A Stitch in Time: Prevent Data Loss before it Ruins You

It is a prominent fact that a problem doesn’t come with warning signal. The same holds true for data loss too. It is needless to mention that one’s data in the form of images, videos, documents and professional information hold immense importance for everyone. We all have something to treasure. But, your task must not end at simply creating something and storing it, you should be able to protect it as well. There is no place on earth where your data is completely secured against all odds. You need to take appropriate measures to safeguard it wherever it is stored.

Imagine a situation where you suddenly realize that your system is facing problems and it cannot recover your saved files. Or maybe your important folder gets corrupted due to some technical issues. How adept are you to handle such a crisis? To add to the trouble, if you are in the middle of some important work with a strict deadline attached to it would you be able to keep your calm?

Is Data Revival or Data Recovery Better?     

In such a situation, you would obviously consult a technical expert or go for a data recovery tool on your friend’s suggestion. In any case, you are expected to be at peace and not tamper with the hardware as well as software of your PC, as it can hinder successful recovery. But, at this time you should be well aware that no data recovery application, no matter how good it claims to be, can ever promise you 100% data revival. There could be numerous unexplained instances when even the most advanced post loss data recovery applications fail to give desired results. Conventional File Recovery Software, though curative in nature, might not get your files and system intact in the pre-data loss state. This is where the role of preventive data revival software comes into play.

It is Time to Switch to Preventive Measures

Every computer user is vulnerable to data loss, occurring on account of several untoward reasons. A virus attack, abrupt system failure or other logical crash scenarios might lead to permanent