing the perfect solution for keeping online activities and information protected. It doesn’t matter the data is professional or personal, important is you are aware of protecting your computer from viruses and other IT threats. Your computer stores the data and information for you that is important and it is relevant you are cautious of understanding the security measure it requires.


While using the internet not knowingly, you get in with various programmers virtually but that doesn’t mean every step or a program is linked to risk all we are saying here is probably someone might proceed with the intentions that are mean and cruel. There are users filled with immoral values who might put your computer at danger by putting a malware without you knowing. And, you begin experiencing the slowing down of speed, and automatic files downloading and installation of software’s that are not known by you. So, here you must understand the significance of best total security antivirus 2020 as it makes sure that you are not facing the mentioned problems and are free from security threats when using the computer.


Conversing about the malware, then it is identified as the dangerous one and may put your entire computer at hazard via thieving relevant and essential information from the storage within a system. Basically, you can become the victim of serious identity theft if you don’t take the issue seriously by downloading or installing the total security antivirus. 


These days’ computers are known to hold a special place because of its efficiency in storing the data. But, there are unauthorized users always keeping eye on the storage. Their main intention is that you are not aware of your computer protection hence breaching it becomes easier for them and can accomplish their goal. The important thing to be noted here is that obviously, you cannot stay watchful every time for your computer security. So, to mitigate this problem, best total security antivirus 2020 works proficiently and secures your system against any threat probabilities that can take place.


The only requirement is installing the software within a system and it will add a supplementary layer of security firewall for offering additional safety. The functioning module of the software is effortless and yet robust. Once you get this, you would be able to scan your system profoundly to look for the mischievous programs and software. If any of the malicious activity is noticed then it is blocked and removed efficiently by the software. You would not face any issue with the installation as it is windows friendly and is supported on any system.


A complete protective agent for your system- Total security antivirus 


It is essential that when you intend to get the software for your computer security, you always at first identify the main functionalities or traits to be assured that it will offer you the required protection against latest threats. Best total security antivirus 2020 is known to be the finest security layer or programs available in the market possessing the great protection like security for online banking, security from spam emails, powerful firewall and security from phishing including other malware.


The software is built with the ability to provide security against the unknown malware attacks which may lead to disrupting your system severely. Different security features have been integrated into the software for varied threats for keeping your network protected from the snoopers reach. Additional features in the system help you prompting the security level for the web you surf.

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Protegent internet security antivirus software

Internet Security Software for PC Free Download | Protegent Internet Security Antivirus Software

Are you aware of Internet Security Software for PC Free Download? No? Don’t worry, you will be able to obtain the efficient comprehension of the aspect in this write-up. First things first, let’s talk about security. It has become the talk of the town these days as it is the major emphasis of every user while they indulge themselves in any activity that is online or offline. These people are using the internet for almost everything, bet it shopping, paying bills, banking and even communicating with the world around. So, as technology is being advanced and developed, security threats are also increasing in frequency with time. Thus, it becomes really important that you don’t ignore the need for getting Protegent internet security antivirus software. 


It is evaluated that individuals who have got the software don’t pay any heed when it comes to updating or there are people who understand the significance even then they don’t get it. This is the behavior which put their security completely at risk. Basically, here the point only is one should never ignore getting the required security software to secure themselves from online threats. Now, if we talk about what Protegent software can do. So, firstly it is important for you to know the basic functionalities that are accumulated in it to offer the advanced security layers for users.


This internet security software for pc free download is a security program that is filled with the ability of scanning files, identifying threats, eliminating computer viruses and other malicious activities. The software ensures analyzing the files so that known and unknown viruses via virus dictionary can be identified. Detecting the odd behavior from any program infecting the other files on the system is another main upside of this software.


The Protegent security antivirus software has managed to emerge as the pre-eminent technology in the antivirus industry and internet security. The software has developed with the aim of standing against the cyber-attacks or assaults and deliver the protection that is real-time against the zero-day threats. Now, it has become one of the finest antivirus software’s and a product that is well-known. The tech experts prefer the software among other available antiviruses because of its compatibility with the windows. The scanning engine developed in the internet security software for pc free download is an assortment of detection which includes behavior-base and cloud-base. The primary upside of the software accumulated checking the evolving online threats that probably are missed by other products. The experience you would obtain from this software is hassle-free and you can also lead to making the security-related decisions that are optimal. There is no offering the wizard or prompts linked to on-screen and a silent killer of malware and viruses. Features like control for an active virus, the browser that is virtualized, scanner of vulnerability and rescue mode makes sure that you don’t have to experience any kind of lapse when it is about the computer security and probable susceptibilities.


How Protegent internet security antivirus software serves protection? 


The designing of internet security software for pc free download took place with the objective of providing security against the viruses and cyber-attacks via internet protection layer. So, if you are not clear about the features or the functionalities of the software, we have got you covered. Don’t worry and just keep following the discussion below to gain efficient comprehension of Protegent software:



The Protegent internet security antivirus software features an extremely efficient scan engine and it ensures scanning the system on boot-time. It understands the requirements of the user hence offer finding the latest threats like adware, malware, Ransomware, Trojans, key loggers, and other kinds of security threats. It instantly eradicates the suspicious files on the system so that safety in future can be assured. The software also has been developed with the feature of restricting the contamination of virus from the outer sources like USB.


Detection of vulnerability 

The combined intelligence of the virus security software is always alert so as to identify whether any application available in the system requires any kind of update. It also finds any weaknesses related to security in the system. It instantly ensures taking the measures that are restorative for minimizing the holes and flaws before cyber attackers take any benefit of the susceptibility in the system.



As the Protegent internet security antivirus software is designed with the cloud-based technology so it becomes easier to detect behaviors in the applications and analyzing any kind of suspicious activity in the system. The anti-spyware in the system instantly takes the step and block snooping activity and restrict the attacker from gathering the information of the user without authorization.


Ransomware protection 

The internet security software for pc free download is identified as the best free antivirus because of its offering of the unique feature which is safe-vault security. It allows the user keeping the important files, data, pictures and other information in a vault which is password protected. This way it becomes easier for the software to securing from Ransomware threats. It also restricts the entry of unauthorized user into the system.


Browser protection 

The Protegent internet security software is beneficial in offering vigorous internet protection accomplishing the multi-purpose security to make sure that there is no harm to identity and money. After detecting the fishy website, it immediately blocks as it can lead to fetching the users into scams. So, when you are using the internet you don’t have to worry as the software is there for you. Or, if you are making any online transactions then also it takes care of safety measures required for card credentials. And, if there any malicious activity in your browsing or email, it is removed or deleted before they are launched within the system.


Download protection

The Protegent internet security antivirus software has been developed with the efficiency of restricting the automatic downloads of adware that are initiated by the dangerous sites. The feature of download protection is useful in scanning the downloaded files so as to make sure that the files you are using are safe or not.



There is an integration of firewall feature as well in the Protegent software as it benefits in keeping the network secured from the threats and botnets is useful in limiting the hackers. It also ensures that the Wi-Fi you are using is secured with the robust password and eradicates the internet traffic for boosting the speed.


Parental control 

Last but not the least, apart from offering the security services you can also find the feature of parental control with the use of Protegent internet security software. The parents would be able to have complete access to the children’s internet use. They can efficiently amend guidelines and inculcate the safety measures for the children. They would be able to know with the screen time feature that how they are using internet services. Basically, the software helps parents in obtaining the complete history of a child’s internet browsing.


Why do you need internet security software for pc free download? 

