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Imagine Computers without Antivirus Protection


Use of computers is increasing at a rapid rate with the increased use of internet. There might be very less chances where you will not find use of internet in computer system. Computers are used to store important information, execute applications and accessing internet for uploading and downloading. There might be certain that your computer might be affected by some unknown virus threats when no antivirus software is installed in it.

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360 Security Antivirus Protection- Mandatory or Not?


Use of computer systems and laptop is common around the globe. There is continuous rise in the number of computer user across the world year by year. So, does the need for 360 security antivirus for complete protection against unknown security threats like viruses, spywares and other internet threats. Computers are mostly used for internet use and working over the applications installed in it. People keep their most confidential data such as credit card information, bank account details, and scanned documents in their computer system only.

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Whether we should Buy Antivirus Online ?


Antivirus Software is an essential component of every computer system as suggested by technology experts. Having antivirus software in your computer not only allows the user to be free to access internet without thinking about the viruses and other internet threats but also keep data kept in computer system safe from any virus attack.

Various antivirus are available at market places which provide protection from viruses, spywares, root kits, and other internet threats. But the user has to make a choice of whether to buy antivirus from physical shops or directly buy antivirus online from market places like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

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TASHU (Trust Association to Shine High with Unistal) by Unistal


TASHU is a Trust Association gesture by Unistal with an opportunity of extra earnings for all the partners and engineers who are dedicated in promoting ProtegentTASHU is especially designed for Unistal’s data security product range, Protegent.

On 12th Dec, 2016, TASHU is officially launched by Unistal for promoting our antivirus product Protegent for IT partners and engineers in India to get associated with it and start earning add-on profits.

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