Are You Sure Your Sensitive Data is Secured in Case of Laptop Theft?

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God forbid, should your laptop goes missing what do you think would the loss amount to? Would that correspond to the price at which you bought it, or perhaps a little less? Probably not, especially if you treasure your data files and information. In case you happen to lose your laptop, either to your carelessness or a theft, you are bound to regret the loss of your vital personal data, sensitive professional information and documents more than the financial loss you incurred in losing the laptop itself.

It is so, because the agony of not being able to regain access to your worked upon data may trouble you immensely. Moreover, loss of your sensitive personal information or vital business secrets may land you in serious trouble if they get into the wrong hands. The loss in that case could sum up to far above than the mere cost of the laptop itself. You must be aware of the prevalent identity theft trend now-a-days. If you agree with this, would you mind investing a little in optimum PC security rather than regretting the loss of your priceless information later? An absolute protection program should incorporate theft tracking software to combat such incidences.

Theft Tracking Software for 360˚ Protection

In the world of portable computing devices, your computer protection regime is incomplete without a theft tracking software. Such modern security applications take charge of not only your laptop’s security but also the data in it. You can now easily track the exact location of your lost or stolen laptop anywhere across the globe. Protegent 360, a complete security application from Unistal Systems, is equipped with an additional advanced module of laptop tracking software, which is capable of notifying you about the location of your device giving its latitude, longitude, public IP, country, state, city, and ISP provider along with the date and time, the moment it gets connected with the internet. You can configure settings to get reports at your respective Email ID or view them using your user ID and password. The advanced WebSniff technology enables you to locate and retrieve your laptop the moment you report a theft with the emergency response team of Unistal Systems.

Make Your Data Inaccessible with Data Encryption         

It is really easy for a security offender to steal your laptop rather than trying to access your critical data directly. The best way to prevent data leakage on account of laptop theft is to encrypt your sensitive data in your laptop. The data encryption software module of the laptop tracking software secures your data from getting into the wrong hands. In the incidence of laptop theft, you can activate data encryption mode of specific files remotely, whenever your laptop connects to the internet. But, in case it is not connected with internet for a specific duration after getting stolen, your predefined critical data files get encrypted automatically. Act now for complete security of your data as well as assets.