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The Best Laptop Tracking Software | Download Free Laptop Tracking Software

What is a Laptop tracking software?

Laptop tracking software is the tool used for protecting and tracking the laptop if is lost or stolen. It reduce the problem for the users and corporate when dealing with the laptop theft case. The software is useful for the users when it comes to recover their system in the event if is misplaced by mistake or stolen.

Locate laptop is a module under the Protegent complete security and is identified as the best laptop tracking software due to its exceptional working process. The system requirement for software includes windows, windows XP, Vista, windows 7 and windows server 2008. The software development is initiated so that tracing the laptop location and data retrieving in the system becomes easier for a user.

Another noteworthy aspect of this tool is, it’s a free laptop tracking software (on trial period) which means users don’t have to get apprehended about payment when downloading it. If we talk about the physical assets, then protecting the laptop is bit difficult. They are concealable easily and probability of theft cases rises significantly.

Taking the aspect of laptop use in organization then the robbery of this asset can cause vivid loss to any corporate because of the increased data storage. Hence, the development of laptop tracking software initiated so that users and corporates are not worried about their personal information stored in the system like banking details, pictures, videos, or any other personal and professional documents.

The unique functionalities and features of the software not only assist the user in tracing the laptop but also ensures security to their information and data effectively that is stored in the system. To provide more understanding of the software, other aspects are discussed in the write-up more comprehensively so keep following the writing piece.


Uses of the software

Now, to install the locate laptop software it is important for a user and organization to know what it can do for them. So, here are the uses of software for enhanced understanding:

  • Firstly, the use of locate laptop software would help an organization or a user in detecting the pin point location once it is connected to the internet after it is misplaced or lost.
  • The incorporated Google map application in the software will assist the user in demonstrating the location with particular information of latitude and longitude.
  • The use of this software in any organization is helpful to keep track of the employee’s laptop through master login.
  • When the user experiences robbery or lost the laptop then it’s just not the financial loss but more than that it is of data and information stored in it which leads to the major apprehension. The use of software obliges the user in encrypting the complete data without letting the unauthorized person read it through automatic data encryption feature integrated in the laptop.
  • It is also easier for a corporate and a user to recover the applications with the use of locate laptop software.
  • The use of this software allows an individual to activate or deactivate the integrated functionalities in the system. The only requirement is to use the verified code from the compatible device.
  • The software which is also known as one of The Best Laptop tracking Software can be used for the image capturing of an unauthorized individual through the feature of web cam while tracking laptop location.

What benefits locate laptop offers?

According to technology firm, it has been identified that a user experiences laptop theft every 53 seconds around the world.        If figures are to be believed then theft most of the times takes place in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports or public transports. Hence, the need of using locate laptop – laptop tracking software arises to reduce the probability of risks like theft case or misplacing the laptop by mistake.

Following are the benefits locate laptop offers to its users in a proficient and effective manner:

  • Track and control: It is obvious that when a user or an organization experience the laptop robbery or misplaces it then the problem creates a lot of hassle. It becomes difficult to understand what should be done in this situation but installing the locate laptop software removes all the worries. User can benefit from this software extensively. They can obtain the better efficient tracking and control aspects. The software offers the functionality of tracking devices proactively in place, time, and detect movement efficiently. The software enables the user to quickly react to the movements that are unauthorized through GPS.
  • Security of device with anti-theft solution: Another major benefit of using the laptop tracking software is linked to device protection. The users of locate laptop not only can enjoy the advantage of tracing or locating services but also can ensure security for their system. With the software, it is easier to wipe the data or folders remotely that are there in the laptop so as to be relieved for the private and personal data in case laptop is lost or stolen. The encryption feature secures the complete data and information.All in all, the software offer security actions for a lost device and configures it automatically.
  • Laptop managing remotely: Locate laptop not only offer the benefit of download free laptop tracking software but also allow the users to enjoy the advantage of managing the laptop information remotely once the lost laptop is tracked. The user wouldn’t find any complexity when working with the software as it tracks the location with IP address and once it is done, it becomes easier for user to manage the information or personal data sitting at home without letting the unauthorized user know about it.
  • Encryption of data automatically: Reason locate laptop is known as the best laptop tracking software because it offers automatic data encryption feature. Automatic data encryption feature in the software benefits in making the data unreadable to the unknown user. For instance, if laptop is lost and an unknown person gets hold of it then the software encrypts the data automatically.

In a nutshell, installing the locate laptop software offers numerous benefits to the user ensuring that they can easily

What are the features of software?

The development of locate laptop took place under the module of Protegent complete security so that enhanced services are offered to the customers. Security of the laptop is one of them but there are other features also accumulated in this download free laptop tracking software. So, to gain the more understanding ensure following the reading as below are the major features of software explained:

  • Laptop tracking: After the brief illustration of locate laptop, it is evident that the user can use it for identifying the location of lost or misplaced laptop. Thus, laptop tracking is one of the major features that have been integrated in the software for the comfort of user. With this feature, user can easily relish the benefit of tracking information linked to laptop user. Users don’t have to get apprehended about handing the feature manually as the complete functionalities automatically tracks the required information to trace the location after the laptop is connected to internet.

