How Many forms of Ransomware Exist ?

At the present time, Ransomware is the most popular encryption (or virus) infection affecting computer system across the world with rapidly increasing rate. Ransomware is actually not a virus but a programmed code of malware which doesn’t allows user to access their computer’s data files either by encrypting the files or by even locking the operating system.

There are mainly three types of Ransomware which is known at the present:

  1. Encryption Ransomware

Encryption Ransomware implements an RSA encryption algorithm to encrypt the data files present in the computer system so that users can’t access the data files. Ransomware gets into the user’s computer mainly through emails attachments. When the user open the attachment, Ransomware starts encrypting the data files in computer with an algorithm which can only be decrypted with a private key kept with the hacker. When the user tries to open the encrypted files, it prompts the user to make a payment in bit coins promising to provide the victim the decryption key which will decrypt the blocked data files. Some of the Encryption Ransomware includes Locky, CryptoLocker, Cryptowall, etc. After paying the ransom amount, there is no guarantee that the hacker will provide the decryption key which can be used to unlock the encrypted data files.

  1. Locker Ransomware

As the name suggest, Locker Ransomware lock the user out of the operating system he/she is using. This will block user’s access to all files and folder in the computer system including desktop or any other application installed in it. This Ransomware doesn’t encrypt the any files and folders, but the hacker demands for ransom to unlock the encrypted computer system. This seems to be the most annoying type of Ransomware which will not even allows user to access any files, folder, apps, applications and or any other data present in computer system. There are two known forms of Locker Ransomware which are Winlocker and Police Ransomware. Also there is no guarantee that the hacker will provide the decryption key after the victim pays the ransom amount.

  1. MBR Ransomware

MBR Ransomware (Master Boot Record Ransomware) is the most dangerous and least known form of Ransomware. Before getting into deep about MBR Ransomware, let first know what is Master Boot Record. MBR is that section of computer’s hardware which allows the operating system to boot up resulting in startup of computer system. When MBR Ransomware attacks your computer system, it doesn’t allow the operating system to start the boot process resulting in failure in startup of the operating system. During the failure of boot process, a ransom note will be displayed on the computer system demanding money. There are two known forms of MBR Ransomware which are Santana and Petya.

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