Have You Heard About Antivirus with Data Recovery

Have You Heard About Antivirus with Data Recovery ?

Have You Heard About Antivirus with Data Recovery

Antivirus software is the most commonly used data security utility in every computer system for protection from viruses, spyware, malware, worms, Trojans, phishing attacks, spam and other online cyber threats. Antivirus Software is recommended for every computer system which allows users to work in a protected environment without any fear of getting infected by any unknown viruses and online threats.

But have you ever heard about any antivirus software with data recovery?

Unistal has developed an antivirus software range of products with brand name “Protegent” which is known to be World’s Only Antivirus with Data Recovery Software.

Protegent data security product range has been developed by experts professional after years of hard work and determination. After being launched, Protegent surprised the antivirus industry with the advanced features which no other antivirus has yet claimed to have.

Now let’s dig into the functionalities of Protegent antivirus range along with the built in data recovery software. Protegent data security range includes three products:

  1. Protegent Antivirus Solution

Protegent Antivirus Solution has 2-tier architecture which provides protection from viruses, malware and other unknown threats. It doesn’t degrade system performance and user can work on computer without even knowing the antivirus running smoothly in the background. It comes with inbuilt data recovery software which allows accidentally data recovery in no time.

  1. Protegent Total Security Solution

Protegent Total Security Solution goes beyond virus and malware protection and provides extremely advanced protection against spyware, Trojan, phishing attacks, spam and other online cyber threats. It also provides scanning of incoming and outgoing mail to prevent any online threats through emails. It also provides bi-directional firewall which blocks any website which tries to do activities like spamming and phishing attacks. It also comes with inbuilt data recovery software which provides user to recover lost, deleted and formatted data files in an efficient and effective way.

  1. Protegent Complete Security Solution

Protegent Complete Security not only keeps your computer secured from viruses & other cyber threats but also protects your business data from unauthorized access and data theft. Protegent360 also provides proactive data recovery module to recover accidentally deleted data in an efficient and effective way. Protegent360 works as parenting software tool which provide complete activity report of child’ computer and internet use. This enables the parents to guide their children in right direction. In case your laptop gets stolen, Protegent provides pin point location of the laptop to the user and if the laptop is not connected to internet, encrypts your confidential data making it unreadable to the thief. Protegent360 also provides system tune-up utility to enhance the speed of computer.

Now let’s talk about Crash Proof which is the inbuilt data recovery software module. Crash Proof is Proactive Data Recovery software. Crash Proof takes the image of the index of your files/folders in regular intervals and this information is stored in a protected area. With the help of Crash Proof you can recover lost/deleted files; un-format/ restore formatted drive and corrupted partition.


  • Assured 100% results in recovering large files
  • Unique un-format feature
  • Recovers with original file names
  • Simple and automated process
  • Recovers data files if Disk is not booting up
  • Revives the Disk/Drive/Partition if it goes missing
  • Revives the Disk if root folder is corrupted
  • Extremely fast recovery process

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