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How Crash proof module of protegent360 complete security Antivirus is a life savior?

Data is defined as facts/figures, or information that’s stored in or used by a computer.

Data for most individuals exist as media files, documents or important memories on their computer hard drive.

Data for most organization are mostly in the form of important documents, client’s confidential information or even record of financial transactions.

So data is of great importance and may cause a significant loss when lost or deleted accidentally.

The biggest reasons for data loss include laptop theft, accidental deletion, viruses/malware, power outages and surges and the wearing out or sudden failure of hard drives. Frequently backing up files makes data recovery possible in the event of data loss. For data that hasn’t been backed up elsewhere, a professional data recovery service might be able to restore lost data.

There are certain tools available which can back up your data regularly and thus significantly reducing the risk of data loss.

One of the tried and tested product for data protection is Protegent 360 complete security software. It provides a highly specific and multi-layered protection for your important data and its module crash proof(Data Loss Prevention Software) not only secures data but also recovers your deleted data.

How Crash proof module of protegent360 complete security Antivirus is a life savior

Protegent 360 Complete Security Software is a godsend for most computer users. Protegent 360 Complete Security is an award winning software which comes with state of the art features and provides robust protection against advanced online threats.

Unistal systems pvt ltd., an organization known for proficiency in data security and data recovery, have specially designed a module known as Crash proof(Data Loss Prevention Software).

Crash Proof – Data Loss Prevention Software

Crash proof(Data Loss Prevention Software) is part of Protegent Antivirus which is specifically designed to keep the image of the data index and it keeps updating them at regular intervals. Thus, once it installed in your PC, it always keeping an updated back up of your data.


  • Offers a new effective method for data loss prevention.
  • Assured 100% result in recovering large files.
  • Recovers fragmented files, even after formatting.
  • Special feature to un-format, formatted data.
  • Recovers files along with their original names.
  • Simple to use and can run on its own as an automated process.
  • No external media device required.
  • Fast recovery process. Thus, making the process of retrieving data faster.
  • Revives the disk and retrieves data even if there is a FAT error/mismatch.
  • Recovers data files even if the disk is not booting up.
  • Revives the disk even if root folder is found to be corrupted.


  • Easily recovers deleted/lost data.
  • Reduces downtime and the downtime cost. Thus, saving money and increasing productivity.
  • Protects and saves your data by taking the image of your data index.
  • Helps to recover data from any formatted drive.
  • Compared to professional data recovery services this tool reduces time and cost of data recovery.


Nowadays data is equivalent to oil. Many organizations go to great lengths to protect their data and confidential information. Tools such as “Crash proof(Data recovery software)” can retrieve the data even after deleting or formatting the disk partition. So it would not be wrong to say that the crash proof module of Protegent 360 complete security is a life savior for organizations and individuals.

Protegent 360 Complete Security Modules are following:-

  1. Protegent Total Security Antivirus (Most Advanced Cloud Protection)
  2. Port Locker – Data Leakage Prevention Software(DLP Software)
  3. Activity Reporter – One of the best Parental control software and employee monitoring tool for corporates
  4. Locate Laptop – Locate/Track your stolen laptop
  5. Crash Proof – A Deleted Data Recovery Software
  6. SysBoost – Enhance speed of your computer in just a click(Best System Tune-Up Software 2021)

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How Protegent Complete Security is Different1

How Protegent Complete Security is Different?

How Protegent Complete Security is Different1

Protegent is known to be world’s only antivirus software which comes with inbuilt data recovery software.  Protegent is the sole data security software at the present which provides this extraordinary feature of proactive data recovery. Protegent data security product range includes Protegent Antivirus, Protegent Total Security and Protegent Complete Security.

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360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

The use of computers has increased to high level year by year around the world. Symantenously, the computer users are increasing at a rapid rate globally. Computers are majorly used to access internet, building software, watching movies, playing games, information gathering, chatting and the list goes on. Viruses, spywares and other internet threats have also found their new ways to enter computer and infect it. For complete protection of your computer system from unknown threats, there is always need for 360 antivirus security software.

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