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Antivirus Glossary


Adware is a type of malware which displays unwanted advertisements and tracks browsing behaviour while the program is running. These unwanted applications can disguise itself as a legitimate program to trick into installing harmful programs on your system and can collect personal information without the user’s permission.

Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack is an attempt to crack a password or keys by making repetitive attempts. This is performed on a trial and error method to fetch the required information.


The fraudulent practice by someone to mine the cryptocurrencies is Cryptojacking. Here, hackers steal computing resources from the victim’s device and operate complex crypto mining operations without any overhead investment.


A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt in which multiple compromised computer systems attack a target to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network with a flood of Internet traffic.


A type of surveillance software that tracks everything a user types, including usernames and passwords. Keyloggers are often part of malware or spyware.

Logic Bomb

A Logic Bomb is a string of malicious code used to cause harm to a network when the programmed conditions are met. It is timed to cause harm at a certain point in time but is inactive up until that point. Once activated, a logic bomb implements a malicious code that causes harm to a computer


Malware is a written code with the intention to disrupt or manipulate systems and devices. Malware can be delivered in different forms and types depending on the nature and intention of the attacker. The common types of malware are viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms and Trojan horses.


Pharming refers to manipulate website traffic through hacking which redirects a search to a fake website. Here, hackers create an impostor site, which may look exactly like the real site and prompt users to land on this illegitimate website to steal confidential information,


A phishing attack is an attempt to let the victim share the personal or financial details with the attacker. It is basically done via emails, text messages, voice calls and malicious links within websites, emails or ads.


Ransomware is a type of malware which blocks or restricts the user from accessing their files/folders on a computer or in some cases it blocks the user access to the whole network. Paying ransom to the attackers becomes the only way to get access back.


A rootkit is a malicious program which is used to gain administrator-level access to a targeted system. It is installed by exploiting the system vulnerabilities without the consent of the user.

Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

A remote access Trojan (RAT) is basically a dangerous malware program which usually takes a back door channel to get into your system and takes all the administrative control over it. This also leads to the compromising of your system along with the files, folders and other important documents.

Spear Phishing

Spear-phishing attack is an attempt to get the required information from the specifically targeted victim. Here, the attack is limited to an individual or a very small group of related people to steal confidential information.


Spyware is malicious malware which infects the system, Smartphone or any other device and gathers information. Spyware enters the system without the knowledge of the user as a legitimate program and runs quietly while collecting and tracking information.


A trojan is a computer program which appears harmless and misrepresents as a useful program but in reality, it is malicious in nature. Trojans can create a backdoor entry into the system which can give control of your computer to the hacker to carry out malicious actions.


A computer virus is a malicious program that spread throughout the system by copying itself to another program. It self replicate itself and make changes in the boot sector, programs, applications, files and can also damage the system.


A worm is a type of malicious software program that replicates while moving across computers and leaving copies of itself in the memory of each computer in its path while remaining active on infected systems.


Zero-day is a flaw in software that is yet unknown to the software vendor. Although this vulnerability is known to the code attackers, who use it to take advantage of this said unpatched security flaw.


A computer that has been compromised and a remote attacker have an access to it. The attacker uses this computer to forward transmission to other computers on the internet. Attackers typically exploit multiple computers to create a botnet, also known as a zombie army.

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Top Antivirus 2020

  • Top Antivirus ensures the all-round protection for your laptop or computer system
  • It comes with many bundled additional security features and provide 360 degree protection

When we think of security for our laptop or computer system, we always think of full proof all-round protection and this can be achieved by having top antivirus software. Top antivirus software comes with many extra features than traditional antivirus software. If you want to secure your laptop or computer system as a whole, then the protection should be complete. The most critical element for this protection is definitely an antivirus solution in a bundled package of top antivirus software.

What to look for in Top Antivirus 2020?