Complete security of a system becomes probable with the use of Protegent internet security antivirus software. If you are always concerned about the eradication of flaws, files that are unwanted and registry entries then you don’t have to now because this software is developed with efficient abilities. It offers you the extended full proof protection to your system which means you can use your internet without any tensionn. It ensures protecting your system from outside threats and even from foreign agents.


The main purpose of introducing internet security software for pc free download is linked to making things dynamic and leveraging the complete security within a system. It has the proficiency of adding dynamism within a system and beefing it up to the level so it can assure protection from the virus. Once the installation is initiated, the good news for you is no security issue remains there and you can continue using the internet the way you want. Basically, threats like phishing terror or malware advents don’t exist any longer.


The software also functions as the finest tool for removing the malware and helping you with overcoming the latent issues within a system linked with the advents of malware. It doesn’t allow the entry of malware in the system hence makes the computer protected and clean from any kind of virus. When you use this software, it makes sure taking care of every trait associated with the protection of a computer.


The Protegent internet security antivirus software works as an efficient tool and protecting the system from unwanted flaws and offering the extra layer of protection which becomes difficult for the attacker when it comes to interception. Basically, it is not easy for an intruder anymore intercepting your security levels. Also, the installation of this software helps to comprehend the user in keeping the decency of the computer.


So, download the software and be free from any unwanted happenings of takeover and keep your computer safe and sound from security threats.


Latest internet security threats you need to be aware of;

The birth of internet proved to be a boon for human life but it has also given life to different probabilities. It has become a worldwide place of a market where an individual can access the benefits like a gateway of communication, networking venue and whatnot. But, then as said earlier it has also led to opening the way for great and new dangers or threats linked to IT security.


These threats are mainly known as malware, Trojans and many more are there which you don’t have any idea about. Hence, if you want to fight against internet security threats it is important that you comprehend them first. So, have a look at some of the major and latest internet security threats here which can be only eradicated with the use of Protegent internet security antivirus software: 


Computer viruses 

Computer viruses are one of the internet security threats that have been troubling the world severely. They are designed for spreading the virus from computer to another and are often linked to sending attachments or downloaded files from particular sites which leads to infecting the pc badly.


The virus also involves sending the spam messages, disabling the security setting, corrupting and stealing the information from system which may accommodate the private information like passwords and even deleting the files from the hard drive. It has been identified that around 33% of the security threats take place because of a computer virus.


Hence, if you want to secure your computer from this threat then you should download internet security software for pc free download. 


Rogue security software 

Attackers or scammers these days have discovered a new way of committing internet security frauds. The new and latest security threat is known as rogue security software. It is malicious software that includes misleading the users and makes them believe that the system is infected with the computer virus and the measures of security are not updated.


After this is done, they make offers to the user for installing the security solutions. All they do is, ask you to download the program or ask for the payment for a tool. And, hence succeeds in installing the real malware within a system. Thus, to mitigate this kind of major problems it is important for you to understand the significance of Protegent internet security antivirus software.


The software will capably identify such security threats and warns you so that appropriate steps are taken to secure the important data and files including personal information.

Adware and spyware 

The main intention of designing the adware is associated with tracking the data or information of your browsing information and accordingly display ads to you. It gathers all the information after your authorization and represents as if it is a legitimate source of income for businesses that enable users trying out their software for free.


You must know that the user agreement doc is always hidden with the adware clause and must be checked cautiously so that before installing any software you can take security measures. This threat is noticeable and can lead to slowing down the complete system also lowering the speed of internet connection.


The functioning of spyware is also similar to adware but the only difference is it is installed without your permission. It includes key loggers that can efficiently record the private information or data like emails, passwords, credit cards and other important credentials which can increase the huge menace of identity stealing.

Therefore, it becomes very important that you install the internet security software for pc free download as it will keep updating you about such threats and make you aware of the malicious files or folders within the system. Once you do this, you wouldn’t have to be worried about your security all the time because the software ensures taking care of it in an efficient manner.



Phishing again is known as one of the latest security threats again creating a lot of hassles for the security and internet world. It is an approach of social engineering with the objective of gathering personal information such as passwords, credit cards, and usernames.


They frequently appear in the kind of immediate message or phishing emails intended to look as if they are authorized. The email beneficiary is victimized by tricking to open a link that is malicious and this results in malware installation within the system. It may even gain the private information via sending the mail which can seem to be sent from the bank to authorize identity which means stealing personal data.


Hence, the solution to this problem is downloading the Protegent internet security antivirus software. With this, you can be assured of being saved from such security threats and saving your computer as well. Since your entire information and personal data, these days are saved on the computer so it is relevant that you get this software if you don’t want to experience security threats like phishing.


Wrap up 

At last, the main agenda of this writing piece is to offer you the information linked to internet security software for pc free download. The reason for developing this software is associated with providing protection from internet and security threats to the users and making an impact worldwide in the world of internet and IT. As coronavirus is at its peak, so don’t forget to get this software as you must be working on your computers a lot these days which means the upsurge in security and internet threats. So, keep it in mind and enjoy your work from home.


Download your Protegent antivirus software for free here:

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Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software

Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software

Have you thought of getting Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software  yet? If not, then you must. Computers have become an imperative part of human’s life as it almost makes our every task effortless. This is a time when the internet and modern technology are revolutionizing and this is why the growth in application software with interconnectedness in cyberspace is also noticed rapidly.

The use of hardware is advancing day by day. With this extensive technology advancement, malicious and hazardous software especially virus is reaching the top. Hence, it becomes very important for every computer user that they ensure securing their devices like a laptop or computer, and other gadgets an individual is using for storing information or using the internet. Basically, it is essential for you to understand the relevance of antivirus software to secure yourself from any kind of security threats.

If we talk about finding the sources for downloading free antivirus software then they are countless but important is what you have chosen is worthy of it or not. You cannot go with the random software just by thinking it is free and don’t even consider going through the features. That’s the worst thing you can do with your privacy concerns.

If you are not using the best and well-developed security software to secure yourself from IT threats then it is high time you must download Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software. Downloading and installing this software will make a world of difference as this is one of the finest and reliable software’s available in the market these days.

As coronavirus has disrupted the world severely so people find using their pc’s, laptops best way to spend their times at home, so here it means an increase in the rate of cybercrimes as well. At this point, one of your major priorities should be securing your PC’s and laptops being a regular user of the web. Also, it is important for a user to understand the need for an update after the software is installed.

It has been identified that every individual owing computer has come up with the complaint of malfunctions or the slowing down of computer strangely. Some has also experienced the need for restarting the computer repetitively. This is the major sign of virus entry in the computer. Varied types of infections and viruses are there that led to attacking the computer so that destroying the files and causing damage to the sensitive information is effortless. Hence, it becomes relevant for you to comprehend the basic virus anatomy so that the risk of infection or virus is identified without any hassle and that you can do with software like Protegent.

Since new infections are generated by the programmers of pc hence keeping this view in mind Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software has been developed with a database that is updated and assists the user in identifying the codes of malware. The database of software accumulates definitions of malware that is implemented by antivirus software while records of filtering are in process. You must ensure that your database is updated as infections keep evolving on a daily basis. The Protegent has got the efficiency of naturally refreshing the database every time.

Why you must be investing in Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software? 

In this era of the 21st century, millions of individuals are managing their lives and private particulars through their laptops or computers so it evidently means different dangers or threats which requires an extra layer of security. All we mean to confer here is that without antivirus software it is very difficult to keep yourself secure from cybercrimes. This is why Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software has been developed. Now, if you are thinking that why you should be using this only then just keep following the write-up below for better comprehension:


  • No claiming of free protection: 

    It has been noticed there are a lot of makers promoting their product as free protection. But, with Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software, the case is different. It doesn’t promise anything like this and offers you the free download. Since the internet is filled with countless software’s. It is important that you invest in an efficient antivirus with the trusted developers. You must be aware of the fact that the free alternative only offers you some amount of security from the malicious activities and are usually stripped down when it comes to the functionalities. Protegent software is developed with maintaining quality hence offers you the augmented security that will benefit in blocking the Trojans, infections, virus and worms.


