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Is a Mere Antivirus Sufficient to Protect Your PC?

Total Security SoftwareAre you prepared to face an unintended malware attack? Is your security program offering you optimal protection from the latest viruses, spyware, Trojans, phishing attempts and other cyber weapons of notorious attackers? Let me put it this way “when did the last time you update your antivirus?”. If you are not sure, it’s time to rethink your computer security program. Today’s evolving cyber threat environment exposes your computer and data in it to potentially fatal sophisticated threats. You either need to be proficient enough to handle these or step-up your security regime. Continue reading

Protegent 360 – A Complete Package of Protection

In this contemporary period, organizations save their entire data on the computer, there can be times, when this data is drowned with a virus attack, or someone in the organization is trying to leak that data. These situations can actually affect the business growth; moreover, can create an aura full of anxiety and stress. To prohibit these atrocious situations, business can surely avail Protegent 360 antivirus. Continue reading

“Complete Security”, the New Buzzword for Advanced Computer Security

What is the first thought that comes in your mind when you hear about computer security?

Is it antivirus, or perhaps firewall? A major chunk of respondents encountered with the same question will talk either of antivirus, internet security software and malware protection, or at the most Total Security. But, do you think this much would suffice in protecting your system resources and vital data from latest intrusion methods? If your answer is yes, then think again. Continue reading

Thinking Beyond Antivirus Software for Network Security

Are you sure your organization’s network offers you safe computing and browsing environment? Do you think your PC is secured from advanced intrusions and unauthorized penetrations? Well, if your answer is yes, then think again. Probably you are being too optimistic about your computer security vendor. Do you know, now-a-days cyber criminals are using a variety of intrusion methods to get control of vulnerable systems? They are fast advancing in their ways of attacking and spreading cyber crime. Continue reading

How Safe Is Your PC Against Advanced Security Threats?

Advanced security threatsMicrosoft security Intelligence report 2012 throws light on the ever evolving computer threats arena and growing complexity of these advanced threats. It is an attempt to impart knowledge to computer users about dynamic contemporary threats and the importance of securing their computing environment. As per the report, malicious attempts and exploitation activities are on rampage in the present times. It also suggests that incidences of malware infection have increased world over in the past few years. Continue reading