How Safe Is Your PC Against Advanced Security Threats?

Advanced security threatsMicrosoft security Intelligence report 2012 throws light on the ever evolving computer threats arena and growing complexity of these advanced threats. It is an attempt to impart knowledge to computer users about dynamic contemporary threats and the importance of securing their computing environment. As per the report, malicious attempts and exploitation activities are on rampage in the present times. It also suggests that incidences of malware infection have increased world over in the past few years. However, places where malware attacks were reported historically have displayed substantial improvements in the present times. Trojan attacks have shown a continually increasing trend in the recent times among all malware threats.

These security offenders silently attack a user’s PC and are five times more likely to attack an unprotected computer than the ones secured with an antivirus program. This is where the role of a computer antivirus software comes into play in ensuring a safe computing environment. Experts say that it is better to go for a decent internet security program rather than regretting later.

How Is Your Computer System At Risk?

A malicious program, like computer viruses or malware, intrudes your computer system through wrong means and attempts to threaten your vital data and information by destroying them, thereby making you lose them forever. Be it adware or malware, phishing or spam ware, internet threats are evolving with changing times so are the attackers. While, adware is typically less harmful software and is often used for legitimate purposes, it can be exploited by cyber criminals to expose your system to the Trojans, virus and spyware. Therefore, in an attempt to enjoy free or low cost apps, you could even fall prey to malicious adware. On the other hand, a computer bot is a small program used by cybercriminals to turn your computer into a zombie computer. Once this task is successfully achieved, your computer is no longer under your control and a hacker may remotely use your computer to attack other computers. A keystroke logger is malicious software used by fraudsters to track each and every keystroke made by you and get access to all your personal information.

Trojans, worms, spyware, phishing threats, and malware, the list is endless but the message is simple. You need to be a step ahead of malicious attackers in securing your computers from these diverse threats to your computers.

How to Secure Your PC from Computer Threats?

Computer users today believe that they cannot be affected by any kind of malicious attempt as they are smarter and more knowledgeable than the cyber attackers. They believe that not opening an inappropriate email or not responding to a seemingly dangerous message can save them from such attacks. However, it is not so simple to stay protected online. Cyber criminals are smarter than the ordinary computer users and the methods employed by them to protect their PCs. Therefore, use of advanced free antivirus software applications is mandatory. Ideal antivirus software should encompass defense against a vast variety of internet threats. You must use an advanced antivirus developed by a reliable software vendor for a safe computing for you as well as others. Protegent 360, a comprehensive PC security suite, comes from the noted player in data care industry Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. Help create a safer internet environment with a few simple measures.