As mentioned above a top antivirus software should provide 360-degree protection for your laptop or computer system. There are many antiviruses available which offer additional benefits to the user depending on their requirements but we will recommend having top antivirus software which provides maximum feature for your windows operating system. Some of the common features which are must in top antivirus are,

Antivirus protection:

Antivirus is the first thing that you should install in your computer system or laptop after the purchase. A top antivirus comes with protection from virus, malware, ransomware, phishing, Trojan horses and many other threats. With the threat landscape increasing, the top antivirus software must provide security at real-time and detects all the old and new threats.

Now, most of the top antiviruses have opted for cloud protection technology to provide real-time security for your windows operating system. This advanced technology is very low on system resources and gives the user the freedom to work freely without impacting the performance of the computer system. Anti-phishing will keep the user secure from unwanted phishing attempts to steal personal and confidential information from the user. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and they regularly create new ways to make people fall in their trap and become a victim of a phishing scam. The top antivirus with the anti-phishing feature can thwart these phishing attempts and provide a safe computing experience to the user.

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Active Parental Control:

The top antivirus should have an effective parental tool to keep the family away from becoming a victim of cybercrime. Kids are very vulnerable to fall for hacker’s tactics and it is very important to provide them a safe cyberspace. Top antivirus will have special features of parental control to protect children from exposing to the content which they do not want their children to see. This includes various websites and applications. Some top antivirus also provides the feature of activity monitoring to get the details of all the activity performed on the computer system. This enhances parental control and help in keeping an active eye on the children even when you are not near them. It is hard to make the children understand the negative side of the cyberspace, so the parents must ensure the safety of their children in the online space with a good parental control tool available with top antivirus software.

USB Protection:

Threats from removable devices is very evident. Removable devices or USBs mostly contains virus with them and as soon as they are injected in the system they infect the computer system. Top antivirus will make sure that all the removable devices or USBs are scanned as soon as they are inserted into the system. This will protect the system from the virus and other types of harmful malware that can enter your system through this route. One other way of protecting your computer system from the virus-infected USBs is to block all the USB ports.  For full protection of your computer system or laptop, the top antivirus must ensure to block not only USB ports but also printer, Bluetooth, CD/DVD, IEEE 1394 and network adaptors to protect the transfer of data.

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System Cleanup:

To boost the performance of your system the top antivirus software does have a system cleanup tool. This is to ensure that all the system cookies, temporary files and unwanted files do not take space in the computer system and clean them to make the system perform faster. We often forget to follow the best practices of using a computer system or laptop which eventually slows down the system after sometimes and its performance gets affected. By filtering out the unwanted files from the computer system that are taking unnecessary space top antivirus helps in increasing the productivity by boosting the performance of the system.

Laptop Tracking and Data Encryption:

To ensure the safety of your laptop and the protection of your valuable data, top antivirus software should have laptop tracking and data encryption tool.  This feature in top antivirus software is to prevent laptop theft and data protection.

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Data Protection:

One other feature which separates most of the antivirus present in the market the level of data protection they offer. Nobody can be sure about the system crash and system formats which usually leads to data loss. The top antivirus always has some or other method to protect your critical data in any case. Apart from that data encryption is also an effective method to protect your data in case of laptop theft.

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The top antivirus 2020 software usually bundled with additional tools and features besides the core antivirus security. They may include protection for the laptop like laptop tracking, protection for data with data encryption, data recovery and USB blocking feature to prevent data leaks. The addition can include cloud protection technology which provides enhanced real-time protection. When you look for top antivirus software your next security product must be something which provides many extra features without compromising the security of the computer system or laptop.

Protegent 360 complete security is among the top antivirus 2020 which provides 75% extra features for the products that are available in the market. Its additional modules include Protegent antivirus, Crash Proof, SysBoost, Locate Laptop, Activity Reporter and Port Locker. This makes it an all-rounder for your computer system or laptop. Also, Protegent antivirus is one of the only antivirus software which comes with data recovery option.


