Crash Proof

Crash Proof

How Crash proof module of protegent360 complete security Antivirus is a life savior?

Data is defined as facts/figures, or information that’s stored in or used by a computer.

Data for most individuals exist as media files, documents or important memories on their computer hard drive.

Data for most organization are mostly in the form of important documents, client’s confidential information or even record of financial transactions.

So data is of great importance and may cause a significant loss when lost or deleted accidentally.

The biggest reasons for data loss include laptop theft, accidental deletion, viruses/malware, power outages and surges and the wearing out or sudden failure of hard drives. Frequently backing up files makes data recovery possible in the event of data loss. For data that hasn’t been backed up elsewhere, a professional data recovery service might be able to restore lost data.

There are certain tools available which can back up your data regularly and thus significantly reducing the risk of data loss.

One of the tried and tested product for data protection is Protegent 360 complete security software. It provides a highly specific and multi-layered protection for your important data and its module crash proof(Data Loss Prevention Software) not only secures data but also recovers your deleted data.

How Crash proof module of protegent360 complete security Antivirus is a life savior

Protegent 360 Complete Security Software is a godsend for most computer users. Protegent 360 Complete Security is an award winning software which comes with state of the art features and provides robust protection against advanced online threats.

Unistal systems pvt ltd., an organization known for proficiency in data security and data recovery, have specially designed a module known as Crash proof(Data Loss Prevention Software).

Crash Proof – Data Loss Prevention Software

Crash proof(Data Loss Prevention Software) is part of Protegent Antivirus which is specifically designed to keep the image of the data index and it keeps updating them at regular intervals. Thus, once it installed in your PC, it always keeping an updated back up of your data.


  • Offers a new effective method for data loss prevention.
  • Assured 100% result in recovering large files.
  • Recovers fragmented files, even after formatting.
  • Special feature to un-format, formatted data.
  • Recovers files along with their original names.
  • Simple to use and can run on its own as an automated process.
  • No external media device required.
  • Fast recovery process. Thus, making the process of retrieving data faster.
  • Revives the disk and retrieves data even if there is a FAT error/mismatch.
  • Recovers data files even if the disk is not booting up.
  • Revives the disk even if root folder is found to be corrupted.


  • Easily recovers deleted/lost data.
  • Reduces downtime and the downtime cost. Thus, saving money and increasing productivity.
  • Protects and saves your data by taking the image of your data index.
  • Helps to recover data from any formatted drive.
  • Compared to professional data recovery services this tool reduces time and cost of data recovery.


Nowadays data is equivalent to oil. Many organizations go to great lengths to protect their data and confidential information. Tools such as “Crash proof(Data recovery software)” can retrieve the data even after deleting or formatting the disk partition. So it would not be wrong to say that the crash proof module of Protegent 360 complete security is a life savior for organizations and individuals.

Protegent 360 Complete Security Modules are following:-

  1. Protegent Total Security Antivirus (Most Advanced Cloud Protection)
  2. Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)
  3. Activity Reporter – One of the best Parental control software and employee monitoring tool for corporates
  4. Locate Laptop – Locate/Track your stolen laptop
  5. Crash Proof – A Deleted Data Recovery Software
  6. SysBoost – Enhance speed of your computer in just a click(Best System Tune-Up Software 2021)

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The Best System Tune-Up Software for 2021

How to Speed up Windows | The Best System Tune-Up Software for 2021

How SysBoost Module of Protegent360 Complete Security Antivirus Increase Your Work Efficiency?

If you’re sitting in front of a laptop or desktop on which windows is running very slow, then maybe you’re wondering just how much does it is cost your business?

The average current estimated value is 5.5 days per year for each employee.

Lagging, outdated computers and slow Internet connections demoralize employees and also cost the organization valuable time and money.

Quick boot times and swift operations is one of the most important requirement from PC’s and laptops nowadays. After all, we want our PCs to run at peak performance, regardless of whether we have a low budget laptop or an expensive gaming desktop. Slowly however, that blazing fast out-of-the-box performance fades away and PC slows down gradually.

Most computers eventually lose that speedy performance and become lethargic. The operating system gets clogged up as apps are added and the storage space on hard drive fills up with data. Programs can build up enormous caches and most people are unaware of such actions. With time, this full hard drive slows down and chokes the Operating system. Outdated drivers can also interrupt the fast performance and the system may cease to work correctly. Toolbars and other plug-ins can slowdown the internet browser to a crawl and the user may feel that the internet speed or connection is actually slow.

When our machines become impaired through constant use and neglect then it can no longer run smoothly the day to day applications and PC games may also lag while playing. But the good news is that you can get back that fresh-out-the-box performance by using relatively inexpensive tools for PC tune-up utility.

Some people are so bothered about the slowness of their computer that they end up buying a new computer itself, which can be quite expensive. PC tune up utility tools on the other hand provide a cost effective way to improve the performance of your PC.

What is System Tune-up Utility software?

These are automated tools which can perform multiple tasks to keep the system running at optimum speed. Tasks like defragmenting hard disk, cleaning registry, removing temporary internet files,etc.

Therefore it makes sense to invest in a tune-up utility tool.

One of the tried and tested tune up utility tools is Sysboost(Best PC Optimizer) by Unistal systems private limited.

How SysBoost module of Protegent360 Complete Security Antivirus increase your work efficiency?

Protegent 360 Complete Security Software is a blessing for most computer users. Protegent 360 Complete Security is an award winning complete software which comes with advanced features and provides robust protection against complex online threats.

Unistal systems pvt ltd., an organization known for proficiency in data security and data recovery, have specially designed a module known as Sysboost(Best PC Optimizer).

How to Speed up Windows?

SysBoost – The Best System Tune-Up Software for 2021

SysBoost(Best PC Optimizer) is a computer system tune-up software. It is advanced software that is used to manage, maintain and optimize the performance of your system. SysBoost wipes junk files or folders, optimizes internet settings, and cleans browser history, clears all temporary files and internet cookies.


  • Defrag drive: SysBoost Software defragments all drives which are fragmented. After defragmenting drives, the system usually runs smoothly and it also improves boot-up time.
  • Registry clean: It scans and finds all unwanted files, junk files and software errors in the registry. Thereafter, it cleans the registry to make computer system run faster.
  • Option of permanently deleting select files. In this step, user has to select the file first and then the selected files will be deleted permanently.
  • Option of deleting files with select extensions. Mention the file extensions which can be pdf, doc, ppt, xls, ppt and more and then this tool wipes the files with the selected extension.
  • Internet tuning tool. With the help of this option user can improve internet speed as well computer speed, as it wipes temporary internet files, cookies and clears internet history.
  • Registry Restore: If windows registry has been cleared by mistake, then the user can easily restore registry in its original format.