  • Antivirus and security software compatibility: 

    Another major reason to invest in Protegent total security software is that it is developed with a trusted developer and is prepared in a form of ready-to-go. It has got the efficiency of covering all probable methods of code which can lead to invading your computer or laptop. If you want to ensure protection, it is imperative that you have an antivirus program for detecting the viruses and worms including firewall so that blocking the attacks of hacker is easier. The benefit of purchasing this antivirus security software involves protection of every type and also involved eradicating any issues of compatibility that can be there while using the software.


  • Security against malicious acts: 

    It has been identified that there are people who keep arguing that they can efficiently eradicate the infections only by following the online methods which include not opening emails that are spam, ignoring the websites which are filled with suspicion, and not downloading the unknown software. But, it is important to know that all of these methods are not always helpful and even lead to infecting the computer for people who are always cautious. Trojans and malicious acts are crafted really well and falsify the user very proficiently. Basically, you cannot secure your laptop or computer without Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software. So, make sure you invest in it to eliminate any of these risks.


  • Your personal data is safe:

    These days life of human completely relies on computers and hard-drives as it benefits in securing several important information for us so it becomes important to protect the data. But destroying all of this is just the matter of a clap as nowadays malicious attacks are increasing so one must ensure getting the Protegent total security software. This product is not only useful in protecting the computers from attacks and also delivers the ways that are convenient for backing up the significant data or information and identifies itself if the computer is attacked or infected.


  • Detects removable devices: 

    One of the main reasons you must invest in Protegent total security software as it obliges the user in detecting the removable devices. It is evident that you must have experienced the computer slowing down or crashing the computer and most of the times take place because if the removable device. So, the software has got the efficiency of detecting the removable devices on your computer which helps in securing your personal information or data. It will benefit the user in scanning the removable device for any probable viruses to ensure that there is no transferring of a virus.


Ways to use Protegent total security for safe browsing 

It has been analyzed that most of the laptop or computer user these days’ don’t have an understanding of developing the protected habits of web browsing and even if they do then there is no adequate comprehension of from where to start. Since these days the number of security threats is increasing day by day with the increase of users so it becomes relevant to get the Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software. It will not help you in adapting the safe browsing but also will make sure that you are secure every time you are online.


Several habits or ways are there which one must develop for relevantly strengthen the security of browsing and reducing the habits of becoming a victim of targeted hackers. So, have a look at the ways or habits you follow when being online and also for using the antivirus software appropriately:

  • One of the main aspects that you need to keep in mind is timely updating your browser and getting the Protegent total security antivirus software. The timely update of the browser will let the software fix any kind of existing susceptibilities. So, whenever you are using web browser make sure to update it on time.


  • The next habit you need to develop when running the software includes a supplementary protection layer by identifying and removing the files that are malicious from your laptop or computer. All you need to do is get Protegent antivirus software as it efficiently fit the requirements of users.


  • You must keep scanning the files before you download then so that you can evade any sort of malicious activity. In case, you discover any kind of malicious aspect or suspicion then it is important for you to scan the file with Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software. This will assure you find the malicious file after scanning and remove it if there is an inappropriate act linked to it.


  • You need to identify the phishing threats as well using the channels of communication so that tricking the users for revealing their private data and information is simpler. You can evade getting into the trap of phishing messages by using the antivirus software that frequently includes links to the versions of popular sites that are forged.


  • Don’t use the same passwords for all your online accounts. This will help you in securing the sensitive information that is sensitive and will also make it complex for cyber attackers accessing the information they want. Basically, it would be difficult for them to compromise with your credentials. You must change the password after 90 days also you can get the antivirus software.


  • Another important thing that you need to take care of is ensuring that the website you visit is encrypted with SSL. You should check for https in the URL as confirming the security of the website becomes easier. Else, Protegent total security software solution has the ability to detect websites that are not SSL protected which makes it more important to get this software.


  • Websites with user agreement are always the best and you should always choose to use such sites only having privacy policies. The antivirus software proves to be beneficial in providing the information for not having any policies or any kind of user agreement.


  • You have to make sure that the blocking feature on your web browser is enabled. Although, it is easy to disable it but then after the use always ensure turning it on also if you are using Protegent total security antivirus software then you may not require it.


All in all, the crux here is that you should be using the secured layer like Protegent software if you don’t want to face any malicious act. You need not click on the clicks you receive via email messages or any other unknown source. The software is well-equipped with lessening your burden and offering you the absolute required security.


How Protegent total security antivirus software can evade virus infections of PCs?

Virus arrivals have become very common these days’ from the internet because of certain activities like games downloading, video streaming etc. But, it is essential for a user to know that there are other methods also through which it can enter into your system. You never know it’s from your pen drive, or secondary storages, or from the memory card. Hence, in this scenario, it becomes utmost important for you to absolutely secure your PC or laptop with the Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software. 


You must have experienced countless security software’s are available in the market. But, the complexity you come across is finding the software which can suit the requirements of your device. Various products are there claiming what not but when it’s about taking the action they seem to be failing. Hence, you must always choose the best product for your pc so that keeping the virus away and malware is effortless. Downloading the Protegent tool is simple and after it is installed it ensures taking care of all the computer security aspects.


Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software assists in evading the virus and malware including emails checking by an unauthorized user. It restricts all these activities severely. The use of the software will also allow you in preventing entry of all virus kinds from any of the source into your laptop or computer. Basically, it has been built with the total security shield that is robust when it comes to trespassing. This is why you require installing the software to keep you and your pc secure.


Another aspect that the software follows to evade the virus infections involves regular cleaning. It helps in making sure that there is no suspicious activity taking place and you are protected. The software has been developed with such efficiency and expertise that it makes the computer in a state where it becomes easy dealing with any kind of threats and attacks skillfully. The software puts your device in the alert mode all the time and if any malicious or suspicious activity is noticed, it immediately prompts the user for deleting it or sending it to the quarantine.


When an active virus is identified then the software itself deletes it with the extra advanced feature accommodated in it from the system. And, this is how you can feel safe and protected with the use of this software. Conversing about the key features, then Protegent total security antivirus software offers you the complete online security, email security, parental controls, secured games and compatibility. There are other attributes also which makes the software additionally unique and it involves the pricing, user-friendliness, worth for money, customer support and the user experience.


Wrapping up the piece of writing, so the complete elaboration of Protegent Total Security Antivirus Software is there. Since, the security threats and attacks like viruses, Trojans, worms, Ransomware, malware and so on increasing day by day so it becomes relevant to take care of the devices cautiously. Keeping the view in mind, Protegent is developed and it has managed to obtain sufficient growth in the market with its unique features and extra layered protection. Since coronavirus has troubled the world so chances are people must be using their laptops or computers to spend their time. But, it also means the upsurge in security threats and attacks and to secure the sensitive information from attackers it is essential that you get the software at the earliest to mitigate the risk of becoming victim to any of the attacks. You just have to download it and install the software, once it is done and you are good to go.


Happy safe browsing!!!!!

