How to Permanently Delete Any Data from Windows in Such a Way That it is Irrecoverable ?

Data is the most essential component in your computer system which everyone needs to keep secured from getting deleted, lost, and formatted or being stolen & copied using unauthorized way. But there can be cases where the computer user wants to delete the data present in its computer system in such a way that it is not recoverable using any data recovery software or techniques.

In that scenario, the user thinks of “how to permanently delete Any Data from Windows in Such a Way that it is Irrecoverable?”

Let’s first dig into the reason behind deleting the data permanently from computer system. Sometimes, the data present in the computer system is so confidential and the owner of the data doesn’t want it to be in the hand of any other person. In case it gets in the hands of any unauthorized person, the owner of the data can imagine the adverse effects of the same and the huge losses which can be incurred if the thief makes illegal use of that confidential information.

Now let’s start with the real life scenario of deleted a file from Windows operating system.

  • METHOD 1 – Delete or SHIFT+DELETE Command

If the user has decided to delete a particular files or folder from computer system, it deletes data by pressing the delete button. But this step doesn’t actually delete the data.

The data actually goes to the recycle bin and stays there until the user cleans up the data by emptying the recycle bin. The data is still recoverable from recycle bin by getting the data restored. If the user wants to delete the data permanently, then he/she should empty the recycle bin and selecting the Empty Recycle Bin option on the right click on Recycle Bin.

Another option of permanently deleting the data is use of SHIFT+DELETE command that skips that data from going to the Recycle Bin and directly deletes the data permanently.

For a layman, the data is now permanently gone and is not visible to the user. But the data is still there on the storage drive but it not visible to the user.

Now let get to know that how any person can recover the data which is deleted by emptying the recycle bin or using the SHIFT+DELETE command. If the user uses any of the above mentioned methods for deleting any file, the file gets deleted and is not visible. But the data is still there in the storage device at the particular address but now as the data has been deleted by the user, the space which was allocated to the deleted data now gets free to be override by any new data. Any user can recover the deleted data using any data recovery software in the original format if the software just after the data is deleted and no other data has been copied into the storage device. If the user has done any copy paste after deleting the data, then there might be case where the data recovered using data recovery software will not have all the files or can be in corrupted format.

But we can Say that after all this Deletion Methods, the Data is

Still Recoverable

  • METHOD 2 – Use of Data Wiping Software (Permanent File Deletion)

Now the second option which actually is a advanced method of deleting the data using Data Wiping Software. Data wiping software is also known as Permanent File Deletion module responsible for deleting any data from your computer system in such a way that it is not recoverable by any data recovery software or technique. This software helps you to delete the file completely from the system so that no one can recover the file even with the help of any Data Recovery Software. Data Wipe Software is designed with tested algorithms. Tested algorithms help you remove the data from the Disk so that you are ensured that the data deleted will never be recovered.

The Data Wiping software works on the algorithm which deletes the particular file, folder or drive and use 3, 7 or 35 passes. In each pass, the software first deletes the data on the address on the storage space and then overrides the address with a garbage data or random data. The user can select the number of passes the data wipe software should do. We recommend that in case of any confidential data, you should opt for 35 passes which will make data impossible to recover.

We would definitely recommend that users data wipe software should be used for secure deletion of confidential data.

You can download the demo version of the software to test it as well.

Demo Download Link:

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