Benefits :

  • Fast and efficient cleaning or wiping of selected files or extensions.
  • Provides a user friendly animation showing an overview of the complete process.
  • SysBoost requires only a couple of minutes to do all the system tuning tasks.
  • This software not only boosts performance of the system but also permanently deletes selected files.


A slow computer is often caused by too many programs/apps running simultaneously, taking up processing power and thus reducing the PC’s performance. It’s important to regularly clean and tune your laptop so that as your computer ages, it doesn’t significantly slow down. Software such as Sys boost, which is one of the best system tuneup software- perform various actions to keep your computer running smoothly and thus improving your work efficiency.

Protegent 360 Complete Security Modules are following:-

  1. Protegent Total Security Antivirus (Most Advanced Cloud Protection)
  2. Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)
  3. Activity Reporter – One of the best Parental control software and employee monitoring tool for corporates
  4. Locate Laptop – Locate/Track your stolen laptop
  5. Crash Proof – A Deleted Data Recovery Software
  6. SysBoost – Enhance speed of your computer in just a click(Best System Tune-Up Software 2021)

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Best Antivirus for your PC

Which is the Best Antivirus for your PC?

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is a solution developed to secure the systems and data from Trojans, viruses, worms, malware, spyware, adware, phishing, etc. In this era of 21st century, technology has risen to the next level where not only businesses and organizations are benefiting from it but also facing the negative impact as well.

Technology development has led to contributing in enhancing the security and data risks for the users and businesses as hackers are coming up with the diverse tricks and methods. Hence, the only solution that proves to be beneficial in mitigating the probability of security attacks is an antivirus software.

In the current scenario of covid-19, more than half of the population is working from home so that the virus is contained. It has been evaluated that currently due to outbreak in the world probability of security attacks have increased at high rate as people are using their system on regular basis.

So, it has become easier for the attackers to breach the system and disrupt the saved data in the system. Basically, either they misuse it or damage for their foolish purposes. Thus, it is relevant for the users to understand the significance of using an antivirus software as it is the best solution.

Now, let’s discuss more comprehensively about the other aspects of software.

Why there is a need of using Protegent Antivirus?

To find the answer for this question, let’s discuss two scenarios as it would be easier to understand the need of software.

Nick and Tom are working in “ABC” Company and both are working as team leaders in the same business as it specifically deals in data management services for the customers and are even offering services to other businesses as well. Two managers have been hired as managing the data is a complex task and they cannot take the risk with the security measures. Nick has been working in the IT and security industry for more than 10 years and Tom holds the 8 years of experience.

They both were handed over the responsibilities to ensure that there is no problem linked to the security. Now, let’s talk about the Nick who has been handling the complete security of the business. He has ensured integrating the security measures that would help the business in managing security. Even after, having the years of experience Nick had not installed the antivirus software and encountered the problems in system.

He discovered that the system was breached and data was ruptured. What happened was, he was experiencing the slowing down of system and also suspicious activities in the system and found out that attackers had inserted the virus in the systems. He was terminated from the business.

On the other hand, Tom who holds the 8 years of experience has ensured the effective security to systems. The noteworthy thing is that he doesn’t have to look after the system every hour. The reason for augmented security here is installing the Protegent antivirus solution. However, he had recommended the same to Nick but he was quite over-confident to handle on his own. This software updates the system for Tom on frequent basis and notifies him if there is any suspicious activity. He also don’t have to worry about the data security because software doesn’t let unauthorized access the system and encrypts the data securely.

Now, concluding this case it would have been clear as of now how important Protegent antivirus software is. Most importantly, organizations who specializes in handling the data must not ignore the need of it to avoid the probability of any security threat or cyber-attack.

Benefits of Protegent Antivirus

Let’s check-out the benefits Protegent antivirus is offering to the customers:

  • One of the primary benefits of using the software is it would ensure that the system is protected from virus and any kind of transmission. Users would be able to identify the virus beforehand and removal can be initiated. The software takes care of everything on its own.
  • Spam ads and popup ads have become the major source of viruses these days and removing them is an intricate task. But, Protegent antivirus software use benefit in resolving this problem as well efficiently. It not only fight against them but also makes certain the access to network is blocked for unauthorized entities.
  • Fake emails have become a common thing in the present days. It becomes problematic for the users to identify whether they are genuine or not as they seems to be so real. So, in this situation again Protegent antivirus plays an important role. If it is installed already in the system then there is no need to worry because it detects the suspicious mail and remove it before it can lead to damaging the system. It also block the access of data for an unknown user.
  • Another reason for using this software is security from removable devices. It is difficult to detect any malicious activity in the devices like pen drive, USBs, CD/DVDs but the use of software benefits in removing this problem as well. It scans the device when connected to the system and if there is any suspicious activity then it restrict the entry of it within the system.

Features of Protegent Antivirus

Coming to the features of software then follow the discussion below:

  • The integration of advanced cloud protection technology feature is for the identification of emerging security threats and ensuring that the additional security layer is executed within the system and data.
  • The feature of active virus control is accumulated in the software as it has the efficiency of monitoring the applications that are running on the computer. It also takes care of identifying the malware and objects which are not ethical.
  • Malware prevention feature is there in the software as it benefits in monitoring the malware constantly. In case, the malware is detected, the software ensures removing it within the system without the knowledge of the user.
  • Setting protection feature can be found in the software which assists in protecting the settings for a user with a password. It doesn’t let the unauthorized user modify or alter the settings even after holding the rights of admin.
  • The hourly update feature is for updating the system every hour and securing the system from viruses efficiently.


Concluding the write-up, it has been evaluated that the use of Protegent antivirus software proves to be beneficial for both, users and corporates. It has become one of the renowned products in the industry only because of its efficiencies. The software has been offering amazing benefits with exceptional features and unique modules.

In the current situation, most of the people are opting to work from home due to coronavirus so the software is a great savior as it would help in protecting the system and data entirely because probabilities of cyber-attack or security threat have also increased with the pandemic.

So, if you are also working from home and looking for a reliable software then get yours here:

Stay safe. Stay home.


Best Parental Control Tool in 2021

Best Parental Control Tool in 2021 | Activity Reporter


How Activity Reporter module of Protegent360 Complete Security Antivirus is must for Parents?