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Download Free Antivirus Software | Protegent 2020 PC Protection

Did you ever give a thought to download free antivirus software? Not yet? Then, your PC or laptop is at major risk. In this time of advancement and technology, it is imperative that you are aware of the security threats and hacking systems that takes place on regular basis in the world of IT. Before we move on to conversing about downloading the free antivirus software to protect you PC and other personal information. Let’s discuss a bit about the antivirus at first. According to the experts, it has been observed that when an individual download such software’s they don’t have an appropriate comprehension about the aspect hence you must know at least a basic concept. Antivirus software are identified as the programs which are effective in securing your pc or laptop against threats like worms, Trojan horses, viruses and unauthorized users. All of these aspects cause risks to the personal safety and also to the gadgets. It becomes effortless for unauthorized user to delete your important files, accessing the personal information. Even, they can use your computer for the purpose of attacking other systems. Basically, it can be very hazardous if you don’t have any protection. Now let’s focus on the current scenario, the world is facing the pandemic coronavirus which has affected the entire humanity to the deep, also is affecting the digital world out there. And, it won’t be any surprise if you haven’t thought about securing your pc or laptop yet. As all you know right now is your and family’s safety. But now when you know after reading this write-up try not ignoring it. You should think what can be the appropriate protection for your laptop? You must get Protegent 2020 PC protection to eradicate the biggest challenge and for living a normal life by keeping our personal data and confidential information secured from the sources that are uninvited. It really doesn’t matter what sort of gadget you are using, all that matter is whether antivirus software protection is there or not.

There are makers of PC who download free antivirus software and compel you to sign-up as this way they can make huge money. Make sure not to feel pressurized and research about what antivirus software you need in 2020.Earlier there is the mentioning of a antivirus software which you require as this is not only the world’s best software but also its attributes make it the effective antivirus to protect your data, pc, laptop and information secure from any sort of malicious activity including security of threats which may include data leakage, unauthorized accessing of data and corrupting the folders or files in the system. A security suite is there which you need to download and you know what the best part is it’s free. You don’t have to pay charges for download what else do you need when it comes to protection of your gadgets and personal information. Meet Protegent 2020 PC protection with supplementary features and great ability to enhance your security levels.

Which threats can Protegent download free antivirus software help shield against?

These days the users of computer have got a lot of more apprehensions than just viruses. Malware is one of the terms that they keep worrying about as it leads to creating a lot of threats. Hence, if you intend to download free antivirus software then it can assist you in a better manner. Find below some of the threats that creates tension among the users due to malware:

  • Virus is known as one of the dangerous software’s that duplicates itself. It has got the proficiency of spreading itself to other gadgets which means losing of personal data, file, folders and other sensitive information.
  • Phishing is linked to the secured links that takes the users to sites which are filled with malicious activities and collects the private data with the credentials of login. It can be discovered within the websites, advertisements and emails.
  • Adware and spyware are the known threats entrenched in software that is free like trackers of weather or screensavers. This sort of malware engenders advertisements and identify behavioral patterns.
  • Ransomware is also one of the threats which blocks the access of files for users and doesn’t let the user use it till the point they don’t pay a fee.
  • Pharming works like phishing as it takes the user to malicious site and doesn’t let them use the authorized sites.

You must be aware of the hacker’s activity to protect your gadgets. It is identified that they keep coming up with the innovative and inventive methods so that they can discrete individuals from their money, personal data and information. You never know even if the safest sites you are using conceals the malware which results in latching into your computer. You don’t even get to know that your computer, pc or laptop is hacked as it looks real and safe to you. Various kinds of online threats are there from which Protegent PC 2020 protection can assist you in protecting your info, data, files and folders most importantly your gadget you are using. Protegent is a software which inculcates several defensive layers against the defined threats that your computer or laptop may experience or has been facing.

How download free antivirus software protection works?

Most of the times, users of computer think that the antivirus is main line of shield against malware, threat and you know what, it actually is. Antivirus is just the start, several layers are there in Protegent 2020 security software which works jointly to enhance the detection speed and preventing the malware. For more information, below is the elaboration of the security layer and explaining that how software works:

  • Prevention of firewall and intrusion: Protegent 2020 PC protection

    inculcates the protection that is of network-level and is filled with latest technology to analyze incoming data, identification of the traffic that is malicious, and blocking the threats before they are hitting any of your gadgets. You can work with this security layer effortlessly just make sure to download free antivirus software.

  • Protection that is file-based:

    Protegent has been developed with the protection system that is file-based. It makes certain looking for and eradicating the malware in files on a system so that it can be protected against adware, rootkits, Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms and bits.

  • Detection of virus:

    One of the main functionalities of Protegent 2020 PC protection involves detecting and removing the viruses from gadgets. It is mostly initiated by files scanning on the system and by comparing information or data in the file to a database when the signatures of virus are known. The database of thus software is updated on regular basis for ensuring that the program of antivirus includes updated definitions of virus for detecting the known threats. It has also got the efficiency of detecting virus file scanning process and in real time.

  • Analysis of system:

    This software is developed with the efficiency of monitoring your laptop or computer for signs which directs that the functionalities of system are not operating in an appropriate manner. It is the sign that the system has got infected by some virus. After the problems are recognized in a system caused by the infectious virus, this software ensure initiating the scan so that the cause of the issue can be detected. Once the detection is done, then it automatically quarantine the infected file, delete it or treat to protect you from any security threat.

  • Removal of malware:

    You must download free antivirus software as it has got the proficiency of detecting and removing the malware with other hazardous programs that probably are installed on your device without your knowledge. There is no requirement of separate scanners of malware once the Protegent is downloaded as it has the ability to code between programs of virus and malware. It detects both of the threats and remove it to secure your device from any sort of risk like data theft, loss, information or data loss.

  • Online security:

    The software Protegent 20202 PC protection comprise the feature of securing you against any malware and threat but it also benefits the users in securing their information or data online. It is something which is known as online security. The software is developed with the detection of intrusion, monitoring of fraud, and recognition of phishing notification is an unknown point is trying to access your device from a remote area. You must use this software for another reason that is it even detects the website if it tries to redirecting your browser or stealing your sensitive information. These sites and pages are automatically blocked securing your information in an efficient manner.

  • Protection of data:

    If you are one of the frequent computer or laptop user, it is relevant you are aware of the hazard associated with file corruption or other loss in case the virus is not identified closely. Protegent 2020 PC protection is the software you need in this kind of situation because it offers backup online for the folders or files which are very important. You can restore them later when you experience the infected, corrupted or damaged file.

Reasons you need updated antivirus software- Protegent 2020 PC protection

If we talk about the strong engine of antivirus then it is identified to be keystone of security these days even after the advancements have taken place when it comes to matching the malicious file signatures. Protegent PC 2020 protection accumulates the use of updated technology which notified about the regular updates and ensures responding to the persisting threats immediately. It is essential that when software updates are sent to your computer or laptop then like any other software you must run it. It will help you in making sure that the software is updated with latest features and fixes.

You can find various layers in the software which ensures shielding your gadgets from the virus, Ransomware, malware and other security threats that may take place. Since you may observe that new kind of threats are generated every time whereas old kinds are resurfaced frequently or reused in new manners. In this case, Protegent 2020 antivirus comes to the rescue as technological layers has the efficiency of defending against the newest threats. Therefore, if you want complete security then download free antivirus software.

Latest threats update

It is very important that the makers of any antivirus are aware of the latest threats. This is something which cannot be ignored as it benefits in coming up with more secured and updated antivirus software for the different device users making them threat free. Here is the report of latest threats that have been reported in the year 2017:

Malware, Ransomware and Trojans

  • One of the major threats have been reported in the year 2017 named as Emotet.
  • There was around 92% of increase in 2017 of script and macro down-loaders for installing the Ransomware and causing threats related to banking.
  • 40% of increase has been reported in 2017 for Ransomware infections.
  • Also, infections of Ransomware was around 46% in 2017.
  • The biggest advancement has been noticed in the area of cyber-crime in 2017 linked to coin mining with the detection’s of 8500%.

