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How Protegent Complete Security is Different?

How Protegent Complete Security is Different1

Protegent is known to be world’s only antivirus software which comes with inbuilt data recovery software.  Protegent is the sole data security software at the present which provides this extraordinary feature of proactive data recovery. Protegent data security product range includes Protegent Antivirus, Protegent Total Security and Protegent Complete Security.

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360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

The use of computers has increased to high level year by year around the world. Symantenously, the computer users are increasing at a rapid rate globally. Computers are majorly used to access internet, building software, watching movies, playing games, information gathering, chatting and the list goes on. Viruses, spywares and other internet threats have also found their new ways to enter computer and infect it. For complete protection of your computer system from unknown threats, there is always need for 360 antivirus security software.

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What is a partition? Can its deletion/corruption affect my PC?

What is a partition Can its deletioncorruption affect my PCPartition simply refers to a storage unit on your hard disk. Ideally you have a single hard disk which is responsible to store and keep your data. But the same hard disk can be logically divided into multiple partitions to make it act like multiple hard disks are there to support your PC. This act of dividing a hard disk into multiple small storage units is called partitioning. Continue reading

What is S.M.A.R.T Technology?

What is S.M.A.R.T technologyDo you fear losing your data to an untimely system crash? Do you dread the very thought of having to face an unexplained PC shutdown when you are in a middle of an extremely important task? These are among common situations which an average computer user would never want to encounter. However, just like any other comfort, technology too is accompanied by many shortfalls. You never know when your computer may start behaving abruptly or your hard disk might begin to trouble you. This is where S.M.A.R.T. technology is helpful. Continue reading

Is it Possible to Revive Lost Data?

dataOops you deleted it! Accidentally though, but you did it. As busy computer users, we all encounter situations of this sort some time or the other in our lives. Adding to the trouble, we realize that we were too busy, or perhaps lazy, to back up our work and data. At that moment, we wish we had a time machine to take us back to pre-data loss state. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in reality! Continue reading

What is More Expensive, Your PC or Data?

imagesWhat is more expensive, PC or data? A debatable question though, but it calls for some deliberation. How would you weigh the importance of your data as opposed to that of your PC or laptop? It is not about selecting between the two, but even you would not disagree with me if I say that- your laptop or PC could be pricy but your data is definitely priceless. It is so, because the data once gone is gone forever, for it cannot be recreated in its original form. But, do we really value our critical data? Probably not. Continue reading