Antivirus is Not Enough – It’s Time for Antivirus with Data Recovery

Antivirus is the most essential software utility which is recommended for all computers, laptops, PC and others for confidential data security along with enhanced web surfing experience. Antivirus is being used across the world by majority of computer users and their numbers are increasing at a very rapid rate considering the advanced virus attacks & other cyber threats like ransomware, Trojan, etc.

Only Antivirus Software is enough?

As technology gets advanced/updated every second, do you think that “Antivirus only is enough” to provide comprehensive protection against all sought of viruses, worms, Trojans and other online threats? Think twice before answering the same.

  • Do you think that an antivirus alone is capable of providing security of your confidential data present on your computer system?
  • Do you think that antivirus software would be able to safeguard your important files for accidental deletion like SHIFT+DELETE, deleting from recycle bin?
  • Do you think that antivirus software would be able to retrieve corrupted data files which might be very important for the user?
  • Do you think that an antivirus alone would be able to recover/restore formatted data file or even the formatted disk?

Unistal has developed Protegent data security products which gives perfect answers to the questions asked above. Unistal has completed surprised the whole antivirus industry by launching Protegent which is world’s only antivirus which comes with inbuilt data recovery software. Having this Protegent Antivirus in your computer system provides 100% assurance that users don’t need to think about the questions asked above and can completely rely on Protegent for security of data present in computer system.

Now computer users don’t need to purchase two software separately as they will be getting the features of both in Protegent data security product.

Protegent data security software has inbuilt proactive data recovery software: Crash Proof which allows users to recover/restore any lost, deleted, corrupted and formatted data files from user’s computer. Crash Proof can even restore the formatted partition drive as well in case it has been accidentally formatted by the user.

Crash Proof works on the concept of capturing the image of index of the files/folders present on computer’s storage device at regular interval of time and store this information in a protection area which will be used for recovering any accidental data loss. Crash Proof can be used in the following circumstances:

  1. Recovery of Deleted File/Folder

Protegent not only protects your PC from viruses and other unknown threats but also recovers accidentally deleted files/folder from your computer even if they are deleted from recycle bin as well

  1. Unformatting of Accidentally Formatted Drives

There might be some case that user accidentally formatted the system drive considering it as pen drive. This situation may lead to big financial losses. With the help of Crash Proof, user can restore the formatted drives and store the same at some different location in the hard drive.

  1. Repair Corrupted/Deleted Partition

Partitions are generally used to store data in an organized form and sometime works really great. They are helpful in boosting system performance and even helpful in recovering data in case of system crash. Protegent helps users to recover corrupted/deleted partitions and allows user to access their lost data.

  1. Recovering FAT/MFT Corruption

Protegent is capable of recovering the file system as well in case it gets corrupted. It can also bring back your corrupted FAT/MFT system.

Crash Proof comes with amazing features which are:

  • Assured 100% results in recovering large files
  • Unique un-format feature
  • Recovers with original file names
  • Simple and automated process
  • Recovers data files if Disk is not booting up
  • Revives the Disk/Drive/Partition if it goes missing
  • Revives the Disk if root folder is corrupted
  • Extremely fast recovery process

That’s it in today’s discussion about “Antivirus Software is enough”.

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