How Many Categories of Computer Viruses do exist?

We all love working on your computer system or PC, surfing over the internet, watching movies, playing games, etc. But most of the people don’t care about their computer if they basic daily tasks are getting fulfilled. They even don’t care that they should have some of the basic data security utilities like Antivirus software, firewall, etc which will provide protection from all sought of viruses and also block any unauthorised access to your personal data through phishing and spam attacks.

Today we are here to present the various categories of computer viruses that do exist and can create bring big financial and non-financial losses to an individual and business.

  1. Resident Virus

Resident Virus work similar to its name and is a permanent stays in the RAM of the computer system. The virus can control, overcome and interrupt execution of any program running in the computer system. This particular antivirus can perform operations on any running programs like open, close, copy, paste, etc.

  1. Direct Action Virus

This type of virus doesn’t stay in the computer system for a longer period of time. It normally waits for the particular time for any event action as programmed in it and then goes live with replicating itself in the computer system. This virus generally infects the files and folders includes in the file AUTOEXEC.BAT. This file is responsible for performing operations during boot time.

  1. Boot Virus

This is the most dangerous virus which attacks the boot sector of the hard disk. Boot Sector contains all the files and folders responsible of booting the operating system on the hard disk. If this virus gets on your computer system, then it will not allows OS in your computer to boot at start.

  1. Override Virus

This virus has a typical feature that when it infects a particular data file, it not only corrupts the file but also over the data present in it with some random cake making it worse for the computer user. In this case, the user even won’t be able to recover the data present in the data file.


  1. Multipartite Virus

Multipartite viruses stay hided in the computer memory and starts infecting multiple media files. This virus starts infecting the computer system beginning with the boot sector of hard drive, executable files and thereafter the whole computer system.

  1. Encrypted Virus

This is one of the advanced encrypted virus contains malicious code which doesn’t allows it to be detected by any antivirus. The antivirus can only detect this particular type of when it decrypts it to start infecting computer system.

  1. Network Virus

Network viruses are most common in offices where the computers are connect with LANs with each other. The network virus has the functionalities of spreading over the network with the use of shared folders and drive used by all the computers in the LAN network. This virus has the tendency of move from one computer to the other after its task is completed.

  1. Non-Resident Virus

Nonresident Viruses role as finder module which can infect to files when it found one.

  1. Trojans

Trojans or Trojan horse is the most commonly found viruses in computer system. It is a malware program which is programmed to leak out confidential information from user’s computer including credit card info, passwords and other credentials.

  1. Worms

A worm is not a virus and is programmed with the same functionalities. It is the feature of Self-replicating and can put up adverse effect on computer system performance. One thing is good about worms, that they are very easily detectable by any antivirus software.

We do recommend use of best antivirus software for your computer system to stay it protected from any viruses, Spyware and other online cyber threats.

That’s it in today discussion about the various categorizes of viruses. There might be some more categories of viruses which we will come up with in our next blog.

We always appreciate any suggestion and comments on the above discussed topic. The fact and figures which are mentioned above are true as per our research.

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