How to Buy Antivirus Online in India?

How to Buy Antivirus Online in India

Antivirus users are spread around the globe and are increasing at a rapid pace. Buying antivirus online seems to be a simple task but needs a bit of knowledge about the type of antivirus which is going to be purchased. Antivirus is data security software which protects your computer from viruses, spywares, spam, worms, Trojans and other advanced internet threats.

Today, we are going to guide the people on “How to buy antivirus online”. We will be explaining the key point which the buyer needs to decide before making a purchase online.

1.     Purpose of Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is installed in computers for protection from viruses and other unknown threats. User need to decide the purpose of antivirus software before buying it online. There are three versions of antivirus:

  • Antivirus Software

Antivirus software provides protection against unknown threats and removes malware & latest strains of viruses, worms, Trojans and more. If the user doesn’t use internet on its computer system and if use internet but occasionally, then we recommends that antivirus software is the data security product the user should buy.

  • Total Security Solution

Total Security Solution extends beyond malware protection and provides advanced protection against online threats, malware, phishing attacks, spam, etc. It also encompasses bi-directional firewall and features likes spam filtering and email scanning as well. This version of antivirus is recommended for a user who does most of their computer work on internet like online payments, email, credit card payment, online shopping and so on.

  • Complete Security Software

Complete Security Software is packed with extremely advanced features to provide absolute protection against advanced unknown threats.

 2.     Verifying the System Requirements

After deciding the version of antivirus software, user needs to know the system requirement which is necessary to install the respective data security product in computer system. It would be inappropriate to install antivirus software in such a computer system whose system configuration is not compatible with it. So the user should select the most appropriate data security software which is compatible with it computer’s configuration.

3.     Selecting the Antivirus Company

There are many good antivirus software companies in the world like Avast, Mcafee, BitDefender, Avira, K7, etc. Selecting the best antivirus is a bit tricky but the user can decide the same by comparing the features provided by them. Protegent Antivirus is world’s only antivirus with inbuilt data recovery software. Data Recovery software allows users to recover deleted lost and formatted data from hard disk. It also comes with amazing inbuilt modules like Crash Proof for data loss prevention, Port Locker for data leakage prevention, Activity Reporter for activity monitoring and reporting and SysBoost for enhances system performance.

4.     Choosing the Online Portal for Purchase

The user is now ready to buy the antivirus of a particular brand. It’s time to decide whether to buy the same from market places or from the official website of the company. We recommend that antivirus users should always buy data security products from company’s official website only.

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