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Best Antivirus for Windows

Getting the Best Antivirus for Windows Operating System

With the increasing cyber crimes, it’s clearly important to make sure that your computer system is protected by the best antivirus for windows

Your laptop with windows operating system demands a high level of security from viruses and other threats. It’s always confusing when it comes to choosing the best antivirus for Windows operating system.

Windows system is surely not the most secure systems that are available today but it is definitely the most user-friendly operating system. People love windows operating system and so are the cybercriminals and hackers around the globe. There is a greater need to choose the best antivirus for windows also.

Why You Need Best Antivirus for Windows?

It is imperative to have the best antivirus for windows which monitors mistrustful downloads, scans all the files & folders, watches for malicious software and suspicious software behavior. With the increasing cyber crimes, it’s clearly important to make sure that your laptop/ computer system is protected with the best antivirus for windows.

The threat landscape is evolving day by day and so as the ways to conduct cyber attacks. The developers of malicious malware and virus are coming up with new ways to harm your windows system. If you don’t have the best antivirus for windows then you are taking your online security at risk. A strong antivirus for windows ward off malware attacks and keeps user computers running efficiently. It has to be reliable and accurate in its virus detecting mechanism.

Online banking and shopping are also one of the common practices nowadays which is another big target of cybercriminals. Windows users need a safeguard against their browsing practices and shop, bank freely over the internet with the help of the best antivirus for windows.

Features to look for in Best Antivirus for Windows

Effective Online Protection: Our most of the task involves our engagement with the online world or over the internet. There are many good and bad actors present in the online world and this makes the online world a less secure place. Threat actors are always behind your personal data, harming you financially or damaging your windows system. In some cases, the loss is beyond recoverable. The best antivirus for windows should be able to update constantly, easily customized and always on to tackle any online threats to safeguard user and user data.

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Strong Firewall Protection:  Online threats are lurking around your windows system to get the access but with the best antivirus for windows you can have a strong firewall which effectively thwarts all the incoming threat actors and provide safety for your system. The best antivirus for windows also provides real-time protection against malicious virus and threats.

Phishing and Ransomware protection: There is a greater need for protection against the phishing scams and ransomware. The cybercriminals mostly rely on these two to gain financial benefits and personal information about the victim. The best antivirus for windows must provide extensive protection against phishing and ransomware by blocking access to malicious websites, scanning emails for malicious links or attachments and providing safe browsing. The anti-phishing and anti-ransomware modules in the best antivirus for windows alerts the user about the malicious links in the search engine and blocks them before any of the dangerous websites cause any harm to the user.

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Anti-virus and Anti-malware Protection: The most basic function for any best antivirus for windows is to protect the system from virus, malware and other threats. This involves old and new malware both that can harm your windows operating system. This module in best antivirus for windows is to provide protection for the user’s system and keep it secure from these malicious threats.

Cloud Protection for Windows: To get real-time threat protection, the best antivirus for windows prefers cloud protection technology. This cloud protection technology updates the windows system automatically as soon as any new virus definition is added in the threat database which is placed on the server. This database receives and delivers the virus database from all the connected windows system and updates it and then again sends the updated database to the connected windows systems to provide maximum protection and that to in real-time.

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Removable Device Protection: The best antivirus for Windows automatically scans every removable device as soon as it is inserted in the laptop or computer system. This should be done automatically and shouldn’t require user permission for it although it should take user nod before taking action on detection of any malicious file or folder. The removable devices have been a major source of virus intrusion in windows operating system and the best antivirus for windows must entertain only secure removable devices.

Secure Browsing Experience: Internet browsing is an important aspect for the windows users and the best antivirus for windows must provide secure internet browsing experience for the users. This involves blocking malicious websites, showing an error if the user accidentally lands on suspected websites and creating a safe gateway for online shopping and online banking activities.

