How is Protegent Different

How is Protegent Different?

How is Protegent Different

With the advent of Information and Technology sector, Antivirus has become a basic necessity of every computer system. And to fulfil this basic necessity, various antivirus companies are offering their antivirus software in the market. We do believe that every company’s antivirus product is different from the other in context to the features and modules offered. No two antivirus software brands can have the same configuration/features which they offer to the users.

As a part of this antivirus software industry, we always try to upgrade out antivirus software for users so that they get the most of what they are paying. For commencement of this upgradation, we came up with a completely new combination of  antivirus software which inbuilt data recovery software which allows the users to pay for only antivirus and get benefits of recovery of lost & deleted data as well. We came up with Protegent as brand name for antivirus software which is world’s only antivirus with data recovery software.

Protegent was launched with three versions:

  1. Protegent Antivirus Solution
  2. Protegent Total Security Solution
  3. Protegent Complete Security Solution


Protegent Antivirus Solution comes with its two tier protection which protects computer system from malware and latest strains of viruses, worms, Trojans and is perfect for users who do basic operations on their PC. It has been designed such that no unknown threat gets unnoticed and doesn’t hamper the system performance as well. It enhances privacy and allows the user to surf over the web without worrying about viruses. It comes with proactive data recovery module which allows users to recover/restore accidentally deleted data.


Protegent Total Security Solution goes beyond malware protection and provides security against online threats to computer system. It is especially designed not only to protect computer system against malware, phishing attacks & spam but also comes with features like parental control, bi-directional firewall and spam filter to protect from cyber threats.  Protegent Total Security Solution provides 30% extra features than any other Total Security software.  It also comes with proactive data recovery module.


Protegent 360 complete security software is an award winning software which comes with extremely advanced security features for absolute protection from unknown threats. Protegent360 also works as parenting software tool by providing completing activity details of your child on computer and internet, enabling parents to guide child to right direction. Protegent also provides a special feature of laptop tracking for laptop user. If laptop is lost or stolen, Protegent at best tracks the laptop location via internet and if not connected to internet, encrypts your important data making it unreadable for others. Protegent360 also provides system tune-up utility to enhance the speed of computer. This software offers 75% extra features than any other available product.

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