Mobile threats

Here are the reported threats identified in 2017:

  • The variants of malware in mobile has increased by 54% in 2016-2017.
  • It has been evaluated that more than 24,000 mobile apps were blocked in 2017.
  • Grayware apps leaked 63% of mobile numbers in 2017 and 37% managed to disclose the physical location of phones.

When it comes to updated protection and security, then you must trust on Protegent 2020 PC protection. The software is filled with the advanced complete software package and accumulates exceptionally superior features of security to deliver widespread shield against latest and advanced online cyber threats. The unique features of Protegent offers 75% of additional features than the software’s available all over the world. The interface of the software is very much user-friendly is logical when it comes to navigation. Also, the noteworthy aspect of this software involves that it has got inbuilt proactive data recovery software which ensure securing your pc’s data from the accidental permanent deletion of files or folders or any kind of formatting which you don’t want. The advanced cloud protection technology in the software makes sure that your laptop or pc is protected with the daily updates available on the latest threats. You can download free antivirus software as the trial version is also available.

What makes Protegent 2020 PC protection software unique?

So, if you are in the quest of finding best security software then all you need to do is download free antivirus software. These days it has become complex to find the finest security solution. Reason being is that there are countless security software’s available and you get confused. When stuck in this kind of situation, you must lookout for the attributes that any software must inculcate as this is about security and you cannot compromise with it at any cost. To make your search easier, here are some of the traits that Protegent software holds:

  • User-friendliness:

    User-friendliness is very important in any security software product for the comfort of a user. Keeping this aspect in mind, Protegent 2020 has been developed in a way that user can simply use it and can enjoy user-friendly experience. It is ensured that there is no uncertainty and is easily comprehensible. The finest aspect is that it doesn’t slow down your device.

  • Protection when downloading:

    Downloading the protection is one of the most significant things in security software. Sometimes downloaded files and folders may contain different sort of viruses, Trojans, threats and malware. Hence, if you are using Protegent 2020 PC protection then you don’t have to get apprehended as there is an option of download scanning.

  • Price:

    Since price is a significant thing hence when developing the Protegent 2020 PC protection it has been kept in mind. You will find amazing features that too at an affordable price range. You don’t have to go for the high-end software’s thinking they are going to do something extra. This is not always important as at times you may find the low performance as well. Basically, all we mean to say here is just spend in the one having good features not in the expensive ones.

  • Speed:

    When you plan to download free security software, you would notice that the security set has the efficiency of scanning the device. Protegent 2020 is a security software which accumulates varied options comprising scanning of USB and so on.

Concluding the write-up the main agenda is to make you aware of the right software that can assist you in availing the services with extra-advanced features and regular updates. Protegent 2020 PC protection is the antivirus software that not only offers you the security aspects but also makes sure that there is no unauthorized activity taking place on your device. Since, the world is battling with coronavirus currently and you are using your internet or your devices regularly to keep yourself busy at homes so chances are you may get hacked. Hence, lower these chances and download the software for free.

Download your Protegent antivirus software for free here:

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Stay safe. Stay home.

Best Antivirus for Windows

Download Internet Security for Free

When the world is gripped under the coronavirus pandemic, it is advised to people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing. While we are fighting with the crisis, most people are using the internet to work and to entertain themselves while opting for precautionary measures. Even in these trouble times, hackers are not stepping away to con the victims instead they are finding new ways to lure the victims in their traps. This also calls for security over the internet and to remain secure, it is recommended to download internet security for free to secure your PC.

While doctors and medical staff our first line of defense in these testing times and countries are taking a toll on the economy while ensuring the safety of the citizens, it is also important to stay safe at home while not losing to scammers too. Scammers are taking advantage of the situation and trying to inflict financial toll not only on the organizations but also on the individuals.

People working from home are most vulnerable to hackers. Along with adopting the safe practices to work from home, we should also make sure to download internet security for free to protect the important data as well as to be safe from getting conned.

Why Should You Download Internet Security for Free?

In the simplest words, ‘to stay safe from hackers’. One thing about hackers is that they never sleep and as they are always looking for people to get into their traps online. They try different ways to inflict the virus into your system or to take your personal and financial information. Every year companies and individuals have to billions of dollars to hackers just because they become victims of their organized cyber-attacks. Even if you are an individual who uses very little internet, you cannot claim yourself safe from getting attacked. Hackers target people globally and the internet has given them this opportunity to go beyond boundaries to make people their victims.

The internet penetration rate is ever increasing and this calls for the need to download internet security for free for your personal computers. This high usage of the internet comes with more precautionary measures than ever before. Most of the new users who are introduced to the internet very recently are most vulnerable. Due to a lack of knowledge about safe internet practices, they become easy targets of hackers. It is advised to the new internet users to download internet security for free even before using the internet.

Safe Practices for Using the Internet

The Internet has changed the world, the way we interact with the people, the way we gather the information, the way we seek information and lot more. When there is too much information to consume and too much information to share then it automatically becomes important to be very watchful in what information you are sharing as well as consuming.

New and old users of the internet need to take a few measures to remain safe from the internet related threats in not only these testing times but even after that. This includes not only the things you should do but also the things which you shouldn’t do but before that users should download internet security for free.

Protect your Personal Information: We may get excited to post our life events on various social media websites without thinking about the consequences it may lead. You never know what information shared by you can be used against you by hackers. Sometimes we share our addresses, company profile or work we do that should be confidential but knowingly or unknowingly we do it. This helps hackers in targeting you in many ways. It is advisable to never reveal your personal information on any social media or any other websites. Also, download internet security for free to protect your personal information from getting misused by hackers.

Financial Information Should Always Remain Confidential: Most of the time we fall in the trap laid by hackers and we reveal our financial information to them. Always remember not to share your financial information publically. Even if it is required on online shopping or e-commerce websites make sure it is secure. There are ways to check the authenticity of the website, so check it first and then only make the shopping decision. If you find it suspicious, leave the website immediately and report the website.

In another case, if you are using online banking then be sure to use it on the bank’s secure web page and use the virtual keyboard to fill in the details. Always opt for two-factor authentication to be double sure that you are operating in a safe and secure zone. Never share your credit card/debit card details, online banking details or other financial details on social media or with anyone else. Download internet security for free to protect your financial information.

Privacy is Very Important: With the increasing cyber crimes, social media websites have opted to provide better privacy to their customers. Review your privacy settings regularly as these websites come with some minor or major changes in it regularly. Make sure that all your privacy settings are on and you should share only the limited things on social media websites. These websites help a person in connecting with your loved ones, neighbours, friends, colleagues and unknowingly hackers too. Hackers always look to take advantage of any loopholes in a person’s social media profile and leverage it for their gains. Users are advised to download internet security for free to keep your privacy over the internet safe.

Do Not Download Anything: Most of the websites offer free downloading of your favourite content. This is a known fact to the hackers and this also makes every person an easy target for them. Hackers trick you in downloading malicious software disguising as important applications, games, movies and other things. This malicious software can steal information from your computer system and sometimes can damage the computer. It is advised to not download anything from unknown sources and double-check the websites from where you are downloading these things. Also, it is advisable to download internet security for free from the authenticated websites only.

Do Not Click on Anything: Hackers have many ways to con their victims and one of them is through enticing ads. They display ads on websites that are far from true but do get the attention of the users and as soon as the user clicks on the ad it redirects the user to a malicious website. Some of the websites start downloading malicious software almost immediately as soon as the user reaches it. Some of these websites ask users to fill in their personal or financial information.