[Activity Reporter (module) which is a part of the Protegent 360 complete security Antivirus is an advanced software and a best parental control software, which is designed to help parents and employers to keep track of computer activities including visited websites, sent and received emails, chat conversation, files, internet activities, etc.]

Why we must need a Parental Control Tool? 

Almost 4.66 billion people were active internet users as of October 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. Mobile has now become the most important channel for internet access worldwide as mobile internet users account for 91 percent of total internet users.

A world without internet is unimaginable. It connects billions of people around the world and has become a major platform of the modern day information society. India has approximately 560 million online users.

Children between the age of 5 and 11 years account for nearly 15 per cent of India’s active Internet users. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), 66 million Internet users in the country are in the age bracket of 5 to 11 years.

The COVID -19 pandemic has affected the normal lifestyle of people around the world and the virtual world of internet has come to the rescue. Many institutions like schools have also shifted their base to virtual platforms to conduct classes online.

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of the use of online media. New, improved and more sophisticated types of online communication have emerged, such as online videos, podcasting, social networking sites and multiplayer online games.

Nowadays, it is not just violent films that count for harmful videos viewed online. To a large extent, the effects of playing violent video games online or offline are also dangerous, however these socially interactive games as well as other kinds of online media present new dangers to children and adolescents that “old media” did not. With such high levels of exposure to online content, it is important to understand the impact that such content can have on children and adolescents. Four common topics emerge in psychological literature on the dangers of online media for children:

(1) Exposure to sexually explicit material

(2) Concerns about identity formation and protection

(3) Cyber-bullying

(4) Internet addiction.

Pornographic material is abundant online, with more than 100,000 websites containing some form of pornography. Contact with pornography online can be attributed to either deliberately seeking out such material or to accidental exposure, such as mistyping website addresses or receiving illicit “spam” emails. These are obvious concerns for parents who wish to monitor their children’s exposure to sexual material.

One of the major new media concerns among parents is the risk of sexual solicitation of underage children online. Online sexual solicitation is commonly defined as online communication where one person attempts to persuade another person to talk about sex or engage in a sexual activity. This activity can take place on various websites on the Internet as well as through communicating with other players through online video games.

Many websites and applications allow users to socially interact with other people. This can occur via text messages on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, or via more “face-to-face” interactions in avatar-based chat-rooms and online games such as Second Life or World of Warcraft.

A more recent concern about online interactions involves a new form of bullying known as cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is defined as “an aggressive, intentional [repetitive] act carried out by a group or individual, using electronic forms of contact” against a specific individual. Usually carried out over the Internet, cyber-bullying includes harassment via instant messaging and emailing, posting false rumors on forum boards or on social networking sites, creating insulting websites, and hurtful behaviors in online games such as repeatedly killing a player’s avatar.

The identities of cyber-bullies usually remain anonymous to their victims, though cyber-bullies are likely to be in the same age group as their victims. About half of youths who experience cyber-bullying try to distance themselves from the situation (e.g., leave the website, block the perpetrator, etc.). The ease of anonymity and lack of face-to-face social cues of online cyber-bullying can encourage persistence and escalation of harassment; and cyber-bullying can potentially reach a greater audience than traditional forms of bullying. Victims of cyber-bullying also report avoiding use of the Internet, ruminating on their harassment, having lower self-esteem, feeling anxious and irritable, and losing interest in activities.

Internet Addiction Finally, one last issue that has garnered attention in recent years is the concept of internet addiction. Several definitions of internet addiction exist, all with common symptoms: a psychological dependence on being online, interference with other responsibilities, disruption of offline social relationships, and withdrawal when internet use is limited. Internet addiction resembles other types of behavioral addictions, such as addiction to gambling.

While the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has not classified addiction to the Internet or to video games as an official clinical disorder, other countries (notably China and South Korea) have officially recognized addiction to the Internet as a disorder.

Rates of addiction to the Internet and online games are co-morbid with other psychological disorders, such as depression.

Basic guidelines for parental supervision:

  • Spend time with your children and teach them about appropriate online behavior.
  • Place the computer in a common area where you can watch and monitor its use. Try to monitor any time spent on smartphones or tablets.
  • Take your child seriously if he or she reports any uncomfortable online interaction.
  • Use online Protection software.

Online tools lets you block your kids’ access to pornographic or adult material and helps protect them from Internet predators. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) provide parent-control options. But you can also get software that helps block access to certain sites and restricts personal information from being seen by people online.

One of the software which is the market leader in computer security and parental control is Protegent 360 complete security Antivirus.

What is Activity Reporter? 

Activity Reporter (module) which is a part of the Protegent 360 complete security Antivirus, is an advanced software and a best parental control software, which is designed to help parents and employers to keep track of computer activities including visited websites, sent and received emails, chat conversation, files, internet activities, etc.

Why (Activity Reporter) Protegent 360 Complete Security is a good parental control tool?

Activity reporter is one of the best parental control tools, which assures the user to keep their kids safe from getting wrongly influenced by the internet. Protegent constantly updates the websites under different segment according to their content

Features of Activity Reporter – Best Parental Control Tool:-

  • Captures application activity, Internet activity, Clipboard, Keystrokes, Screenshots, Working log of clients.
  • With the help of application monitoring, time logs can be maintained for specific applications.
  • Blacklist: Applications and websites that are added to blacklist will get captured and will be visible in alert.
  • White list: No alert will be generated of the application and website added in the white list.
  • Option to select different level of tracking.
  • Sends the reports to a specific email address or upload to an FTP location.
  • Password protected so only authorized person can access the reports. Runs in (back ground) invisible mode.
  • Records contents of password protected web pages, including Web Mail messages.
  • Monitors Windows Clipboard activities like copy and cut.
  • Monitors computer activity only when user goes online (optional).
  • Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats. Thus, keeping you informed with who your children are in contact with.
  • Detection and notification of the custom keywords (alerts).
  • Intercepts DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes.

Taking an active role in your kids’ Internet activities helps ensure that they benefit from them without being exposed to the potential dangers.

Benefits of Activity reporter – Best Parental Control Software:

  • Helps protect your children by blocking and controlling exposure to sexually explicit material online.
  • Activity reporter allows parents to set a timer for accessing the internet for their children. Thereby preventing internet addiction.
  • Activity reporter sends you a report about who your children are texting or chatting with, which can help you in protecting them from cyber-bullying.
  • Invisible in the Windows startup list. Keeping it anonymous to most users, so your children won’t know you are monitoring them. Thereby allowing you to secretly keep an eye on them.
  • Certain applications or violent games can be blocked or blacklisted, protecting your children from viewing unnecessary violence.

