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Virus Security Software: Best Antedote for Advanced Vulnerabilities

Are you sure your PC is completely secured against latest threats? Is your computer antivirus software updated? A recent rare malware attack on over 300000 computers in Russia has compelled organizations and PC users to rethink and revive their computer security strategies. This unique file-less bot is believed to have propagated through online information resources of Russia and was left undetected for numerous months. According to experts, this malware was used by attackers to infect Windows computers. Such a Java malware is capable of fooling your traditional antivirus software, and cannot be detected on the hard drive. Instead, it resides in the memory to work under a supposedly secure process which a user and even antivirus software does not suspect.

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Well, this is how contemporary attackers work. They invade a particular device in stealth mode without letting the end user know that such an infected program is being executed right under their nose, unless it has caused substantial damage to system resources. Considering this scenario, what do you think a modern computer user can do? Well, the user is entirely on the mercy of its PC antivirus software. Individuals as well as organizations are, therefore, advised to select their computer security software keeping all these advanced vulnerabilities in mind. If attackers are evolving their attacking tactics, security experts are not far behind. They too are bent upon devising advanced methodologies to combat such latest intrusions.

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