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360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

360 Antivirus Security Software for Complete Virus Protection

The use of computers has increased to high level year by year around the world. Symantenously, the computer users are increasing at a rapid rate globally. Computers are majorly used to access internet, building software, watching movies, playing games, information gathering, chatting and the list goes on. Viruses, spywares and other internet threats have also found their new ways to enter computer and infect it. For complete protection of your computer system from unknown threats, there is always need for 360 antivirus security software.

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Why is it important to install a port locker solution on the PC?

What is port locker?

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It is a system that protects our PC or laptop from data leakage or data theft. In this world of the Internet, when most of the educated people get access to email and social media websites, data leakage prevention becomes really necessary for everyone, whether individual or organization. Data transfer on emails or chat services, makes data prone to risk. Hence port locker comes to the scene for risk management. Continue reading

Are You Sure Your Protected Information is Not Leaving your PC?

Data leakage is an inevitable reality and a prominent fact in today’s time. In the present era of information explosion and portable storage, this trend is rampant. In fact, you could become a victim of data leakage right at this very moment without being aware of leakage Moreover, the ever evolving advanced data leakage methodologies make your most trusted data security measures redundant. Continue reading