 Protegent 360 Complete Security antivirus can be purchased from here – Buy Now

Unistal systems pvt ltd is constantly working to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.


It is impossible to imagine a world today without internet. Day by day we are becoming more and more dependent on online services. The internet enables us to connect with each other and share information with lightning speed. Nevertheless, the dangers of online sexual solicitation and exposure, identity threats, cyber-bullying, and online addiction are real and should not be taken lightly. Children and adolescents should be educated about the online world and how to manage and avoid its hazards.

Protegent 360 Complete Security Modules are following:-

  1. Protegent Total Security Antivirus
  2. Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)
  3. Activity Reporter – One of the best Parental control software and employee monitoring tool for corporates
  4. Locate Laptop – Locate your stolen laptop
  5. Crash Proof – A deleted data recovery software
  6. SysBoost – Enhance speed of your computer in just a click

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Best Data leakage prevention Software | DLP Software in 2021 | Port Locker

How Data leakage prevention (Port Locker- A DLP Software) module of protegent360 complete security Antivirus is a life savior?

Data leakage prevention software(DLP Software) or Data loss prevention software is a need nowadays, but before we start explaining it in detail, first we need to understand how critical data security is.

Data security is the process of protecting data or information from unauthorized access. It includes different cyber security practices like encryption, data access restrictions, etc.

You might think your business does not have to worry about data security, but you’re wrong. In fact, the cost will be much bigger if you choose to ignore data security. Every small business or an individual must make data security a top priority.

What is Data Leakage?

Data leakage is the unauthorized transmission of data from within an organization or a system to an external user/hacker. Data leakage threats usually occur via the web and email, but can also occur via mobile data storage devices such as optical media, USB drives, and even printers.

In securing the network against data leaks, data loss, potential data breach, printers must also be considered a point of risk and vulnerability. Printed confidential and sensitive information can be transferred to unauthorized personnel within the organization. If needed, printers can be completely blocked, regardless of what printer they are using, ensuring no data is leaked or stolen. Exposure of data through printers can have damaging results, exposing the organization to commercial, legal and even criminal risks.

Nowadays, almost every day there is news about confidential data breach. Data leakage is a huge problem for any organization, regardless of size of industry.

Data leakage can be accidental or deliberate/ill-intentioned.

A vast majority of data loss does not occur over internet; it occurs via printers, cameras, photocopiers, removable USB drives and even dumpster diving for discarded documents. While an employee may have signed a non disclosure agreement or an employment contract, there is no assurance that they may leak confidential information to a competing organization.

What is Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)?

The threat is real, and real threats need serious data leakage prevention strategy. Firstly the employees/individuals need to be educated in the field of data security and data leakage. Also, there are specially designed software which ensure end users do not send confidential or sensitive information outside of the organizations system.

No one is safe from data theft, everyone is at high risk every-time.

In 2018, 67 percent of small businesses experienced cyber attack, and 58 percent experienced a data breach. More than half of all small businesses have data breaches over the course of just one year.

Data security is important and must be constantly maintained for the proper functioning of a business. Some people put a security system in place, so that they can forget about the safety of their data.

Why Data leakage prevention (Port Locker) module (DLP tool) of protegent360 complete security Software is a life savior?

Protegent 360 Complete Security Software is a boon for most computer users. Protegent 360 Complete Security is an award winning complete security software comes with advanced features which provide extremely robust protection against advanced online threats.

Unistal systems pvt ltd., a pioneer in data security and data recovery, have specially designed a module known as Port locker (data leakage/loss prevention software) for the user’s safety, which is included as a part of the Protegent 360 complete security software package.

Protegent 360 Complete Security not only keeps your computer secured from viruses & other cyber threats but also protects your business data from unauthorized access and data theft.

IT Cyber Security is an important part of your daily operations, having a lax security system can result in a breach that could financially impact your company.

Port Locker module (a part of Protegent 360 Complete Security) – Best DLP Software

Port locker is a data leakage prevention software. It prevents any sort of unauthorized data leakage from any external media that can be in any form like USB, Printer, Network Adapter, CD/DVD, IEEE 1394 and others.

Features of Port Locker – Best Data Loss Prevention Software (DLP Software):-

  • A unique feature is Print Screen Locking which prevents anyone from using the print screen feature and easily copy your data.
  • Option of reporting system activities through e-mail or by FTP. Making it much easier for the user to monitor the activities.
  • Option of reporting system activities through mail as scheduled (i.e. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly etc.) by user.
  • Option of sending Incremental Report or Complete Report as desired by the user.
  • Options to open single or multiple ports with authorized password. Keeping your data protected from intruders and spies.
  • Also provides features like Permanent lock/Idle lock/scheduled lock. By selecting the type of locking, the user can easily customize the locking schedule and be at ease.
  • Option of assigning USB Read only setting to white listed and non-white listed USB mass storage device. Enabling the user to quickly access data from white listed devices while at the same time blocking other non-white listed or black listed devices.
  • Port locker can Block Bluetooth, this feature blocks all Bluetooth devices so that no internal data is transferred. Keeping your data safe.

For every organization and individual, it is always challenging to keep confidential data safe and protected which Port Locker software does with ease.

Benefits of Port Locker – A DLP Software (Data loss protection software):-

  • Port Locker ensures that the data remains safe in the system. It does this by blocking all the possible ports of the computer through which data can be transferred. Sets restriction against all communication ports by blocking and unblocking them.
  • Proactive protection against data theft.
  • This product assures data protection, leaving no chance of data theft.
  • Data cannot be copied or transferred via USB drive without the user’s permission.
  • Taking a print out of your valuable documents is not possible.
  • As it can block Ethernet; emails and other personal data can be preserved from prying eyes.
  • Block CD/DVD, no one can copy your confidential data in a disk.


No prevention for Data leakage can be a huge mistake for many organizations/individuals, even causing financial losses. A combination of caution, common sense and data leakage prevention software can help identify and stop data leakage.

Buy Protegent 360 Complete Security that include 6 top most required software including Port Locker – A Data Leakage Prevention Software, that is a need nowadays

Protegent 360 Complete Security Modules are following:-

  1. Protegent Total Security Antivirus
  2. Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)
  3. Activity Reporter – One of the best Parental tool and employee monitoring tool for corporates
  4. Locate Laptop – Locate your stolen laptop
  5. Crash Proof – A deleted data recovery software
  6. SysBoost – Enhance speed of your computer in just a click

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What is Cloud Antivirus

Define Cloud Antivirus? | Why you need a Cloud Antivirus?

