“Complete Security”, the New Buzzword for Advanced Computer Security

What is the first thought that comes in your mind when you hear about computer security?

Is it antivirus, or perhaps firewall? A major chunk of respondents encountered with the same question will talk either of antivirus, internet security software and malware protection, or at the most Total Security. But, do you think this much would suffice in protecting your system resources and vital data from latest intrusion methods? If your answer is yes, then think again.

Your computer system might be having the most advanced and updated version of your trusted antivirus or total security software. But is it safe from data theft? Is it protected against physical theft of your laptop or permanent data loss? No, it isn’t! With this much protection, you can never be completely sure of the security of your PC, which is an indispensable asset in the modern times. Total security and antivirus are passé. In the present era of unprecedented digital security challenges, you should have a comprehensive security solution, which can keep your computer protected against the most advanced threats risking your important files, information and PC resources.


Complete Security: 90% Extra Protection over Antivirus

The concept of complete security acknowledges a modern PC user’s need of securing his/her data, information, applications and computer assets from all kinds of intrusion methods and threats thrown-in by the modern attackers. Your traditional antivirus or internet security software is meant only for a specific group of computer viruses and malicious codes. However, the present threat landscape is much advanced and encompasses a wider group of risks. These risks, in the form of unethical activities, data theft, physical theft of your laptop and permanent data loss, are not addressed by conventional antivirus and PC security software. Whereas, the complete security software is devised to provide 60% extra  protection from total security applications, 70% over internet security software and 90% extra over antivirus.

Are You Still Comfortable with an Antivirus?

Does a traditional internet security software still find a place in your information security plan? Does your grandpa still wear monocles, or do you still ride bicycles all the way to marketplace for buying groceries? Of course not! Then why do you expect that your PC is completely protected with a mere antivirus? Unless you have a data leak prevention tool, a proactive data loss prevention solution, a network monitoring software, a theft tracking software and a malware protection application collaborating to give you comprehensive security, your computing environment is not safe.