The word "Protegent" is derived from a French word "Protégee", which means "To Protect".

Protegent Complete Security Software

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As the name says, “Complete Security by Protegent” is a complete package of highly advanced security features designed with the prime motive of protection from Data theft, Internet threat and any other kind of physical theft. Protegent 360 or Complete Security functions to safeguard your business, personal data and laptop against malicious attacks. With its extremely unique and functional features, Protegent 360 offers 75% extra protection than the best of products available globally.
By understanding the extreme importance of data safety and secured data encryption, the technicians at Unistal have designed complete security software which delivers-

  • Effective Antivirus Security
  • Absolute protection against advanced cyber threats
  • Enhanced System Efficiency
  • Secured Data Encryption
  • Prevention of Data leakage from different sources
Protegent 360 is a complete package of 6 different modules-

  • SysBoost
  • Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Port Locker
  • Laptop Tracking with Data Encryption
  • Total Security
  • Crash Proof


System Boost or SysBoost functions to improve/enhance or optimize the performance of your system by scanning junk files, folders, registry, temporary internet files and by defragmenting drives. It is an easy to use module designed for Microsoft Windows which helps to maintain, manage and optimize a computer system.


Activity Monitoring and Reporting Module is an extremely functional tool that monitors and captures the online activities of users. This would act as an ideal spy without the knowledge of user that their every key stroke on the computer or internet is being monitored on a regular basis. The various options of reporting along with different formats of reporting would ensure monitoring is effective and keep the network more secured.


This module prevents data leakage from any kind of external media which can be in the form of a USB, Printer, Network Adapter, CD/DVD, IEEE 1394 and others. This is done by blocking all the ports of your computer through which the data can be transferred. This module aims at securing your confidential data from unauthorized access.  Keeping your data safe and protected is a challenge for each individual and organization. In today’s world we require controlling, monitoring and preventing the flow of data from the computer. Port locker, a data leakage prevention module allows you to protect the flow of data from all the ports leaving no chance of data theft.


If the laptop is lost, missing or stolen, Laptop Tracking module helps in finding it the moment it gets connected to Internet. Its ability to find out the location from the IP with which it is connected to Internet helps in physical theft prevention of the Laptop. If Laptop does not get connected to Internet for a specified time, this module automatically encrypts the important data folder and makes it unusable for others. Locate Laptop helps the admin to keep track of employees’ laptop and location using a master login.


Protegent Total Security is much more beyond antivirus software. Its advanced security features not only offers protection against viruses, spywares, root kits but also other additional web based threats, thereby securing web for you and your family. Designed with VB 100 certified virus scan engine, Protegent Total Security offers 30% extra protection from any other Internet Security Product available.


Crash Proof Module is designed to prevent data loss. It provides 100% assurance in recovering large files and restoring fragmented files post system formatting. It records the file indexes/ disk properties and updates them at regular intervals. This recorded information is stored in protected areas and used to recover lost files and also un-format a lost drive. Crash Proof offers proactive data recovery to protect data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible for any reason.


  • Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista (Service Pack 1), Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows XP(Service Pack 2).

Minimum system requirements

  • • 1.8 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • 800 MHz processor
  • 512 MB of memory (RAM)

Recommended system requirements

  • 2.8 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent processor
  • Memory (RAM):
  • 512 MB for Windows XP
  • • 1 GB for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 – 8.1 and Windows 10.




File Wipe
Wipes off unwanted files from your system.


Removes unnecessary files and entries to improve the functioning of system

Registry Cleaner-
Scans the registry and gives the accurate information of unwanted registries. It gives you the option to select and delete the unwanted registries, thereby making your system free from junk files.



Registry Restore-
Helps to restore registry files which get deleted up when tuning up.

Internet File Wipe-
Wipes away unwanted temporary internet files like cache memory, cookies, browsing history from your system permanently.



Disk Defragmenter-
Disk defragmenter is a tool that rearranges the data on your system’s drive so that it can run more efficiently.


Block USB Port-
Blocks all ports with the help of Port Locker Software



Whitelisting of Authorized USB Devices-
Unique feature of Whitelisting the authorized USB by using unique hardware ID of device

USB Read Only Feature-
Option of assigning USB read only setting to white listed and non white listed USB Mass storage device.



File Transfer Logs To and From USB-
File Transfer logs will show the reports of file transferred to and from USB device along with the reports of files added, removed, renamed and modified.

Block IEEE 1394-
Blocks IEEE 1394 USB to prevent any kind of real time data transfer



Block Network Adaptors-
Block network adaptors to prevent any kind of data transfer over a network.

Block CD/DVD-
Removable or in-built CD/DVD can be blocked by blocking the CD/DVD port with which no one will be able to read or write the CD/DVD from system



Block Printer-
No print command will work when printer port gets blocked.

Block/ Unblock as per schedule or block port when the system is idle-
Multiple or single ports can be blocked automatically according to the set schedule and you can even block/unblock the post if you leave your system idle. Remember, only authorized user can unblock the port by using the password.