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The best antivirus for Windows operating system should provide all-round protection for your laptop or computer system. Protegent antivirus is one of the most advanced antivirus software and is the best antivirus for Windows operating system. Protegent antivirus comes with enhanced threat protection mechanism and cloud protection technology along with active data recovery option. With many more features in an antivirus, Protegent comes with extra features to provide maximum protection for the windows operating systems. The data recovery feature ensures that you never lose your data even in case of computer format or system corrupt issues.

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The Best Antivirus Software 2020

The best antivirus software can be characterised as the one which provides all-round threat protection for your laptop or computer system

Safety and security for your PC /Laptops are now more important than ever. Security is necessary, not only for the enterprises which have day to day activities involving a computer machine or laptops but also the individuals who use the computer system. The best antivirus software can be characterised as the one which provides all-round threat protection for your laptop or computer system. But again choosing the best antivirus software involves lots of searching and scrolling as most people choose to ignore the most important aspects of laptop or computer security system.

Why do you need the Best Antivirus Software?

Internet threats are on the rise and many new threats are being developed by cybercriminals every day. As we are upgrading our security the cybercriminals are also using new and advanced tricks to get to their victims.  This calls for the need of the best antivirus software for your laptop or computer system. The most common threats involve malware, virus, Trojan attack, phishing attacks, ransomware, worms, spam attack and many others can harm your computer system and in some cases beyond repair. The cost of damages and ransomware due to cybercrime is in billions and is rapidly increasing. From personal data to financial details cybercriminals are not only behind the digital identity of a person but also majorly influenced by financial benefits which come along with it.

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The best antivirus software can be helpful in many ways. The best antivirus software can secure your digital identity and protects you from internet-based crimes.  Well, the primary job of the best antivirus software is detecting viruses, spyware, malware & other threats and removing them before they can harm your laptop or computer system.

The Features of Best Antivirus Software

The best antivirus software provides protection not only from viruses and other malware but should also be a good anti-phishing tool. As phishing is the widely used technique to steal information from the victims and still one of the major reason for most of the cyber crimes, best antivirus software should provide protection from phishing attacks. As cybercriminals are getting smarter, the human factor in stopping the phishing or any other kind of cyber attacks matters the most. So, educating people about phishing emails, calls are also very important and for the rest, the best antivirus software is capable of handling the threats.

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Removable devices are also a source of virus intrusion into the laptop or computer system. Most of the removable devices contain the virus and the best antivirus software should scan the removable device as soon as it is injected in the system. This quick scan is to ensure that the device is not infected and safe to use. The best antivirus software also makes sure that if there are any infected files in the removable device, it should immediately ask the user to take prompt action against the infected files or folder.

The best antivirus software provides protection for your sensitive and private information. Cybercriminals are always looking for private and sensitive information of users to make them their victims. As we mostly have our personal files, folders, photographs, videos and other documents on our personal computers or in laptops, then this also calls for the need to have maximum protection for these documents. The best antivirus software acts as a protector for your sensitive and private data.

Providing safe browsing is one of the most important features for best antivirus software as today we use the internet for most of our work. The Internet has become a special part of our daily life now and we are all hooked to the internet for many of our daily works. Internet banking and online shopping minimized our efforts and hassle in a much simpler way but it also comes with the danger of compromising your personal and financial details. SO it is very important for the best antivirus software to safeguard the personal and financial information on the web. The best antivirus software blocks all the corrupt or suspected links which looks like the original link but are malicious in nature to provide maximum protection over the web.

Also, most of the best antivirus software now shifting towards cloud protection technology which is considered as much more secure than the traditional antivirus software. With cloud protection technology user have to worry less about constant manual updating the best antivirus software as the antivirus software will itself receive the latest updates and include it in the latest database or virus-definition.

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The best antivirus software must have all the features to provide maximum protection for your laptop or computer system. Protegent antivirus software is one of the best antivirus software available in the market. This best antivirus software not only protects your laptop or computer system from malicious virus and other threats but also comes with a data recovery option. So even in case of laptop crash or system corrupt or format, you can recover all your lost files with ease. Protegent antivirus software is available in various variants for the user to choose from depending upon their usage and level of protection they require.

