What are the features of the Best antivirus software?

Think above Antivirus & Total Security, Think 360 Complete Security!!!!

Antivirus software is the most commonly used data security software for all computer systems which includes desktops, laptops and other handheld devices. It is always recommended to have antivirus in your computer system as soon as you purchase a new one. There is a question which comes in mind of all the computer users when they are buying antivirus software, which Antivirus is the Best antivirus software? They actually don’t know what type of antivirus will be compatible or can fulfill their requirements of their system configuration.

Today we are going to list out the features which should be present in the best antivirus software you have made a mind to purchase for your computer system. Choosing the best antivirus software is really a tricky task to do as there is no perfect antivirus which will suit all the user requirements. There might be cases that an antivirus which works perfectly fine for a computer user doesn’t works out for the other. The antivirus software gets the tag of PERFECT according to the inbuilt features of the software and system configuration along with user’s behavior with the computer system.

There are namely three types of antivirus software available in the antivirus industry:

  1. Antivirus – Antivirus Software provides robust protection against viruses, spyware and other unknown threats. This type antivirus is perfect for computer users who have minimal access to the web and work most of the time in offline mode.

Protegent Antivirus Solution has been developed with two-tier protection that allows it to protect computers against latest unknown viruses, malware, worms, Trojans and others viruses. It comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery module which provides a powerful solution to the user recovering any accidentally deleted data in no time.

  1. Total Security ­– Total Security is advanced antivirus software which provides extremely advanced protection against malware, viruses, spam, spyware, phishing attacks and other online cyber threats.

Protegent Total Security Antivirus has inbuilt proactive data recovery software which provides 30% extra features compared to any other Total Security Software. It encompasses advanced features like virus protection, parental control, two-way firewall, spam filtering, USB protection and ads blocking to protect computers from online cyber threats.

  1. Complete Security – Complete Security is a buzzword which Protegent has brought into the antivirus industry with its data security product Protegent Complete Security which is popularly known as Protegent 360. It provides extremely advanced protection against viruses, malware, phishing, spam and other online cyber threats. It has five additional inbuilt modules that makes it a Best antivirus software:
    1. Crash Proof for Data Loss Protection
    2. Port Locker for Data Leakage Protection
    3. Activity Reporter for Activity Reporting & Monitoring
    4. Locate Laptop for Laptop Tracking & Reporting
    5. SysBoost for System Tune-up

Following is the list of the features which should be present in the best antivirus software which will be good for every computer user:

  • Effective Antivirus Security
  • Extreme protection against online cyber threats
  • Blocks all web pages which support virus scams and personal data phishing attempts
  • Instantly monitors your USB as soon as you plug it in your system
  • Block ads and insecure website
  • Proactive data recovery of lost/deleted data
  • Prevention of unauthorized data leakage from different external sources
  • Reporting and monitoring of user’s application and internet use
  • Secured data encryption in case of laptop theft
  • Enhances system performance
  • Wipes off unwanted files from your system
  • Blocks all ports with the help of Port Locker Software
  • Captures all Internet/Application activity with features of Blacklist and White list
  • Secure Webpage for every user to Keep (monitor) a close eye on movement of person with the designated laptop e.g. company employee
  • Recovers deleted or lost files if they are lost from your PC, even if they are not available in Recycle Bin

You can also try free demo version of this software.

Software Product: http://www.protegent360.com/protegent-complete-security.html

Software Free Demo: http://www.protegent360.com/protegent-complete-security-download.html

Software Buy Link: http://www.protegent360.com/buy-protegent-complete-security.html

That’s it in today’s discussion on the features which should be present in the best antivirus software. The facts and information mentioned above are correct as per our research. But we always welcome suggestion and comments by fellow readers.

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