Cloud antivirus is a tool offering the automatic update for the evolving security threats. The software doesn’t necessitate the huge processing power of the system when it comes to functioning. This antivirus is creating the hype in the security industry and giving a tough competition to the traditional antivirus software.

The Cloud Antivirus tool is primarily a solution of cloud-based protection offering the advanced and high security under Protegent complete security software to the user system and laptop. Differentiating to traditional antivirus software, then it is identified as more efficient. The tool is designed with innovative technology and doesn’t affect the system resources ensuring the maximum security against all kind of threats.

This programmatic solution unloads the work for antivirus and handles the security of computer for the user itself without bogging down. While traditional security solution requires the processing power of the system, cloud solution only requires installing the single program to be connected with web service. After that, it begins the analyzing of data and security of the system and applies countermeasures.

All in all, the cloud antivirus software is a magic formula for the regular users of the system and the businesses who have to manage huge data and secure confidential data with sensitive information.

There are several facets of the software that should be known by the users. In this article, for the better comprehension of users appropriate discussion is initiated. So, keep following the post.

Why there is a need for using the Cloud Antivirus Software? 

The technology is being advanced at a rapid rate nowadays and the rate of cyber including security threats as well. Hackers and online attackers are discovering new ways to fulfill their evil purposes by conducting unethical activities.

So, it is essential that the user should be aware of integrating the real-time security for their system. Updating the system on frequent is one of the complexities for the users especially when they have to update the antivirus manually. Thus, the use of cloud antivirus software is known to be the finest and advanced solutions for resolving the issue of emerging threats as it obliges in maximum security for the system.

The software ensures keeping the virus definitions on the server for reducing the burden from the user system. The best part is the system doesn’t have to pass through the countless comparisons hence it enhanced the performance of the system automatically. It also makes sure that there is no harm to the computer when initiating the scanning process.

Let’s just talk through a small instance for knowing the significance of this software:

Alex in an “ABC” organization as an IT security manager and has been looking after the complete security of the system that is being used. Since the business deals in data management services so it is evident that security measures are strong. To be sure of more security and protection, management took the decision of adding an individual with a good experience and expertise in security. They found Jake who has been working in the security industry entirely for years.

Seeing his experience was according to the profile hence he was hired in the business and as soon as he joined he began analyzing the security measures and the system of the firm. He instantly found the malicious acts and compromising with the systems. He took the problem to management so as to come up with the solution. It was also identified that the data was also breached and shared with the external sources.

Jake has been using the Protegent complete security software for quite long and recommended the same to business so that in future such security problems can be eradicated. If the firm was already using it, they would haven’t come across this issue.

So, if you are someone who is taking your system security lightly, stop believing it that your system is secure and get Cloud antivirus software now.

Benefits of Cloud Antivirus Software:-

To know the benefits of cloud antivirus software benefits, read below:

  • Integrating the cloud antivirus software offers access to current information linked to security threats after it is discovered by the cloud antivirus web services.
  • User doesn’t have to apprehend about the latest malware as software provides the latest information and data with the prevention of it.
  • There is no requirement of updating the antivirus on a frequent basis as the cloud antivirus has the efficiency of securing your system from the latest and online security threats.
  • With the software, it would be easier for the user to initiate the scanning for protecting the system.
  • One of the main benefits of the software is that there is no need of worrying about processing power from the system as it requires less of it.
  • The software is very light on the system resources so it takes care of not impacting the system performance.
  • Since the services of cloud are accessible on the internet, so it is easy to access the software anywhere and anytime by any device that is internet-enabled.

Features of Cloud Antivirus Software:-

Following are the features of cloud antivirus software for the reader’s comprehension:

  • The efficiency of this software is in itself one of the features offering security to the user’s system. The software is developed with the features of advanced protection against security and online cyber threats. 
  • There is a feature for recovering the lost data due to any reason i.e. incidental deletion or data theft with proactive data recovery. 
  • Preventing unauthorized data leakage is another feature from the outer sources in the software. 
  • Another important feature that proves to be useful for the user in every way is reporting and monitoring the user application and use of the internet. 
  • Protected data encryption is the feature in the software ensuring encryption of information or data in case if the system is lost or becomes the victim of theft. 
  • Enhancing the performance of the system is another significant feature in the software. 

Final say

The Internet has led to bringing a new level of comfort for the people in these regular busy schedules to manage everything by just one click. The adaption of smartphones, laptops has been increasing at a staggering rate. People are using these devices on regular basis especially to manage their work, office, home basically everything.

It is important to understand that the usage of these devices requires protection as the internet has also led to augment the risk of exposing business and user’s data. Cloud-based security is the only and strongest solution that guaranteeing the total security from online security risks. Cloud antivirus software is identified as the most efficient and effective antivirus than the traditional. It is integrated with the best feature for ensuring stronger protection.

So, if you haven’t downloaded the cloud antivirus software then do it now and give security to your data and system. Download your software here:

Protegent Antivirus

Total Security

Complete Security


Stay home. Stay safe.

Which is the best antivirus software for 2021

Which is the best antivirus software for 2021?

The coronavirus was not the only virus one had to deal with in 2020. Software viruses also posed new challenges as online activities became more intense throughout the world.

As we surge ahead into 2021, we must give ourselves the best antivirus software that will help us counter all the tech challenges that we face today. But what are the qualities that make antivirus software great? Is there any software that goes beyond just virus protection and provides a complete solution for all the security needs of a modern-day business or individual?

After much research, we have zeroed-in on the foremost software for 2021 that combines the features of the top products in the world, thereby giving you ultimate protection and peace of mind. Meet Protegent — the world’s only antivirus software with a host of ground-breaking features like data recovery, protection from sudden crashes and data leakages – best antivirus software for 2021.

What is Protegent?

The very name Protegent suggests security and safety, as it has been derived from the French word, ‘Protégée’, which means ‘to protect’. True to its name, the software has been developed by experienced professionals and technicians, who have come up with a unique software offering, which is meant to protect valuable data of both corporate businesses and personal laptops and computers.

What are the variants of this software?

The three variants of Protegent come with inbuilt Data Loss Prevention Software. Their features are:

  • Firstly, we have Protegent Antivirus solution, which provides two-layer security against viruses, worms and Trojans.
  • Next is Protegent Total Security, which not only provides you with protection from the above threats but also from all other invisible threats. It secures data over the Internet and also detects and prevents access of suspicious Web Content.
  • Finally, we have Protegent 360 – Complete Security Software, which comes with extremely advanced features. This software not only keeps your computer secured from online threats but also from unauthorized access and data theft.

