Be a Smart Parent to a Smarter Teen

Parenting SoftwareAre you spending sleepless nights worrying about your child’s safety in the outside world? But, can you be sure that your child is safe in the four walls of your house? Probably not! Your kid is equally unsafe within the protected boundaries of your house as he/she might be outside. It is so, because the cyber environment today throws enormous challenges onto the contemporary computer user.

The situation might be even worse for a naïve, who lacks rationality to judge a potentially fatal threat. Research findings suggest that kids and young teens are most likely to fall prey to the malicious intentions of cyber criminals globally. With our young ones getting smarter with the dynamic information environment, parents need to be proactive in guiding them.

Someone has rightly stated Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. The responsibility of a parent is not simply giving birth to a new life and sustaining it with all the resources it takes to flourish. It goes beyond that, to nurture that new life with care and guidance to become a good human being. Are you spending a good amount of time with your kid? Do you think you are doing what all it takes to be a responsible parent? Our busy lifestyle doesn’t allow us to do so, no matter how hard we try. Moreover, we give our young ones this unique friend, called computer, to spend time with. It becomes their window to the digital world, responsible in controlling each and every emotion or move of theirs. Further, it gradually takes complete charge of their thoughts and wisdom, as they become acquainted with the internet environment, which exposes them to the cruel outside world. This is where cyber criminals begin laying the foundation of their malicious intentions, trying to win the trust of young computer users and attempting to exploit their innocence with the motive of victimizing them. Incidences of child sexual abuse and cyber bullying are on an alarming high number. Wondering how could you as a parent protect your young one?

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Kid’s Upbringing with Computer Monitoring

Computer monitoring application is a boon from the digital era. It comes as the best gift for concerned parents of the present generation. Equipped with the advanced keylogger features and the ability to monitor internet activity, clipboard contents, as well as application activities, the Parenting Software eases you of all your worries. This remote monitoring application allows you to keep a vigil check on all the computer activities of your children without their knowledge. It empowers you to stay informed of your kid’s activities and guide them appropriately. Get regular updates of their moves on the internet through unique whitelist feature and save them from risky stuff over the web.

Get Rid of Your Worries in No Time and Nominal Investment

Having an intuitive interface and guided implementation, activity logger comes as a superb rescue for worrying parents. You can not only get timely reports of every PC activity of your kid, but also perform real time monitoring by obtaining screenshots at regular intervals. Get alerts when your child engages in unintended activities on his/her PC. Grab your free demo version of the parenting software, and continue ensuring safe computing for your kid.