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Pros and Cons of Antivirus Program

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Adequate system security software has become inevitable need of an each computer user to protect his/her personal and professional data from evolving internet threats. For this, various software developing firms have come forth and developed a proprietary “Antivirus” to rule out the errors. Antivirus software is one of the most used programs by the users to protect their computers from vulnerable threats. These antivirus programs are constituted with detection multi-techniques that keeps your system clean from worms, virus, Trojans, spyware, etc., and give you and your family a healthy and safer place to work on.

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Which Internet Threat Did You Face Recently?

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Wondering how safe or at risk are you on the Internet? Do you wish someone could guide you through methods to stay protected online every time you begin your browsing session? Then you have landed at the right place. Here, we will not only be discussing about latest risks prevalent in the threat landscape, but also invite readers to share their queries and views about them. Well, before getting to know about methods of protecting yourself on the Internet, you must first be aware of security offenders willing to take a toll on your security.

Who is Attempting to Ruin Your Confidentiality?

How often do you open up Spam messages barging your inbox? How many times do you remember landing at a hoax website meant primarily to collect your secret information? You are being put through these questions because this is the truth of modern threat landscape. Phishing, spearphishing, spywares, email spams and email malwares are quite popular in the security industry these days. These intrusion methodologies utilize social engineering techniques to get hold of personal information of victims for the purpose of carrying out identity theft. Several intruders plot targeted attacks on organizations which maintain customer databases in the form of bank account and other financial details.

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What would be Your First Thought in Case of Laptop Theft?

Protegent BlogWhat do you think is the first thought of an individual whose laptop is lost or stolen? Is it the agony of losing a laptop, or data in it?

The point here to raise such a question is, that now-a-days mobile IT theft is on an alarming high number. Many high profile data theft scenarios are associated with a stolen or lost laptop. Though, reselling a stolen laptop would any day make a thief take home huge sum, but, the theft of a laptop or a computing device for gaining access to sensitive data stored in it is gaining prominence today. Senior executives on a business trip or employees carrying laptop in public places are soft targets of malicious attackers. Perhaps, physical theft of a laptop or any other computing device is the easiest way of carrying out data leakage or information theft.

Cost of Data Loss Outweighs Physical Device Loss

Majority of contemporary organizations fear data leakage and loss of important business information. The same holds true with the victims of laptop theft. They are concerned about their laptop going missing, but the security of sensitive personal and professional data is what bothers them the most. Financial loss incurred on account of device theft is far less than the losses they would bear if their data gets into the wrong hands.

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A Stitch in Time: Prevent Data Loss before it Ruins You

It is a prominent fact that a problem doesn’t come with warning signal. The same holds true for data loss too. It is needless to mention that one’s data in the form of images, videos, documents and professional information hold immense importance for everyone. We all have something to treasure. But, your task must not end at simply creating something and storing it, you should be able to protect it as well. There is no place on earth where your data is completely secured against all odds. You need to take appropriate measures to safeguard it wherever it is stored.

Imagine a situation where you suddenly realize that your system is facing problems and it cannot recover your saved files. Or maybe your important folder gets corrupted due to some technical issues. How adept are you to handle such a crisis? To add to the trouble, if you are in the middle of some important work with a strict deadline attached to it would you be able to keep your calm?

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How Activity Reporter Improves Employee Productivity?

ProtegentEmployees are most important and indispensable assets of any organization. They form an organization’s backbone and are considered key resources which impact its overall performance in some way or the other. That is why employee productivity is often found to be the major concern for managers and HR personnel in organizations. They spend immense time and money in hiring the right person for a particular job, and do whatever it takes to get the best out of them. However, there are many factors which mar these efforts and force them towards wasteful activities.
Employee productivity, though most looked after issue, often is a matter of serious concern for many organizations. Top management is always engrossed with finding out ways to effectively leverage optimum investment of time and money for maximizing gains. The same goes with workplace efficiency of employees too. Organizations leave no stone unturned to identify methods of maximizing their productivity with minimal input.

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