After tracing the location information, user requires opening the and provide the necessary details i.e. login and password to report theft. Once the relevant information and scanned police report is attached, software will begin the work of locating laptop. The user would be able to obtain the data within short period of time like IP address, ISP, city and so on. The security solution combines tracking methods, and selects the most precise and reliable result from GPS to locate your laptop.

  • Automatic data encryption: The users of locate laptop can enjoy the feature of automatic data encryption. With this feature, users can easily encrypts their information or data in case they experience the laptop lost or misplacement case. It is evaluated that mostly users are majorly concerned about losing the important data and information like pictures, videos, and other professional documents. But, if the user is using locate laptop software then they can get rid of the worry as it automatically encrypts the data in a lost or stolen laptop.
  • Tamper proof agent: The tamper proof feature integrated in the locate laptop helps in reporting on the server including the information like IP address, location, country, city, ISP, longitude and latitude also date and time. With this feature, user doesn’t have to hinder as there is no requirement of human involvement.
  • Recovers data with cloud server: The Protegentcomplete security software is developed with the integration of cloud technology and as locate laptop feature is developed with the accumulation of recovering data feature. So, in case user misplaces the laptop or it is stolen then user can easily recover the information loss or sensitive data. Cloud server is useful in retrieving the complete data for an authorized user if it is delete.
  • Screenshot: Last but not the least, locate laptop also involves the screenshot feature. If the software is installed in the system then the user doesn’t have to get apprehensive about the stored data or information for the lost or stolen laptop. It automatically captures the picture of screenshot every time the screen is used by an unauthorized user. The best part is the unauthorized user doesn’t get to know about this feature as it is hidden in the laptop.

How locate laptop works?

Being one of the best laptop tracking software, Locate laptop process is simple yet effective. It helps user in quickly locking and finding the laptop and secure the valuable information if it’s lost or stolen. Users can also use the browser easily anytime, anywhere and remotely to discover the system and to find who has it. Let’s find out the software process below for better understanding:

  • Locate is the first process that is initiated by the software after the user is aware that the laptop is missing or stolen, it instantly tracks and maps the location if an unknown person is using it through connecting with internet.
  • Second process is linked to making the online support of locate laptop aware quickly by providing the necessary details to trace the exact location. If the user is unable to do this, user can immediately lock the device by preventing strangers from using. Rest they can move on with the process through reporting the theft on official software website locate laptop.
  • Locate laptop sends the complete details on users email after the required details from user is obtained which includes location with IP address, ISP, city etc. is traced. Thus, this way user can easily find the missing or stolen laptop.

Scenario- Real case Problem

Let’s  explain it as a story, There is a company ‘XYZ’- dealing in technologies and services like web and mobile app development consented one of the employee named ‘Tom’ for work from home due to some personal health problems. Understanding the concerns and difficulties, organization was convinced and trusted him as he was serving in the company from last few months. They approved the laptop to him so that he can continue with the work and also for the reason that tasks of company are not hampered. Had they any idea, company wouldn’t have ever done this mistake because soon it realized that the laptop was stolen.

The managers and senior kept calling him but no answer they received. They tried reaching his home but found out the wrong address was provided by Tom. Company got to know that they have been conned. The issue was not only lost laptop but the information and data stored in it.

The company was in a great dilemma and was unable to understand that what they could do in this situation. Problem got more intense as he was working on several development projects and the information was in the laptop.

Scenario 2- Solution

Now, after experiencing such problematic ‘Company – XYZ’  was in stress but they soon managed to resolve the problem. The solution company applied was locate laptop tracking software. With this software, they not only traced the laptop location but also managed to save the important information linked to the business. After the company was aware about the theft, one of the managers instantly reported theft on with attaching the scanned police report.

The software helped the business in certain ways. Firstly, the tech team secured their information on the laptop and also software automatically encrypted the complete business details with other important information so that Tom is unable to use it for his own purpose. After the case was reported to official website, the instant step was taken to locate the laptop. With the provided information to the support, laptop was traced with IP address, ISP, name, city etc. The complete details were given to the company on mail so that they can obtain the laptop. Successfully with the locate laptop software, ‘Company – XYZ’ efficiently managed to get their laptop back and saved the information required for the projects. Tom was caught hence ended up in lockup.

So, the case is presented here to make the reader understand about the locate laptop more comprehensively. With this one can measure how big problem laptop theft or lost can create for the real user. Therefore, it is very important to install secured laptop tracking software to eliminate issues like ‘Company – XYZ’ faced.


Concluding the whole write-up, it is anticipated that it must have helped the regular laptop user and readers to understand the significance of laptop tracking software. Since in this era of 21st century when technology is being advanced extensively specifically in the IT industry so the risks of security threats have also increased.

It has been analyzed that laptop theft cases are growing year by year due to the private and personal information stored in it according to the various researched initiated. To prevent the misuse of data and information through laptop theft or lost case, Unistal has developed Protegent complete security software with locate laptop module.

Hopefully, the writing piece has helped you in gaining the information on locate laptop effectively. If you want to then you can easily download free laptop tracking software from here:

Protegent complete security solution

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