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Why is it important to install a port locker solution on the PC?

What is port locker?

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It is a system that protects our PC or laptop from data leakage or data theft. In this world of the Internet, when most of the educated people get access to email and social media websites, data leakage prevention becomes really necessary for everyone, whether individual or organization. Data transfer on emails or chat services, makes data prone to risk. Hence port locker comes to the scene for risk management. Continue reading

How Can Computer Virus Harm You? Stay Informed, Stay Protected!

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A computer virus is the worst enemy that any modern computer user can have. Information about viruses and their attacking techniques abounds the web. But, do we actually take the effort of enriching our knowledge by going through all this painstakingly developed information? Though, we all know that the issue of computer viruses is a huge menace today, we lack sufficient knowledge about them. We must understand that it is imperative to know how harmful can a specific malware or virus be, in order to avert severe risks it can bring.

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