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Is Antivirus Software Necessary for Online Transactions?

Is Antivirus Software Necessary For Online Transactions


The use of internet has reached to an excessive level where people are entirely dependent on internet for their daily work. At the present time, Internet is being used by people for surfing, chatting, buying stuffs online, online payment, money transferring and so on. With the advent of eCommerce, the use of internet has increased a lot, resulting in big increase of online payments and requires need of Internet Security.

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Why Antivirus Software with Data Recovery is Must

Why Antivirus Software with Data Recovery is Must With the advancement in the IT sector and computers, there is always a need for a better product or software than the current version. Same goes with Antivirus Software which is the most essential utility for very computer system for the protection from unknown viruses, spywares and other internet threats.

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Use of Antivirus Software


The use of antivirus software has a direct bearing with not having security software in the system.  With the world transforming slowly into an information age, every member of a family is a tech savvy. Therefore, there is a great likelihood of them, downloading some kind of malware or virus as they work online the whole day.

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Antivirus Software – Paid or Free



Antivirus, when used as paid or free version ensures security at both stages. But what concerns most to users is which of the two will satisfy their system requirement fully. Well, Security scientists/experts will defend use of a free version works the same level as the paid version of a security software does. Nevertheless, the only area in which they differ is the specification or area of protection they cover.

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How to Decrypt Files Encrypted By Ransomware


In our series of Ransomware discussion, today we come up with measures you can try on to decrypt files which are encrypted by Ransomware. It has been declared globally by all antivirus companies and FBI as well that Ransomware is the most deadly virus (or encryption) for which there is still no remedy found.

In this edition of Ransomware, we are going to list down the remedial steps you could try to get back your encrypted data:

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Ransomware/Cryptolocker/Locky – Virus or Encryption


Ransomware is a computer program which is specially designed to restrict access to files and data of a particular system when gets into it. Currently Ransomware (alias: Cryptolocker or Locky) is the most popular attacks which are infecting computer system around the world at an increasing rate. Ransomware enters a system through email attachment from trusted domains. Ransomware Removal Tool is still not possible to develop. When the user opens the attachment, it gets into the computer system and executes an encryption program which starts encrypting the data files on the system with a unique encryption key using various algorithms like RSA.

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