To remain protected from these websites, do not randomly click on anything. Even if it is an ad, do think twice before clicking it and if the information in the ad looks too good to be true then refrain yourself from clicking on the ad. Also, download internet security for free to block these ads.

Use Strong Passwords: As most of the websites ask users to create a separate username and password to access it, it is advisable to create a strong and different password for every website. Websites do this to personalize your experience over their platform and to keep your information secure. Users need to create a strong password for every website, the password must include a combination of an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers, and special symbols.  A simple password such as your name, your favourite club name or simply password can be cracked very easily and all your personal information can be misused.

Users should choose different passwords for different websites. In case you have a single password to access all the websites then in case the password gets compromised then the damage this can cause you is unimaginable. If you worry about remembering all the passwords then don’t because every website has the forget password option, create a new one immediately but don’t reuse your passwords.

Shop Only from Secure Websites: Hackers are aware of the popularity of various online shopping and e-commerce platforms. Many replica websites on the internet look the same as the websites you visit and shop regularly. These websites have just minor changes in the spelling or in the user interface which is the only clue to the user that it is malicious. Sometimes hackers send in an email to change the password on an urgent basis and provide a link to these fake replica websites. Hackers also use ads on other websites that represent lucrative offers and on clicking the ad the user lands on these malicious websites.

It is advised to use a safe browsing option and always check for the spelling mistake or any other changes in the user-interface while visiting an online shopping website. User can also bookmark their regular shopping website and use the bookmark option only to revisit it. Also, download internet security for free to use safe browsing option to shop online.

Do Not Open Email Attachments from Unknown Senders: Emails are the widely used tools by hackers to make users their victims. The emails may address the user to change the password of important websites immediately, fake government schemes, urgent money transactions into your account or from your account, winning a lottery, business idea, making easy money, exciting credit card schemes and many more lucrative offers. Hackers give a link in the mail body or the email has an attachment. The attachment can be a malicious program that can steal information from your computer system as soon as you click on it. The hacker design programs which can automatically download into your system on clicking it. The other form they use is by giving a link to a malicious website. They ask users to fill in their financial and personal information on the website and this may lead to compromise of your account.

Always make sure that you open emails from the known senders only. Banks never ask your debit card/ credit card, atm pin and password so never fell prey to the hacker’s demands of sharing your details and password. Never click on an attachment from the emails from unknown senders. Download internet security for free to block phishing attempts by the hackers.

Remember to Log-Out: It is advisable to log out of the websites you use recently not only on the other systems but also from your computer system. If you ever connect your personal computer with the public network, make sure you log out from every website you visit and also until it is not very important don’t use net banking on these unknown networks.

Also, make it a habit of logging out from the website on your computer system too, as sometimes your family members or friends use your personal computer and this could be a potential privacy hazard. Also, remember to download internet security for free to keep your personal information personal.

Download Internet Security for Free to Stay Protected: One of the most important aspects of safe browsing practices on the internet is the use of internet security software. Users are advised to download internet security for free to remain safe and secure. Internet security makes sure that the user is not subjected to any malicious website and also offers secure space for online banking and shopping. This blocks all the malicious websites as soon as the user tries to access it and displays the message of warning that the user is about to visit a malicious website.

By downloading Internet security for free not only provides security over the internet but it can help protect the computer system from various viruses, malware, phishing, Trojan, rootkit, and other malicious threats.  Download internet security for free to get a safe browsing environment over the internet. Safe browsing is also important if your computer system is accessed by your family members and especially children. Children can easily get carried away with lucrative things on the internet and this can make them the most vulnerable to hackers. It is also advisable to aware your children how to access the internet safely.

Protegent antivirus is the best internet security for free software. It comes with advanced cloud protection technology which provides real-time protection against the various malicious threats. Users can download internet security for free from the website of Protegent. This software also comes with data recovery software which is very helpful for the users in case of an accidental system crash or accidental deletion of data.

Download your free trial of Protegent Antivirus Software:-

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In these times when coronavirus is at its peak, you should also take precautions to stay protected from the hackers. Download internet security for free to remain safe and secure from the e-threats. Stay safe, stay healthy and practice social distancing.

Internet Security Software

The 21st century has been a lot about the internet and its application. It has obviously made our life much easier and simpler but it did come up with many drawbacks too. Now, with the help of the internet people can connect with anyone across the globe this includes known as well as unknown people.  We have many stories of people changing the world by meeting someone or learning something over the internet. Apart from the good things, the bad things are also part of the internet world and to remain protected we need good internet security software.

Since the evolution of the internet, many companies have made fortunes and many are still budding just by utilizing its merits. From social media to logistics, from accounting to eCommerce, from education to banking almost everything is now relying on the internet. A major change in the lives of people and many of them are using platforms to showcase their unique talents and reach out to the world. The good stories on how the internet has helped peoples are a real treat to read, watch and listen.

As a coin has two faces, so the other face of the internet is bad and which in some cases very ugly. For some, it became a source of income and livelihood but some bad people used the internet to get personal gains while using the fault practices. Conning people, selling personal details, cheating, getting access to the system to carry out fraudulent activity, holding back someone’s data for ransom and many other activities have revealed the dark side of the internet.

What hackers look for?

There can never be a common census that what hackers want from the victims. They look for anything to everything, every information of the victim can be used in many ways. From the name, passwords, address, the city you live and travel, photographs, videos, social security documents, pan card details, credit card or debit card details, passport details almost everything can be used by hackers. Hackers also target companies to get employee information such as an address, bank account details, tender documents, and other important files. In some cases, hackers seek only specific information from the company or about the individual.

Why Internet Security Software?

As the internet has become an important part of our day to day life, it is important to be secure from the ill effects of it. Every year thousands of people become a victim of internet-related frauds and scams. Internet security software can be proved very helpful in making the internet a safe place. Although, no internet security software can guarantee 100% protection over the internet but can definitely provide maximum protection. Awareness is the most important factor here while using the internet. More and more awareness about internet scams, safe browsing practices can make sure that a person didn’t end up being a victim of internet-related fraud.

Internet security software provides protection from various online threats. Hackers are running many fake websites that seem almost analogous to popular websites. These websites are designed in a way that the interface looks like the one the user uses regularly and the URL is also almost similar but not the same as the original one. Once the user visits this fake website, the hackers try to lure the users to share their details. This detail could be personal details or credit/ debit card details. The user who is yet to identify that the provided information is now in the wrong person gets conned. Internet security software helps users to identify these fake websites and blocks them immediately while warning the user of entering a fake website.

In other form hacker send an email to the user, the email could both be lucrative or threatening and demand immediate action. Here, email can be asking the user to change the password on a particular website on an immediate basis and in most cases, users don’t pay attention to the details. This leads them to a malicious website that asks the user to enter his/her details including username and password. Now, the hacker has the user’s details which are saved on the particular website. If this happens in the case of a net banking account, then the user has compromised its full bank details and could also foster monetary losses. Internet security software here, in this case, can be very useful as the internet security software identifies the fake website as soon as the user is re-directed towards it from the link given in the email and blocks it immediately before any damage can be done.

In a similar type of attempt, hackers share email notifying the user of winning a lottery or something similar where the user has won a huge amount of money. Hackers send a detailed email just to look more trustworthy and ask users to submit a small token amount as courier charges or money transfer charges. Hackers also demand bank details to transfer the money directly into the user’s bank account. Users get conned after giving away the bank account details. Hackers usually send a link to transfer the amount and this fake website link can compromise the bank details of the user. By using internet security software, users can be saved from this type of fraud. Internet security software can detect these malicious websites and blocks them as soon as the user is redirected to these websites.