Key features of Protegent software

Advanced Cloud Protection Technology: Our cutting edge Cloud Protection ensures update in real-time of the virus and threat database. This helps to provide complete protection to your PC or laptop and also improves its performance.

 Protection from virus and online threats: As technology becomes more advanced, protection from viruses, Trojans and malware has become crucial. However, nowadays, there are newer threats like phishing attacks and online cyber threats. Protegent software gives 360-degree protection against all such cyber threats and provides you with complete peace of mind and security.

Data recovery: Installing new antivirus software does not mean that you need to get rid of your old data. Corporate businesses and even individual computer systems have loads of personal and professional data that often gets deleted if a new antivirus software is loaded. But this does not happen with Protegent Total Security Solution, which comes with proactive data recovery software. It also has a crash-proof module and offers 30% extra features for secure confidential data.

Complete security solution for business: Businesses today need not just antivirus protection but a complete security solution. Most businesses face a variety of online challenges. Protegent 360 Complete Online Solution provides 75% extra features compared to other products. It not only provides protection from viruses and data thefts but also from attempts of unauthorized access. It provides an intuitive interface that is both tech-savvy and easy-to-use.

Crash Proof: Another important component of Protegent antivirus is its crash-proof feature, making it ideal for both office and personal work. Data is crucial for any corporate business. Office computers carry crucial data regarding company’s clients and businesses. Sudden virus attacks can lead to hardware crashes, thereby removing all the data from the system. Protegent software’s special crash-proof feature can protect your systems from sudden crashes, thereby keeping your data safe.

Activity Monitoring and Reporting: Young, impressionable minds are often exposed to compromising online content that can negatively affect their way of thinking. Yet it is impossible for parents to keep a lookout round-the-clock. Here, Protegent Complete Security software can be of great help. This software comes with an in-built ‘Activity Reporter’ tool that keeps an eye on the online activity of your child. In simple terms, the Activity Reporter monitors and reports the internet activities of the user/child. The admin or the parent gets the report as per the schedule on their email.

Enhances speed: Virus, spyware and malware attacks can slow down the speed of your computer systems, thereby hampering your work. Protegent provides a system tune-up facility to enhance the speed of the computer or laptop. This means that your office or personal work will never slow down.

Locate laptop: Another special feature that comes with Protegent antivirus is its Laptop tracking feature. Sometimes, a laptop might get stolen or lost. Our robust tracking tool gives accurate and pin-point location of the laptop, when it is connected with the internet.

Prevents data leakage: Sometimes, it is possible to lose data through leakage. One of the modules present inside Protegent software is called Port Locker, which gives complete security against data leakage protection from any external media such as USB, printer, network adapter, CD/DVD, IEEE, and other devices and also provides USB Whitelisting and email filtering.


As technology gets more and more sophisticated, your antivirus software too needs to be updated in order to keep in tune with the changing times. Today, the threat of virus, spyware and malware attacks is not the only threat that systems face. Data protection, speed enhancement and protection from data leakage are some of the other features that are also needed in the present scenario.

Combining all these features, Protegent antivirus gives complete security and peace of mind. Whether you are a business owner or an individual user, you will love the advanced security features of Protegent.

Protegent is powered by Unistal, which is a pioneer in software product and application development with a worldwide footprint of over 5 million licensed users who are spread over 125 countries. Its software products have helped several companies and businesses to manage costs, improve processes and optimize overall growth with its cutting-edge and sophisticated tech offerings.

Now, you can avail Protegent Antivirus at a 35% discount, as Unistal’s new year promotion is going on, click here to buy.


What is Internet Security Software?

The Internet Security Software is a security tool having the efficiency to scan files, identify threats, remove viruses from the system and preventing other suspicious activities that may take place. It would be easier for the user to detect the unusual behavior of the program infecting other files within the system with this software.

The Internet Security Software has coped to emerge as the distinguished technology in the antivirus business. Internet Security Software has been designed with the purpose of fighting against the online outbreaks or muggings and provide the real-time security against the zero-day intimidations. The software has become one of the hand-picked and a renowned antivirus product. The technology professionals favor the software among other accessible antiviruses due to its compatibility with the windows.

The scanning apparatus advanced in the software is a range of finding that comprises cloud-base and behavior- base. The main benefit of Internet Security Software is analyzing the growing online dangers that possibly are overlooked.

The user would also be able to make the optimal security-related decisions. Active virus control, virtualized browser, susceptibility scanner and mode of rescue features guarantees that user don’t have to come across any sort of gap when it comes to the computer safety and possible exposures.

There is a lot to know more about the use of Internet Security Software. Let’s get into the details by discussing the need, benefits and features of it in the write-up.

Why there is a need of using the Protegent Internet Security Software?

The 21st era has been a great deal about the internet and its use. It has clearly made our life a lot simpler and more straight forward yet it has also come up with the numerous downsides as well. Presently, with the assistance of the internet individuals can associate with anybody over the globe this incorporates unknown and known individuals. There are a lot of instances of individuals changing the world by meeting somebody or getting the hang of something through web services. Aside from the beneficial things, the awful things are likewise the fragment of internet world and to stay secured we need great online security software.

A coin has two sides and so as the internet has. One is filled with ease and convenience whereas the other side is awful which sometimes seems to be appalling. For a few, it turned into a type of revenue and occupation yet for some terrible individuals internet has become the way for personal gains using the faulty activities. Defrauding individuals, selling individual personal details, deceitfulness, gaining system access for initiating malicious activity, keeping down somebody’s information for ransom and numerous different exercises have uncovered the clouded gloomy phase of the internet.

So, to turn down the awful side of interne the only solution which comes to the rescue is Protegent Internet security software. Now, why this software must be used let’s discuss it with an example.

“ABC” is a business providing the online purchasing services to the customers for years where they can make a purchase as per their need linked to IT products. Initially, the business didn’t come into notice but gradually as they enhanced and improved the services they began generating the good amount of revenue. Since, it is an e-commerce business they knew the significance of including security measures so they employed a technical team with IT manager named Edward who was professional in handling the IT security.

The business was going until one day Edward noticed the suspicious activities within the systems. He was sure that there is something wrong but he thought it might be any other technical issue. But, within few days he also came across the issue of slowing down of the system and that’s when he decided to get into the details.

It didn’t take time to find out that it was a security breach and the systems were breached by the hackers. The complete information of their customers who were shopping from the site was leaked comprising their names, account details, emails particulars, home addresses etc. It create a mess for the business and led to creating a negative reputation among the e-commerce industry and customers as well.

