Fed up of installing and downloading Anti-virus? Use Protegent Security

It is nowadays very repeatedly heard that data is changing, technology is updating, new invention are filling up the entire IT market space, Anti-Virus are also updating etc etc.

But, still the way people think, create and use have not changed, it feels as if the entire society and even countries or rather continents have come to a level of threshold. Here, new technologies are created, and on the next minutes are taken over by another one or rather its substitute is devised. Similar is the case with the sub-domain of Anti-Virus situation, where with the creation of new Anti-Virus, new remedy to combat the effect of Anti-virus is created, therefore if this entire process was to be evaluated then, we can come up to the conclusion that this is never ending vicious circle, where for every virus there is Anti-Virus and for every Anti-virus there is always again newer Virus waiting to attack the systems.

Rather, moving onto the positive, Anti-virus could win this race with superior modesty, reliability and trusted encounters, remarkably to combat the allied system of new technologies which can be prone to versatile threats named as:

  1. Unknowing deletion of user data files
  2. Data may have been exported to malicious destinations
  3. Your personal details like account information, transactional value details, PIN, cash details and other worrisome details may fall into wrong hands
  4. Disk file data which might have been very crucial is lost or deleted all by itself
  5. Data inside the system may become inaccessible and may not responds sometimes
  6. Occurrence of Bad Sectors on Hard disk Drive platter
  7. RAM, takes unexpected time limits to fetch any data file
  8. No mapping between RAM and Secondary storage device
  9. Some data files may be empty
  10. Indefinitely decrease CPU speed
  11. RAM may be loaded with futile files

In order to come with the solutions, Anti-Virus need to fight with these above defined problems and altogether for this sake, an Anti-virus should also posses the following requisite properties:

1. An Anti-Virus should be very much adaptable to every Windows OS.

2. Trojan are the worst enemies for any data file, therefore, Anti-Virus should be embellished with Anti-Trojan features.

3. Not just Trojan, but Anti-Virus should also remove Phishing, Spyware and Spam.

  • Spam being the unwanted bulk emails that are intentionally sent into your mailbox to either increase its volume or may be some of the emails are malicious.
  • Spyware is used basically for serving the purpose of vigilance that is kept onto your data files.
  • Phishing is the practice where, your data if it is connected with Internet may tend to loose some of the data files, because your actual destination where you want to send the data always change be itself and data is somehow sent to some other location, which is by default malicious.

4. USB Blocking – USB Drive is blocked, due to the susceptibility of the USB      Drive to contain malicious data. Therefore, it is very much      understandable from the fact that data is not only threatened from      online Malwares but also from off line elements.

5. Crash Proof –  In addition to the versatile features, Anti-Virus nowadays        require one hefty system and additional functionality of CRASH PROOF,   where it is basically used in the matter where the data is lost now an     then. Therefore, data need to be duplicated and kept as a backup, So     crash proof maintains a copy of data in the form of image on the Hard disk. This disk image then can be used when ever required.

A Perfect Solution- Protegent Anti-Virus

Protegent Anti-Virus is your one stop solution giving all the features desired from any Antivirus Software. As this package is not just an Anti-Virus but larger than that, with an additional 30% extra of Crash Proof. With varied and amiable features of easy accessibility, downloading, usage, cost, maintenance and implementation, this package is apt for every Windows OS.