Free Antivirus Could Cost a Lot than Paid Antivirus

Getting free antivirus software is not a big deal at the present time. Users can get free trials antivirus software from various software websites. First of all, we need to know all about free/trial antivirus software. The websites claiming to provide free antivirus software are actually providing trial period antivirus which doesn’t come with all functionalities and can become cause viruses infecting your computer system.

If you are planning to download/install any free antivirus, then first think about the worst thing which can happen to your computer system costing you a lot. There might be more cons than Pros of downloading any free antivirus.

Antivirus software is meant for protection from viruses, spywares, worms, Trojans, malware and other internet threats. But free antivirus software does a bit of what a usual antivirus should be doing. A free antivirus doesn’t come with full functionalities of protection from unknown threat, rather they come with adware which automatically gets installed in user’s system and then starts infecting it. Moreover, after a certain point of time, these adware leaks out confidential data/files from the user’s computer to remote user through internet without the computer’s owner knowing about the transfer of data being going on as these programs runs in background.

Free antivirus is generally trial software which provides partial virus protection for a limited period of time like for a month and after that they will keep on reminding the users to pay a certain amount for a full year subscription. Users have reported that the free antivirus often creates problematic conditions like ads and pops asking user’s authorizations.

Free antivirus software doesn’t keep your computer secured from attacks from unknown internet threats like Trojans, malwares and other infected worms. If you are using a freebie antivirus software from some non-trusted websites, then you are might risking your computer’s data security and your data files might be compromised at a risk of getting stolen by hackers.

When a user downloads an antivirus from some unknown websites, then there might be chance that some adware also get downloaded along with it and gets installed in user’s computer which is not in case of any paid antivirus software.

Having free antivirus software in your system doesn’t guarantee that it will protect your system from viruses and other online threats.

Free antivirus software is not updated with the latest virus definitions which don’t make it capable of tracing the new virus threats and removing the same from system. If antivirus software present in your system is not updated, then your PC is at a huge risk of data corruption by viruses which might cost you more than the cost of paid antivirus.

Upgrades in free downloaded antivirus are not available which doesn’t allow the user to upgrade the latest version of the software. Antivirus software with old version will not be able to cope up with the latest trends of viruses, worms.

That’s it in the discussion on “Free & Paid Antivirus”. We do recommend use of antivirus software for viruses free PC.

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