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How to Choose Free Antivirus Software for your PC

Purchased a new computer or laptop and thinking about free antivirus software to choose from? Don’t worry, we are here to share some tips which will make it easy for you to choose the best free antivirus software for your computer system/ laptop.

It is always a daunting task to select free antivirus software and most of the times we end up in getting the wrong free antivirus software for our PC. The process of selection is also very long as we try some free antivirus software and then uninstall it to find a better alternative. But the one thing that every user should keep in mind is the features and the requirement of the PC. There are some essential features which a good free antivirus software must have and then comes the additional features to complement the requirements of the user. Before getting confused and making a purchase decision, a user should always take a trial version of the free antivirus software and check it if it suits the user’s requirements.

Below are some of the listed features that one must always check while choosing free antivirus software for their computer system/ laptop.


  1. Security against Viruses: The main function of any antivirus is to provide security against the numerous threats which include viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing attacks, worms, spam attack and other online cyber threats. But a best free antivirus software will provide you additional security against these threats. As the threat space is increasing and cybercriminals are creating new forms of threats on a regular basis, free antivirus software must keep a check on all the latest threats and keep the system safe from them.


  • Email Protection: Emails are an essential part of our daily life and hackers are also utilizing it to search for their next victim. So, it is important for any free antivirus software to give maximum protection over emails also. An antivirus blocks all the web pages with viruses and threats which attempts at personal data phishing attempts. Good free antivirus software constantly scans all the emails being received by the user and checks for any vulnerability in it. The emails can be a phishing attempt, carrying virus-ridden attachments and links to malicious websites which can compromise the security of your system.


  • Safe Browsing: A free antivirus software should always provide the user with an option for safe online browsing experience. As many of us are using online space for activities like online shopping, banking, paying bills and for other transactions. So, it is important for any free antivirus software to have safe browsing option. Cybercriminals try various methods to lure the victims in sharing their personal and financial details. Details like bank account number, credit card number, passwords, social media accounts Ids and passwords can compromise your digital identity as well as can harm financially if being exposed. Free antivirus software should protect your digital space from the cybercriminals and provide a safe internet browsing experience.


  • USB Threat Protection: USB or any other external devices poses a potent threat to the computer system/ laptop. It is important for any free antivirus software to have the feature of scanning all the external devices as soon as they are inserted into the system. Many external devices are affected by the virus and this can harm your computer system very badly.


  • Regular Update: Your antivirus needs to be updated regularly to provide the best protection against the threats. So, automatic updates should be one of the features of free antivirus software. Some of the free antivirus software gets the update on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. The more frequently an antivirus software takes the update the more protected your personal computers will be. Choose an antivirus with regular and frequent automatic updates.


  • Protection against Adware: Adware overloads the computer system and compromises the user’s privacy. Good free antivirus software must provide protection against the adware so that you can browse the internet safely and protect your system. Adware is the most used method for virus intrusions into the system. Hackers create fake ads and websites to lure their victims and get their personal and financial details.


  • Cloud Protection Technology: Antivirus are getting advanced day by day and good free antivirus software should have active cloud protection technology to provide real-time threat protection. Cloud protection means the virus database is updated on a regular basis. It compares the database present in your personal computer with the cloud database and instantly checks for any latest threats. This also consumes less space and saves time in updating resulting in faster processing of your computer system.


  • Intuitive Interface: A good free antivirus software must have an interactive and easy user interface as users like to have the things simple. The interface must have easy options for scanning the whole system or custom system scan features and have the log details which can be easily accessible to the user. The best free antivirus software is easy to use for both tech-savvy and casual users.