Email Filtering-
Email filtering shows the log of outgoing email filtered and blocked on user machine. The filtered content includes date and time when the mail was blocked, receiver’s email address, name, size of attachment, Email subject and content of body.

Block Bluetooth-
This feature blocks all Bluetooth devices which can be connected to the system for transferring internal information.


Block/Unblock Single/ All Ports-
This feature gives user the ability to block single or multiple ports as per his specific requirement.


Monitor Internet Activity
Captures all Internet activity with features of Blacklist and White list

  • Blacklist-Internet activities (web sites) which are added in this list are monitored and be visible in alerts.
  • Whitelist-Internet activities which are added in this list are ignored and not visible in alerts.

Monitor Application Activity
Captures all system application activity with features of Blacklist and White list

  • Blacklist-All the application activities that are added will get captured and be visible in alerts.
  • Whitelist-All the application activities that are added in this list, are ignored and not visible in alerts.

User wise reporting
Complete activity report w.r.t. user login if multiple users are working on same machine



User login Reporting
Provides the details of the each user login and log out time

Monitor Keystrokes
Capture all key strokes. Intercept DOS-box and Java –chat Keystrokes.



Monitor Screenshots
Capture the Screen shot within a specified time Interval or on every mouse click.

Monitor Chat Activity
Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP Chats.



Monitor Clipboard Activity
Monitor all the cut, copy, paste activities.

Monitor Working Log
Logging of working hours and idle time, Its display the time for which the user has been working or idle.






Laptop/ User Tracking
Secure Webpage for every user to Keep (monitor) a close eye on movement of person with the designated laptop e.g. company employee



Automated Data Encryption
Remotely launch the data encryption module on predefined sensitive files and folders. Encrypts Data even if laptop is not connected to Internet for particular perio

Tamper Proof Agent
Reports on server contain information on date, time, Public IP, Location, country, state, city, ISP, Longitude & Latitude. No human intervention for reports






Antivirus and Antispyware-
Safeguards your system against Viruses, Trojans, Spywares and Malware attacks.



Blocks all web pages which support virus scams and personal data phishing attempts.

Active virus control-
Real time protection is an important feature offered by Protegent Total Security Solution. This feature continuously monitors the applications running on computer, looking for malware-like options.



Web Control-
Offers real time protection against online threats whenever performing any kind of activity online.

Entertainment Mode-
Entertainment mode configures a silent mode across all modules of Protegent so that no prompt interrupts you while playing a game or watching a movie.


Setting Protection-
This feature helps you save and privatize your settings using a password. This in turn prevents further modifications even if the other user has admin rights.

One Click Removable Device Scan-
Instantly monitors your USB as soon as you plug it in your system.


Hourly Update-
Protegent’s Internet Security Module takes update every hour and protects your system from new viruses.

Antispam feature of this module helps you remove unwanted emails before you download them to your computer. This feature instantly filters out messages that seem suspicious. The “weeding out” process makes sure that spam does not gets anywhere inside your mail box. Having such protection helps assure that you and your employees do not accidentally open any unfamiliar communication that infects your entire network.


Two-way Firewall
which not only prevents hackers from accessing your computer but also malicious programs from retrieving sensitive information without user’s permission.  The double control makes impossible any form of unauthorized activity. Special shields prevent intrusions from local net and Wi-Fi net. Placing itself in the firing line, the bidirectional firewall keeps your PC far away from hacker and malware, leaving you calm and relaxed while using your computer and Internet.

Block Ads and Website-
Pop up ads and insecure websites are a result of your computer being infected by Adware or Spyware. The highly advanced feature of this module even block scam websites which gives you the option to continue further or not.


Personal Data Filter-
The latest encryption technology incorporated in Protegent Total Security Solution allows you to protect your personal data from getting leaked. If you have your personal details like credit card number, SSN and other personal data in encrypted form, then it will never get exposed to any online threat.

File/Folder Lock-
Protect specific files and folders on your systemso that they are not deleted or modified by anyone.


Password Manager-
Protegent’s Password Manager prevent your passwords from getting stolen by cyber criminals. 


Deleted File/Folder Recovery-
Recovers deleted or lost files if they are lost from your PC, even if they are not available in Recycle Bin.



Un-format Formatted Drive-
With this feature, you will be able to even unformat the whole drive, so that any important data, if lost, gets recovered easily and quickly.

Repair Corrupted/ Deleted Partition-
Protegent leads in as one of the efficient and reliable data recovery software which recovers or repair lost data even from the damaged or deleted partition. With its powerful recovery option, you will be able to copy all existing data from corrupted volume to a new drive.



Revive incase of FAT/MFT Corruption-
This feature builds back your FAT/MFT system and also supports 100% recovery in case your file system gets corrupted.


Protects from

  • Unethical Activity
  • Physical Theft of Laptop
  • Permanent Data Loss
  • System Slow Down


  • SysBoost
  • Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Port Locker
  • Laptop Tracking with Data Encryption
  • Total Security
  • Crash Proof

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