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What is the Importance of Anti-phishing Feature?

img_phishingIn the age of rampant cyber crime incidences, several foster websites are flocking the web world in a quest to disrupt the safety of vulnerable PC users. Attackers are striving each day to devise new methods for compromising an individual’s information security and to bring about a cyber scam for obtaining financial gains. Phishing attacks show the dismal reality of the Internet world and can be devastating for an unprotected individual. Continue reading

Security Measures for Business Owners

images Running a business is a challenging task and involves enormous physical as well as intellectual inputs. You nurture your organization just like your own child, laying its foundation with great hopes and nourishing it with your values. However, being a business owner can also put you at great risk of losing your hard earned money and reputation to certain uncalled for circumstances and minor mistakes. Continue reading

Is it Possible to Revive Lost Data?

dataOops you deleted it! Accidentally though, but you did it. As busy computer users, we all encounter situations of this sort some time or the other in our lives. Adding to the trouble, we realize that we were too busy, or perhaps lazy, to back up our work and data. At that moment, we wish we had a time machine to take us back to pre-data loss state. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in reality! Continue reading

When Do I Need To Update My Antivirus Software?

AntivirusYou are well aware that your PC is one of the most indispensable assets, and the Internet is your lifeline. In fact, none of us can imagine our lives without these essentials. But do you think you are doing enough to ensure that they are safe for you? Is your computer system equipped to combat all the nasty infections the Internet brings in each day? Let’s put it this way- When was the last time you updated your antivirus software?. Well, most of us would not remember doing that. But, is it actually required?          Continue reading

Internet Banking: Its Benefits and Flaws

internetbankingThe opening up of cyber arena for banks and other financial institutions has given rise to numerous opportunities, for them as well as their customers. Online banks bring in the convenience of operations and simplified financial transactions as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar banks. However, their online presence is marked with some shortcomings as well. These shortcomings, if not dealt with appropriately, will affect the confidence of customers in online banking practices. Continue reading

Know Your Enemies

How safe are you in today’s digital era? Is your PC at workplace or at home capable of handling threats thrown-in by e-world? Ever wondered how your system vulnerabilities could be exploited to vandalise your resources as well as reputation? As the technology advances, associated security risks and methods to damage your vital data too get advanced. Cyber attackers and hackers are on a rampage to abuse your IT security loopholes to their advantage. Continue reading

What is More Expensive, Your PC or Data?

imagesWhat is more expensive, PC or data? A debatable question though, but it calls for some deliberation. How would you weigh the importance of your data as opposed to that of your PC or laptop? It is not about selecting between the two, but even you would not disagree with me if I say that- your laptop or PC could be pricy but your data is definitely priceless. It is so, because the data once gone is gone forever, for it cannot be recreated in its original form. But, do we really value our critical data? Probably not. Continue reading

Are You Sure Your Protected Information is Not Leaving your PC?

Data leakage is an inevitable reality and a prominent fact in today’s time. In the present era of information explosion and portable storage, this trend is rampant. In fact, you could become a victim of data leakage right at this very moment without being aware of leakage Moreover, the ever evolving advanced data leakage methodologies make your most trusted data security measures redundant. Continue reading

Are You Sure Your Sensitive Data is Secured in Case of Laptop Theft?

locate laptop

God forbid, should your laptop goes missing what do you think would the loss amount to? Would that correspond to the price at which you bought it, or perhaps a little less? Probably not, especially if you treasure your data files and information. In case you happen to lose your laptop, either to your carelessness or a theft, you are bound to regret the loss of your vital personal data, sensitive professional information and documents more than the financial loss you incurred in losing the laptop itself. Continue reading