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Parental Control with Virus Protection

Parental Control with Virus Protection

The internet is being used all around the world at constantly increasing rate. People of all age group get access to internet and surf over internet for their daily needs. Majority of people who are accessing internet on daily basis includes students, children, employees, employers and so on.

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How to Decrypt Files Encrypted By Ransomware


In our series of Ransomware discussion, today we come up with measures you can try on to decrypt files which are encrypted by Ransomware. It has been declared globally by all antivirus companies and FBI as well that Ransomware is the most deadly virus (or encryption) for which there is still no remedy found.

In this edition of Ransomware, we are going to list down the remedial steps you could try to get back your encrypted data:

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How Activity Reporter Improves Employee Productivity?

ProtegentEmployees are most important and indispensable assets of any organization. They form an organization’s backbone and are considered key resources which impact its overall performance in some way or the other. That is why employee productivity is often found to be the major concern for managers and HR personnel in organizations. They spend immense time and money in hiring the right person for a particular job, and do whatever it takes to get the best out of them. However, there are many factors which mar these efforts and force them towards wasteful activities.
Employee productivity, though most looked after issue, often is a matter of serious concern for many organizations. Top management is always engrossed with finding out ways to effectively leverage optimum investment of time and money for maximizing gains. The same goes with workplace efficiency of employees too. Organizations leave no stone unturned to identify methods of maximizing their productivity with minimal input.

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Is the Internet Safe for My Teenage Children?

Teenage ChildrenBeing a parent is not as easy as it might seem. It is even more difficult to be a responsible parent. Kids and teens today have enormous exposure with technology, which their parents didn’t have during their childhood years. Continue reading

Be a Smart Parent to a Smarter Teen

Parenting SoftwareAre you spending sleepless nights worrying about your child’s safety in the outside world? But, can you be sure that your child is safe in the four walls of your house? Probably not! Your kid is equally unsafe within the protected boundaries of your house as he/she might be outside. It is so, because the cyber environment today throws enormous challenges onto the contemporary computer user. Continue reading