If we evaluate this example, it clearly states that if Protegent internet security software was installed in the system they could have eradicate the attack. Updating the system would be effortless and identifying the entry of virus as well.

So, if you are someone not taking your system security seriously then do it and get Protegent internet security software now.

Benefits of Protegent Internet Security Software

Here are the benefits that user can have when using the Protegent internet security software:

  • The software offers real-time security against the evolving online security threats like viruses or malwares.
  • With this software, user would be able to go online and browse any page they wish to without worrying about the security issues as it takes care of it.
  • To ensure the better security from the online threats, software keeps updating the system automatically which identifies the virus or security issue if there is any.
  • The performance of system also taken care of by the software efficiently.
  • The software also protects the kids from accessing the sites that are not appropriate to them.

Features of Protegent Internet Security Software

The features of Protegent internet security software are as following:

  • Advanced cloud protection technology feature will guarantee continuous update of danger information base which thus give greatest protection and improved performance of your PC.
  • Antivirus and Antispyware feature in Protegent internet security defends your system against Viruses, Trojans, Spywares, Rootkit, Malware assaults and other online dangers.
  • Antiphishing feature restricts all site pages which uphold virus tricks and individual information phishing endeavors.
  • Active virus control feature in the software is a significant element offered by Protegent internet security software. This element constantly monitors the applications running on PC, searching for malware-like dangers to ensure enhanced security.
  • Web Control feature in the software is to control the uncontrolled web action which can prompt virus infection and effect efficiency, conveys web-filtering abilities to have a power over what users are doing on the web and the applications they are using to anticipate the dangers that can prompt information breach and other unsafe outcomes.


The danger from the internet is asserting billions of dollars every year from the users and security against the con performers is exceptionally urgent nowadays. Protegent internet security is the best software for the protection of your system from expanding online threats. It gives high security to your PC from the threats as well as from the offline security issues.

The Protegent Internet Security Software is integrated with the crash-proof constituent which recovers all your lost information if there arises an occurrence of a system crash. The software offers the user a dual leeway of having progressed antivirus web security software for the security of PC alongside the protection of information.

So, get your hands on the Protegent internet security software here: Protegent Internet Security Software


Stay home. Stay safe.



Total Security for windows

What is total security software for windows?

The total security software for windows is defined as a tool to protect the system from hackers and cyber attackers who have been evolving their methods and techniques to generate harmful threats like malware on frequent basis. It has been evaluated that the landscape of threat is evolving at rapid rate and the user must understand the integration of most advanced total security antivirus solution.

Protegent total security software is a solution that has been developed majorly with the intention of mitigating security and online threats. The extra-enhanced security features can be found in the software that leaves no way for security threats enter the system including hackers. While using the software in systems, users would be able to efficiently remove the security issues such as viruses, malware, Trojans, rootkits and so on.

The software has been intended with the proficiency of blocking the access to sites that are unscrupulous basically users would not access the sites which are filled with malicious activities or virus. Reason to accommodate the aspect in the software is that these days most of the cyber-attacks are being initiated online.

For an adequate understanding of the software, let’s dug deep into details with this write-up.

Why there is a need of using Protegent Total Security for windows?

Let’s talk about an instance which would help in comprehending the answer for the question in a better manner.

Firstly, some disclaimers here for not getting into uneasy attacks as the example may be little shocking for any reader as when a firm dealing in data management services is susceptible to security hacking and threats then imagine how complex it would be for a regular user to manage  the security measures.

“ABC” Company has been providing the data services to their customers and clients for decades now and is a famous business in the city. Since the business deals in data management so they comprehend the requirement of accumulating some strong security features in the business. Hence, to make sure about the robust security methods in the firm they have employed professional and experienced technical team members.

This data management company couldn’t secure their data only. It was noticed by one of the team members that one of the databases of marketing left visible falsely to the unauthorized and third parties. As a result, the firm had to face the security hack from intruder as it had opened the gateway for them.

Just because of one human error company reported millions of record compromised. The server which was exposed, company was using it for storing the database for the marketing solution. Records that had been compromised included email addresses, countries, name, IP address, referral particulars and the agents of user as well.

So, if we conclude this instance then it is imperative we understand the relevance of using Protegent total security software. It was just one mistake company did and they had to pay huge loss for it. They not only lost the data but also reputation they had earned over the years. The normal users don’t even pay heed to much of the sites these days thinking it would not create any security harm to the system or data in the system and this is where we all lack.

If the company was using Protegent total security software, then they could have found it beforehand. Even if the attack was persisting in the system, the software would have removed it itself. On the other hand, it would have also made sure that the data is not leaked as it is designed with the encryption feature which doesn’t let the unauthorized third party access the stored data in the system.

Overall, it is high-time that all of us must know the relevance of using Protegent total security software and must install it as early as probable.

Benefits of Protegent Total Security for windows

Following are the discussed benefits of Protegent total security software:

  • One of the main benefits that the use of Protegent total security software offers is scanning the removable devices. These days’ security attacks are taking place through the USB devices, CD/DVDs and all of the other removable devices available. These devices imposes a huge threat to the system putting the data and information also at risk. Thus, the use of Protegent total security software not only lessens the risk probability but also ensures that the system performance is not low.

It scans the removable device that is infectious and blocks or restrict the access. This way it becomes easier to make certain that the computer is not at risk and risk probability is low.

  • Keeping a check on kid’s online activities is another major benefit of using this software. Kids are using the internet extensively on regular basis and at times it becomes little problematic for the parents to keep an eye on which site they are reaching to or what is appearing in front of their eyes.

They don’t know what security or cyber threats are so it is relevant that parents must install the software in the system to avoid any risks. It not only tracks the website child keeps visiting but also ensures blocking it if there is any inadequate activity or content is detected. Keyword-based research are also blocked by the software and also restricts them form playing games or accessing application which they shouldn’t.

  • Identifying data theft is another offering of Protegent total security software use. It wouldn’t be easier for the hackers to get into your system and obtaining your personal and sensitive information will be next to impossible for them. Since they initiate the attack with the purpose of getting a hold on user’s personal information so this software ensures encrypting the complete data which is not meant to be shared with third party.

No unauthorized user can get the access of information or entry to important data files or folders without the authentic user of the system. Hence, if you are also apprehensive about data theft then you must get Protegent total security software.

