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Which Internet Threat Did You Face Recently?

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Wondering how safe or at risk are you on the Internet? Do you wish someone could guide you through methods to stay protected online every time you begin your browsing session? Then you have landed at the right place. Here, we will not only be discussing about latest risks prevalent in the threat landscape, but also invite readers to share their queries and views about them. Well, before getting to know about methods of protecting yourself on the Internet, you must first be aware of security offenders willing to take a toll on your security.

Who is Attempting to Ruin Your Confidentiality?

How often do you open up Spam messages barging your inbox? How many times do you remember landing at a hoax website meant primarily to collect your secret information? You are being put through these questions because this is the truth of modern threat landscape. Phishing, spearphishing, spywares, email spams and email malwares are quite popular in the security industry these days. These intrusion methodologies utilize social engineering techniques to get hold of personal information of victims for the purpose of carrying out identity theft. Several intruders plot targeted attacks on organizations which maintain customer databases in the form of bank account and other financial details.

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