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What is a partition? Can its deletion/corruption affect my PC?

What is a partition Can its deletioncorruption affect my PCPartition simply refers to a storage unit on your hard disk. Ideally you have a single hard disk which is responsible to store and keep your data. But the same hard disk can be logically divided into multiple partitions to make it act like multiple hard disks are there to support your PC. This act of dividing a hard disk into multiple small storage units is called partitioning. Continue reading

What is S.M.A.R.T Technology?

What is S.M.A.R.T technologyDo you fear losing your data to an untimely system crash? Do you dread the very thought of having to face an unexplained PC shutdown when you are in a middle of an extremely important task? These are among common situations which an average computer user would never want to encounter. However, just like any other comfort, technology too is accompanied by many shortfalls. You never know when your computer may start behaving abruptly or your hard disk might begin to trouble you. This is where S.M.A.R.T. technology is helpful. Continue reading

What is the Use of the Scan Dispatcher Feature?

Scan DispatcherAdvancement in technology is causing our security applications and computer protection programs to take a leap too. We all use an antivirus. What do you expect your security program to do for you? Should it offer superior protection, or take up the role of optimizing your system’s performance? We all are so busy in our lives that we do not want to take up the hassle of trying to figure out what is causing our PC to be slow or which kind of malware is trying to compromise its security. Continue reading

What are the Benefits of Data Encryption?

Data EncryptionSecurity technology is advancing with lightning fast pace. This trend is driven by enormous security challenges posed by information era on the modern organizations. Data Encryption is a similar step towards enhanced data security. Data and information are extremely important for any commercial organization, as data forms the mainstay of their business operations. Data security by way of encryption might be an option for some corporations, but it is enforced by law in certain government agencies, industrial sectors and countries. Continue reading

What is a Bug? How Can It Affect My Computer?

BugsThe term ‘bug’ is used in a variety of contexts. Ordinarily, we refer to an insect when we talk about bug in our day-to-day lives. However, in the IT world, the definition of bug is slightly different. We talk of software bugs and computer bugs differently. When a computer starts behaving erroneously or is not working the way it ought to be, we say that the computer is ‘bugged’. Continue reading

What is The Meaning of Asset Tagging?

Asset TaggingWork environment in modern organizations is highly dependent on computers and related devices. They form part and parcel of the corporate culture today. One not only uses computers to simplify work, but also to store and carry data. It, therefore, becomes increasingly important for organizations to secure their assets, such as computers and supporting devices. There are several factors which could be risky for an organization’s information health and pose threat to its safety. Asset tagging is an important concept in asset and resource management for IT enabled organizations. Continue reading

Can Output Devices Like Printers and Other Hardware Infect My PC?

Output DevicesTo tackle this question we will begin with a very basic discussion on output devices. We all know that our computer’s monitor and printer are output devices. To be precise, an output device of a computer is a hardware which is dedicated to communicate the end results of an activity or processing, performed by its CPU, to the end user. It is a means to display the information processed by the computer to humans in a format that can be read and understood by them. Continue reading

Risks of Personal Internet Usage in a Public or Shared Network

Public or Shared NetworkIt seems as a great thought to be able to use Internet on the go that too free of cost, with the help of Wi-Fi hot-spots in hotels, airports, coffee shop, or public library. What could be better than killing your time by checking emails, browsing the web or having a status update on a social media site without spending a penny. But, do you think you are safe this way? You might be using your own laptop or smartphone, yet you could be at a great risk while surfing in a public network. Therefore, it is better to be aware of the pitfalls of such a usage of Internet before you decide to go for one the next time. Continue reading