Features of Protegent Total Security for windows

Following is the illustration of Protegent total security software:

  • Advanced cloud protection feature integration in theTotal Security for windows software is for real-time threat database update and offering the maximum security with augmented performance for the system.
  • Web control feature is for the dangers prevention that can lead to causing data breaches and disastrous results. It keeps control on the sites or activities of user when going online and tracks their activities when using the applications.
  • Antispam feature allows the user for eradicating the unwelcomed emails before they initiate downloading them to system.
  • Two-way firewall feature is there in the system for preventing hackers to access the user system and restricts the malicious programs from attaining the sensitive and private information without the user’s consent.
  • Antiphishing feature has the ability of restricting all the pages of web that supports the scams of virus and attempts of personal data phishing.

Final word

Gone are those days when computer systems used to be free from viruses and any sort of security threats. There were times when users did not know what viruses are and what can they do to their systems. But, as technology and internet emerged so as the risk of security threats. If hackers and online culprits are becoming smarter to conduct the internet attacks and causing security threats like malware and viruses then it doesn’t mean there is no solution to it.

Protegent Total Security for windows has been designed for this purpose. It would not only help in addressing the attacks that may occur but will also make sure that they aren’t causing any harm to the user’s system. The software use would also assist in securing the shared networks against malicious attacks such as Ransomware and Trojan horses.

To address the complete comprehension of software, a detailed write-up can be found in the document. It is hoped that this wouldn’t only help you understanding the Protegent total security software but also its imperativeness. You can download it for free and use it for a month on trial basis.

Download your software here

Stay safe. Stay home.


Why You Need to Buy Total Security Software?

Total security software is a tool intended to ensure the prevention of e-threats. It has been developed with the efficiency of removing major problems like virus, malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans etc. To restrict the accessing of unethical site, the developers have taken care of developing it with the latest technology and trending security measures.

Why Buy Total Security Software?

With the use of Protegent total security Software, it would be easier for the users to keep laptop and data completely safe and secured from the online threats. To protect the users from security or cyber threats like phishing attacks, spams, viruses etc., the software operates with the advanced protection that has been integrated in it.

These days the growth of technology and internet is at fast pace and security threats along with it as well. So, it is imperative for every user to be ascertain that the use of Protegent total security software is accommodated in the laptop to remove the threats and the intensity of impact as well.

The proactive data recovery software i.e. crash proof in the software ensures prevention of data loss. To provide the advanced protection, this software goes beyond the reach.

Let’s dive into more details about the software below in the write-up, keep reading.

Buy Protegent Total Security SoftwareForm here

Why there is a need of Protegent total security software?

Let’s get into the answer for this question by considering a case here.

John has been working as an IT professional in “XYZ” IT-based Company for more than four years. He is one of the regular and hard-working employees and keep getting the rewards and remunerations for his performance. He has efficiently been managing the technical operations and security systems for the business till date. It was only till Adam joined the business.

Adam off-lately joined the business and has more experience than John. At first, he was unable to digest that someone higher from his position has come. All in all, he was jealous and little insecure as well. It turned to be envy when Adam very soon managed to earn the promotion at higher salary. Since, John was waiting to be acknowledged so this raised bitterness feeling in him.

As a result, John began doing things that were unethical and against the law as well. He was very well aware that there is no appropriate security software’s installed so he took advantage of it. He decided to go out of the company but before that he started leaking the important and sensitive information. He also inserted the virus in the systems so that the work is hampered and employee’s productivity goes down.

Adam very soon with his technical expertise got to know that there is something wrong with the security measures and something is not good. He realized this because he ensures going through the security systems on regular basis to make sure that the operations are being run smoothly. He immediately notified the authorities and John was not only terminated but also was sent to the jail for conducting serious unethical cyber threats.

However, the security attack initiated by John was found out soon but still he managed to delete some important and sensitive documents about the business growth and success. Further, Adam suggested to get the Protegent total security software so that such issues can be prevented in future.

If the organization was already using the Protegent total security software, they could have eliminated the risk of lost data files. The noteworthy part is if John was doing all this, then with the use of this software the management would have been alert as it notifies about security attacks in advance and work for its removal.

The software would have monitored the applications running on computer and have found out the virus insertion before it could cause any harm to the system. Most importantly, it update the system on hourly basis which means maximum protection for the systems.

Benefits of Protegent Total Security Antivirus

The benefits of this software are sketched below for enhanced reading:

  • One of the main benefits is that it is free for download and one can use this on trial basis for a period of one month and later can decide to buy total security software. This benefit allows them to comprehend the functionalities of software.
  • Inbuilt pro-active data recovery-crash proof software is another benefit which involves the prevention of data loss and recovering the data lost or deleted due to any reason like data theft, deletion accidentally etc.
  • Web surfing fearlessly is another added advantage of using the total security software. Users who spent their most of the times online and visiting sites, it is likely they may be victimized to the security attacks. But, if this software is already installed in the system then there is no need of getting apprehended as it ensures blocking the websites having any sort of malicious activity.
  • We all are very well aware that these days not only adults, parents, teens but also kids are using the internet for different purposes. For instance, currently the pandemic situation has forced them to study online being at home. Not only kids, but also college-going students are joining their classes online. So, at times it becomes tough to keep an eye on the children’s activity especially when both the parents are working.

Thus, if Protegent total security antivirus software is installed already then there will be no anxiety bouts. The parental control feature keeps the track of websites and the type of content they read which makes everything easier for the parents.

Features of Protegent antivirus software

The features of Protegent total security software are as following:

  • The proficiency optimization feature assists in supporting the enhanced operating system performance. It ensures offering the highest speed analysis and instant plan ready for the attacks without requiring much attention.
  • Self-protected feature is integrated as it doesn’t allow the external attacks to disable or control the Protegent total security software.
  • USB threat protection feature is for blocking the USB devices to restrict the unauthorized access.
  • Setting protection feature integrated for protecting the user’s settings with a password. This feature ensures that no one can transform or amend the settings even when the user holds the rights of admin.
  • Parental control feature protects kids from inadequate sites accessing including content and cyber bullying on categories like Porn/adult.

Final word

In this era of technology and development, cyber-security is becoming complex with every passing of day. So, it becomes very relevant that the users are aware of software’s installation significance. One such renowned software is Protegent total security that has been intended with exceptional features so that when a user is using the system they are not filled with the thoughts of insecure system. Once it is installed, all the worries go away automatically.

So, if you have also been struggling with such thoughts then just buy Protegent total security software and enjoy your online activities, also to be worry-free about your sensitive files and information stored in the system.

Hopefully, this piece of writing would have assisted in gaining the comprehension of Protegent total security software.

Buy Protegent Total Security Software – from here

Stay safe. Stay home.