These types of attempts are also known as phishing practices where hackers use these messages as bait to con the users. It is also the most popular and widely used methods by hackers and is performed on masses. They send the same email to thousands of people and waits for the people who will respond to them. This narrows down their target and respondents become the victim of the phishing scam by the hackers.

Internet security software can be helpful in identifying and filtering spam emails from authentic ones. Most of the good internet security software has the feature of anti-spam which identifies the spam emails and notify the user or send it to the junk folder. Spam emails are the ones that don’t have authentic look or which are from unknown users and contains malicious links. This feature in internet security software protects the user from getting conned by hackers. Although hackers are getting smarter and they are also upgrading their own methods to make phishing emails look more and more authentic. But good internet security software can still identify and separates between authentic and fraudulent emails. Antivirus companies that develop internet security software have a database that compares the nature of every email and segregates them according to their algorithms. This can help in easily identifying in spam or phishing emails among the authentic ones.

Many websites also contain a virus or other malware and as soon as the user clicks the link it automatically enters the user’s computer system. Here, hackers try various methods to take users to this malicious website and after the user reaches the website, an automatic download starts on the user’s system. This not only can harm the system but in some cases can even compromise the user’s computer system. Internet security software blocks all these harmful websites and notifies the user to prevent the computer system.

Ransomware is the most common threat faced by individuals as well as organizations. Every year hackers are conning people by millions of dollars with the help of ransomware. The demand for ransom is sometimes so high that individuals never get back the access of his/ her system. Many companies have to shut the operations just because they couldn’t meet the demand of the hackers. Ransomware puts a full stop on all the communications from the computer and in a way makes a person hostage on the pretext of losing the important data if the ransom is not being paid. This data can also be used by hackers for various other vicious purposes. Well, it can never be sure that even after paying the ransom, the hacker leaves your computer system or release your data. In some cases once getting paid hackers started to demand more from the victim and this cycle continues which is surely depends on hackers on when to stop.

Internet security software can be very helpful in tackling ransomware. Internet security software blocks the websites and web links that are malicious in nature and can infest ransomware into the system. Most companies that provide internet security software have the previous signatures of ransomware and which helps in identifying them. Although, hackers are using new ways to infest ransomware and internet security software can thwart most of the attempts of hackers.  This also calls for the need for regular updates of internet security software to tackle the latest threats.

Internet usage is presently on an all-time high and with millions of people being introduced to the internet every month. This also puts hackers in a good position to scam people basically the new people on the internet. New internet users are most vulnerable to scams. With little knowledge about internet security, people often fall in traps of these hackers and end up being a victim of cyber frauds. The global connectivity ensures that hackers can target anyone in the world by sitting at any other corner of the globe. This does not exclude new users or the existing ones, one mistake on the internet can easily make a user victim. For new users, Internet security software is a very crucial element that they must consider.

Internet security software effectively is only useful if the user gets the paid version of it. The paid version of internet security software provides the most potent protection for the computer system and this also comes with many extra and updated features.

There are certain things that everyone must follow to stay safe on the internet apart from having internet security software. Some of the tips for everyone who uses the internet are,

  • Never Share Personal Information:

    Hackers target their victims to get the personal as well as financial information from them. So, it is important for users to always keep their personal information personal.


  • Use Strong Password:

    Most of us don’t bother to pay much attention to passwords while using any platform which requires username and password to create an account or log in. The first mistake is to use the same combination of usernames and passwords for all or most of the platforms. The repercussion for this exercise could be a compromise of all the accounts if even a single account is breached. So, always have a different password for different websites and use a combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabets for passwords.


  • Install Software Updates:

    Not only for internet security software but all the application present in your computer system needs to be updated as soon as the new update is available. The new updates in the internet security software and other software carry important patches and feature to keep your computer system safe.

  • Spread Awareness:

    Awareness about the safe practices on the internet as well as how to safely use a computer system is very necessary. Using the internet security software only minimizes the risk of becoming a victim of internet-related crimes but being aware of all the things to do and not to do will always keep you and your system safe in cyber-sphere. Always talk to your family, friends, children, and colleagues about cybersecurity and safe internet practices.


  • Use Advanced Antivirus Internet Security Software:

    If you are in dilemma to choose between advanced antivirus internet security software and normal internet security software then always look for security It is recommended to use advanced antivirus internet security software to get real-time protection against malware, virus, ransomware, and other threats.


  • Be Alert While Making Online Purchase:

    Always make sure that you are making online purchases from a secure website before entering financial details. Use good internet security software that blocks unwanted or fake websites and provides maximum protection while making online purchases.


  • Keep Safe from Phishing:

    Always be careful when you receive messages, emails, and texts from unknowns. Be aware of email scams and suspicious links.


  • Share Less on Social Media:

    Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone and be extra cautious while interacting with strangers.


  • Follow Safe Browsing:

    Always check if the website you are visiting is safe or not and do not blindly click on anything, it may lead to malicious websites.

  • Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Links:

    It is advised to never click on the links that accompany any emails. These links can redirect you to malicious websites and also ask for personal details.

  • Bookmark Regular Websites:

    If you use some websites regularly just bookmark them so that it always takes you on the safe page. While using internet banking bookmark the home page so that whenever you use your browser it lands on the original website.

  • Clear your Bank Related Queries by Calling on Customer Help Number:

    If you get any suspicious email asking for a change of password or sharing your personal details from the bank, just call the customer support number of the bank and get clarification about the email yourself.

  • Avoid Sharing Too Much Information on Social Media:

    Social Media is another place where scammers can con you. Share the minimal things on social media and always avoid sharing personal details like your location, phone number, and email id.

  • Don’t Panic:

    The first thing scammers want is to make a person panic so that the scammer can take advantage of the person and get the required details as quickly as possible. If you receive an email regarding the balance deduction of the password hack, the first thing does not panic and always go slow. Call the bank yourself and check about the matter.

  • Update your PC’s Software Regularly:

    Software companies share the regular updates and patches to replace the outdated features and include the new ones. Always allow these updates as any kind of security flaw can let hackers inject malware into your personal computer.

The threat from the internet is claiming billions of dollars annually from the users and protection against the scammers is very crucial today. Protegent antivirus is the best internet security software for the protection of your system from increasing internet threats. It provides maximum protection for your PC from not only the internet threats but also many offline threats too.

The internet security software from Protegent comes with crash-proof which recovers all your lost data in case of a system crash. This gives your users a dual advantage of having advanced antivirus internet security software for the protection of your personal computer along with the protection of your data with crash-proof software.

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What is White Hat?

Know About White Hat!

White hat could be any individual who has the skills to identify security issues, vulnerabilities and improve security network for a company or a network. These technically sound specialists only look for vulnerabilities when they are legally permitted to do so. White hat professionals expose the vulnerabilities and exploits by respecting the rule of law applied to hack. The white hat professional is derived from the western movies where white hat cowboys were considered as good persons and black hat guys were known for bad behaviors.

White hat hackers are also being popularly called as ethical hackers. By conducting their research on software, hardware and web pages they test and asses the security aspects related to it. They are known to protect the system before some black hat hacker takes the opportunity to exploit it for a larger benefit. If hired by the company or agency they have given all the permissions to conduct the security checks and look for vulnerabilities. The methods here are the same as being used by any black hat hacker but they do it to help the company and with proper authorization.

