How Protegent Antivirus is Different ?

Protegent is Unistal’s data security range which was launched in the year 2012. Protegent data security range includes Protegent Antivirus, Protegent Total Security and Protegent Complete Security. Protegent is the most popular antivirus software as it is world’s only antivirus which comes with inbuilt data recovery software which no other antivirus can do at the present.

Today, we are going to list important features of Protegent Antivirus. By going through the following features, readers will get to know how Protegent is different from others.

  1. Protects from Viruses and Spyware

Protegent antivirus provides robust protection from viruses, spyware and other unknown threats. User can use Protegent Antivirus to protect their system from all sought of computer threats.

  1. Protection from Malware and Anti-Phishing

Protegent Antivirus also provides security against malware attacks and attempt of phishing attacks by unauthorized user with an intention to steal confidential information of computer system.

  1. Provides Active Virus Control

Protegent antivirus is very active in finding out new viruses in the computer system and removing them before they can harm the data present in it.

  1. Setting Protection

User can changes the settings of Protegent antivirus. The setting which user can change includes real time detection settings, action on malware detection, etc. These setting allows user to manipulate the settings of the antivirus software.

  1. USB Protection

Protegent Antivirus is enabled with USB vaccine mode which provides extreme protection against USB threats. It also deploys advanced heuristic approach which allows it to detect new unknown viruses as well.

  1. One Click Removable Device Scan

When the user inserts external devices like USB, external hard disk, CD/DVD, etc, Protegent Antivirus starts the scan of the same after the external device is detected by computer system and starts scanning of the same to remove any unknown threats.

  1. Web Control

Protegent Antivirus also protects the computer from internet threats which might approach your computer system from web access.

  1. Hourly Update

Protegent Antivirus is updated with latest virus signatures in an hourly basis which allows it to detect and remove latest trends of threats.

  1. Deleted File/Folder Recovery

Protegent Antivirus is enabled with pro-active data recovery software which allows users to undelete/restore accidentally deleted files/folders in an efficient and effective way in no time. This is a very powerful feature which makes Protegent Antivirus standout as the only software to perform these functions.

  1. Un-Format Formatted Drives

Protegent Antivirus can also unformatted the whole drive which might be accidentally formatted by the user. So, now the user don’t need to worry about the data present in these computer system as Protegent Antivirus will take care of all the deleted data if any.

  1. Repair Corrupted/Deleted Partition

Protegent Antivirus is developed with advanced data recovery features which allow it to repair corrupted/deleted partition and recovers/restore lost formatted or accidentally deleted data.

That’s it in the discussion on “How Protegent Antivirus is Different”. We do recommend use of Protegent Antivirus which will protect your computer system from unknown viruses and also recovers lost, deleted and formatted data in case of accidental deletion.

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