It is important to have good free antivirus software installed on your computer system to protect your valuable data, files, documents and internet activities. Protegent antivirus software is the best free antivirus software which provides full security for your PC. It is the world’s only antivirus which comes with in-built data recovery software, which means you never have to worry about your data to get lost in case of system corruption or format. Protegent has all the above-mentioned features and it is updated every hour to give maximum protection for your personal computer/ laptop. With its advanced technology and threat detection mechanism, it is one the best free antivirus software available in the market with many additional features along with full proof security for your computer system/ laptop.

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3. Complete Security

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Is an Antivirus Software Perfect for all Computer Users?


If you are really searching for the best antivirus software, I must say that you are at the right place. Today I am going to list out some of the very popular antivirus which works perfect well for all operating systems.

Before starting to list out the best antivirus software, I must give you a brief about selecting the best antivirus according to your requirements. At the present time, there are mainly three version of antivirus provided by the antivirus companies around the globe.

The first one is the antivirus software which is used for those systems which occasionally connects to internet and works on intranet only. The only way the unknown threats can enter the system through external drives like Pen drives, external hard disk and so on. This antivirus software protects the system from any unknown threats and keeps your system updated.

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Antivirus or Total Security is Not Enough – We Need Total Security with Data Recovery

Antivirus or Total Security is Not Eough - We Need Total Security With Data Recovery

At the present time, Data is the most crucial thing which is stored in the storage memory of the computer system. Data is important for both individuals and Businesses. For individuals, data may include images, video, assignments, presentations, etc. For Business, data may include emails, contacts, database, presentations, agreements, etc.

In the past, individuals and businesses were only thinking about data security software or antivirus software or total security antivirus which only protect from viruses, spyware and other online cyber threats. But their computer systems were not enabled with any data loss prevention tools which could provide prevention from accidental data loss, data deletion or data formatting.

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What Would You Choose – Paid or Free Antivirus ?

What Would You Choose - Paid Or Free Antivirus

Today’s world is very different from medieval times, and user data is the most important thing one can think of. Data can be of anything! It could be the findings of an billion dollar research. It could be personal and secretive. It could be strategic and sensitive information, right from government’s archives. It could be the launch codes or blueprint of a nuclear bomb. There are countless possibilities, where data stolen or duplicated can be used for illegal, dangerous, malicious, and monetary purposes. In present times, there have been instances where leaked data brought entire economies down. Illicitly acquired data has led to clash between nations. Such is its importance. So, it must be guarded using appropriate means.

In most of the cases, it is not the technical ignorance of the user, but a well-planned “virus” attack, which opens the access gateways to the magnetic vaults of data. These innocent looking, small sized viruses are meticulously engineered to manipulate any loophole in the firewall and security layers of the system. Many times, they take user permissions in very creative ways, by setting baits for the user. Some viruses even facilitate their creators (aka Hackers) by providing remote-access to them. With so many ways to plunder user data, it is imperative that someone should research and device ways to stop this from happening. This seeded the idea to create a system for preventing and tackling such thefts, and thus, Antivirus Software systems came into existence.

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Steps to Configure Antivirus Software

Antivirus is the data security software which provides extremely advanced protection from unknown viruses, spywares, malware, worms, Trojans and other internet threats. Antivirus doesn’t just provide protection from unknown threats but also features like firewall (for blocking inappropriate website), Parental Control (Putting a check on Children’s internet activity), Email Protection (Scanning incoming & outgoing mails and block specific files in outgoing attachments).

We recommend that computer system should have antivirus software installed in it to protect data from getting infected by some unknown threats. To install antivirus in computer system, you need to buy antivirus online by paying a certain amount.

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Why Antivirus is Not Enough- We Need Total Security?

Antivirus is the most common term which is used in connection with computer, internet or web security. Antivirus software is recommended for every computer system for protection against any sought of viruses, spyware, Trojans, root kits or other unknown threats.

But now the antivirus not seems to be enough to cope up with the increased number viruses and its forms. That’s why Total Security Antivirus is the new buzzword for data security which is advanced software beyond malware protection and provides extreme security against spyware, spam, phishing attacks and other online cyber threats.

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