Many companies run bug bounty programs to attract the individual white hat hackers to find and alert the vulnerabilities in exchange of reward. This has turned out to be one of the most effective ways for companies to prevent themselves from the exploits and make their network secure. The reward for white hat hackers mostly depends on the companies and the type of vulnerabilities they found in the system.

White hat hackers break into the network with the clear intent of helping the company to improve the system and protect it from the black hat hacker. They make sure that the vulnerability should not be illegally accessed by black hat hackers and compromise the system.

The things white hat hackers do include thwarting any type of cyber attack in real time, proactively exposing the security weakness to help company smooth functioning of services. Most of the companies employ white hat hackers to keep themselves secure and help assess the security.

Types of Hacker Hats

Generally, the hackers are divided into three basic categories, white hat, grey hat and black hat. While the white hat and black hat are more popular whereas the same persons could act as a grey hat hacker.

The good guys or the ethical hackers are known as white hat hackers whereas the bad guys who exploit the vulnerability for their personal gains are black hat hackers. There are hackers who fall in between of these two categories who do have the authorisation to go into the system and follows the law but they don’t reveal the real problem. They are known as grey hat hackers.

Grey hat hackers are usually good programmers who usually work according to the law and rules. They mostly report the problem the vulnerabilities but never exploit it for malicious purposes. Sometimes they after detecting the problem they still didn’t report it to the owner because of personal rivalry or with any other reason. But even in this case, they don’t try to sell the vulnerability to the criminals or competitors.

Black hat hackers are the one who has only one intention which is personal gains, take down networks, steal data, or compromising and damaging the system. With the technological advancements, they are using multiple tricks to get hold of their prey. They are the sole reason behind the massive cyber attacks, data breaches which took place in recent times. They mostly blackmail the system or network owner of damaging or leaking information if their demand is not met within a specific time period. Black hat hackers exploit the vulnerabilities they discover in a system and can sell them to the highest bidder. Most of the black hat hackers work individually but in recent times many hackers come together from different countries to carry out specific attacks on companies and agencies.

White Hat Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (pen testing) services are usually done by the companies to engage the white hat hackers into getting in the private network, applications and endpoints of the organization. The white hat hackers use different methods to point out security lapses and gaps to help the company better it’s cybersecurity defences. This is used as a precaution to get away from the real attack situation. Penetration testing consists of infiltrating into the system and breaking into a business environment.

White Hat Hacking Tools and Tactics

White hat hackers use all the same methods and tools which are used by real attackers to get to know about vulnerabilities. The various tools can be public “rootkits”, sophisticated campaigns which may involve social engineering, protocol spoofing, endpoint vulnerabilities, attack decoys etc. Penetration testing plays a major role for and it is the most important aspect for white hat hackers.

With the help of the company, a white hat hacker can also form a strategy and attempt phishing attack on the staff of the same organization. This practice can be very effective to get to know how vulnerable the employees are. White hat hackers can also try to physically break into the system with the permission of IT head and company management to find the security lapses in the network. A white hat hacker can also initiate a DDoS attack on a separate version of the company’s server or when the usage of the system is at a minimum.

The difference here between a white hat hacker and black hat hacker is of the time allowed to them for finding the vulnerability. The white hat hacker has relatively less time to detect and perform hack exploits on the system whereas a real hacker can spend months and sometimes a year on the same system to find the vulnerability.

Becoming a white hat

It is a well-known fact that most of the white hat hackers were once black hat hackers and they left the illegal path after being caught or with the fear of getting caught. Some white hat hacker thought of it as a lucrative career opportunity as it can land them a job in federal agencies, high profile corporate with a handsome pay package.

Knowledge of programming and skills in the computer is a must for becoming a white hat hacker. Most of the white hat hackers have their degree in computer sciences and information technology whereas coding is the most important aspect of becoming an ethical hacker. Most importantly passion and genuine interest in security are added asset for white hat hacking. Ethical hacking is more of a desire to do good for the society or to help make the internet a safe place.

Many institutes and colleges around the world have started ethical hacking courses and training. Students can enroll online or can opt for offline physical classes to have a career in white hat hacking. Apart from this, a person should connect itself well enough with the cyber security world and read about the latest technical elements of hacking and remain up to date with all the latest developments.

How do ethical hackers make money?

Due to the rise in cyber attacks and data breach incidents, the demand for ethical hackers is at all-time high. Most of the companies have created a new position for white hat hackers to oversee the security of the systems and associated networks. Some companies regularly call the white hat hackers for network penetration testing and offer a good amount for finding vulnerabilities in the network. Moreover, sometimes federal agencies seek help from ethical hackers where they need to access the network or interference legally.

Most of the white hat hackers work as a freelance and earn money from bug bounty schemes offered by websites and companies. Big tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google have their open bug bounty platform where they reward handsomely for finding a vulnerability in the system.

Ethical hackers, on the other hand, are quite often employed by cybersecurity companies, or within the security departments of larger organizations. The fact that they know how attackers operate often gives them valuable insight into how to prevent attacks. This reward is sometimes so high that one can earn in millions in some cases. According to a report by Bugcrowd, the average payout for the top 50 white hat hacker was about $145,000 USD with over 600 submissions which were declared valid. Ethical hackers can make up to $500,000 per year by finding vulnerabilities in a system and submitting it to the owner.

The motivation for ethical hackers

A genuine passion to explore the security world and curiosity to know how things are functioning is one of the major motivations for white hat hackers and monetary reward is definitely rank highest. Ethical hackers aspire to make the internet world a more private and secure place. There is a thin line which separates white hat hackers and black hat hackers. Ethical hackers always respect the law and privacy.

According to a report, the top four motivational factors for the ethical hackers are a challenge to hunt the vulnerability, professional development, to educate and enhance knowledge and making the internet a safer place.

Big companies and corporates are offering huge rewards for finding a bug and these extremely lucrative offerings work as greater motivation for the hackers to follow the ethical path. White hat hackers make a career with penetration testing and companies pay handsomely for sessions.

Skills required for becoming an ethical hacker

The top skills for becoming a white hat hacker consists of knowledge of web application, network pen testing, API assessment, Social engineering, Source code analysis, Mobile: Android, Cryptography, Binary analysis and reverse engineering, Mobile/iOS application, OS/Firmware testing, Malware analysis, IoT/Embedded device, Hardware hacking, Mobile: BBRY/WINMO, Vehicle testing.

Future of White Hat

Most of the white hat hackers are presently spend around up to 10 hours per week or hardly two hours a day for bug hunting that too with a regular job. With a bright career as a cyber-security expert in corporate and in government agencies, the future for ethical hacking is bright. The rise in cyber attacks is creating more and more jobs for the security analyst profile. Due to cyber attacks companies not only get affected financially but they also face a dent on their reputation. This will prompt companies to formulate an internal team to check and patch all the vulnerabilities before being exploited by any hacker with malicious intentions. The public bug bounty programs are another way to attract white hat hackers to find flaws in the network. The bug bounty programs are becoming widely popular and companies are set to spend more on these programs and reward the individuals.

Can an ethical hacker face legal issues?

Even white hat hackers are not invincible to legal issues. Many white hat hackers crossed the boundaries of their legal authorities in search of security flaws. For an example, if a white hat hacker is called by the company for pen testing and given legal access to the security system. There may be chances that he may reach out to security systems of business partners or may breach into customer’s information without their consent. In this case, the customers and business partners can legally summon company as well as the hacker.

In case of independently finding a bug in the system, a hacker has to inform the affected company about it. If this is the case of a data breach, it means the white hat hacker has seen the personal data of the customers before informing about it to the concerned authority.

There is a very thin line which separates the white hat and black hat hackers. Doing things legally is now much more rewarding than being a black hat hacker.

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