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What would be Your First Thought in Case of Laptop Theft?

Protegent BlogWhat do you think is the first thought of an individual whose laptop is lost or stolen? Is it the agony of losing a laptop, or data in it?

The point here to raise such a question is, that now-a-days mobile IT theft is on an alarming high number. Many high profile data theft scenarios are associated with a stolen or lost laptop. Though, reselling a stolen laptop would any day make a thief take home huge sum, but, the theft of a laptop or a computing device for gaining access to sensitive data stored in it is gaining prominence today. Senior executives on a business trip or employees carrying laptop in public places are soft targets of malicious attackers. Perhaps, physical theft of a laptop or any other computing device is the easiest way of carrying out data leakage or information theft.

Cost of Data Loss Outweighs Physical Device Loss

Majority of contemporary organizations fear data leakage and loss of important business information. The same holds true with the victims of laptop theft. They are concerned about their laptop going missing, but the security of sensitive personal and professional data is what bothers them the most. Financial loss incurred on account of device theft is far less than the losses they would bear if their data gets into the wrong hands.

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