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Are you aware of Internet Security Software for PC Free Download? No? Don’t worry, you will be able to obtain the efficient comprehension of the aspect in this write-up. First things first, let’s talk about security. It has become the talk of the town these days as it is the major emphasis of every user while they indulge themselves in any activity that is online or offline. These people are using the internet for almost everything, bet it shopping, paying bills, banking and even communicating with the world around. So, as technology is being advanced and developed, security threats are also increasing in frequency with time. Thus, it becomes really important that you don’t ignore the need for getting Protegent internet security antivirus software. 


It is evaluated that individuals who have got the software don’t pay any heed when it comes to updating or there are people who understand the significance even then they don’t get it. This is the behavior which put their security completely at risk. Basically, here the point only is one should never ignore getting the required security software to secure themselves from online threats. Now, if we talk about what Protegent software can do. So, firstly it is important for you to know the basic functionalities that are accumulated in it to offer the advanced security layers for users.


This internet security software for pc free download is a security program that is filled with the ability of scanning files, identifying threats, eliminating computer viruses and other malicious activities. The software ensures analyzing the files so that known and unknown viruses via virus dictionary can be identified. Detecting the odd behavior from any program infecting the other files on the system is another main upside of this software.


The Protegent security antivirus software has managed to emerge as the pre-eminent technology in the antivirus industry and internet security. The software has developed with the aim of standing against the cyber-attacks or assaults and deliver the protection that is real-time against the zero-day threats. Now, it has become one of the finest antivirus software’s and a product that is well-known. The tech experts prefer the software among other available antiviruses because of its compatibility with the windows. The scanning engine developed in the internet security software for pc free download is an assortment of detection which includes behavior-base and cloud-base. The primary upside of the software accumulated checking the evolving online threats that probably are missed by other products. The experience you would obtain from this software is hassle-free and you can also lead to making the security-related decisions that are optimal. There is no offering the wizard or prompts linked to on-screen and a silent killer of malware and viruses. Features like control for an active virus, the browser that is virtualized, scanner of vulnerability and rescue mode makes sure that you don’t have to experience any kind of lapse when it is about the computer security and probable susceptibilities.


How Protegent internet security antivirus software serves protection? 


The designing of internet security software for pc free download took place with the objective of providing security against the viruses and cyber-attacks via internet protection layer. So, if you are not clear about the features or the functionalities of the software, we have got you covered. Don’t worry and just keep following the discussion below to gain efficient comprehension of Protegent software:



The Protegent internet security antivirus software features an extremely efficient scan engine and it ensures scanning the system on boot-time. It understands the requirements of the user hence offer finding the latest threats like adware, malware, Ransomware, Trojans, key loggers, and other kinds of security threats. It instantly eradicates the suspicious files on the system so that safety in future can be assured. The software also has been developed with the feature of restricting the contamination of virus from the outer sources like USB.


Detection of vulnerability 

The combined intelligence of the virus security software is always alert so as to identify whether any application available in the system requires any kind of update. It also finds any weaknesses related to security in the system. It instantly ensures taking the measures that are restorative for minimizing the holes and flaws before cyber attackers take any benefit of the susceptibility in the system.



As the Protegent internet security antivirus software is designed with the cloud-based technology so it becomes easier to detect behaviors in the applications and analyzing any kind of suspicious activity in the system. The anti-spyware in the system instantly takes the step and block snooping activity and restrict the attacker from gathering the information of the user without authorization.


Ransomware protection 

The internet security software for pc free download is identified as the best free antivirus because of its offering of the unique feature which is safe-vault security. It allows the user keeping the important files, data, pictures and other information in a vault which is password protected. This way it becomes easier for the software to securing from Ransomware threats. It also restricts the entry of unauthorized user into the system.


Browser protection 

The Protegent internet security software is beneficial in offering vigorous internet protection accomplishing the multi-purpose security to make sure that there is no harm to identity and money. After detecting the fishy website, it immediately blocks as it can lead to fetching the users into scams. So, when you are using the internet you don’t have to worry as the software is there for you. Or, if you are making any online transactions then also it takes care of safety measures required for card credentials. And, if there any malicious activity in your browsing or email, it is removed or deleted before they are launched within the system.


Download protection

The Protegent internet security antivirus software has been developed with the efficiency of restricting the automatic downloads of adware that are initiated by the dangerous sites. The feature of download protection is useful in scanning the downloaded files so as to make sure that the files you are using are safe or not.



There is an integration of firewall feature as well in the Protegent software as it benefits in keeping the network secured from the threats and botnets is useful in limiting the hackers. It also ensures that the Wi-Fi you are using is secured with the robust password and eradicates the internet traffic for boosting the speed.


Parental control 

Last but not the least, apart from offering the security services you can also find the feature of parental control with the use of Protegent internet security software. The parents would be able to have complete access to the children’s internet use. They can efficiently amend guidelines and inculcate the safety measures for the children. They would be able to know with the screen time feature that how they are using internet services. Basically, the software helps parents in obtaining the complete history of a child’s internet browsing.


Why do you need internet security software for pc free download? 

Complete security of a system becomes probable with the use of Protegent internet security antivirus software. If you are always concerned about the eradication of flaws, files that are unwanted and registry entries then you don’t have to now because this software is developed with efficient abilities. It offers you the extended full proof protection to your system which means you can use your internet without any tensionn. It ensures protecting your system from outside threats and even from foreign agents.


The main purpose of introducing internet security software for pc free download is linked to making things dynamic and leveraging the complete security within a system. It has the proficiency of adding dynamism within a system and beefing it up to the level so it can assure protection from the virus. Once the installation is initiated, the good news for you is no security issue remains there and you can continue using the internet the way you want. Basically, threats like phishing terror or malware advents don’t exist any longer.


The software also functions as the finest tool for removing the malware and helping you with overcoming the latent issues within a system linked with the advents of malware. It doesn’t allow the entry of malware in the system hence makes the computer protected and clean from any kind of virus. When you use this software, it makes sure taking care of every trait associated with the protection of a computer.


The Protegent internet security antivirus software works as an efficient tool and protecting the system from unwanted flaws and offering the extra layer of protection which becomes difficult for the attacker when it comes to interception. Basically, it is not easy for an intruder anymore intercepting your security levels. Also, the installation of this software helps to comprehend the user in keeping the decency of the computer.


So, download the software and be free from any unwanted happenings of takeover and keep your computer safe and sound from security threats.


Latest internet security threats you need to be aware of;

The birth of internet proved to be a boon for human life but it has also given life to different probabilities. It has become a worldwide place of a market where an individual can access the benefits like a gateway of communication, networking venue and whatnot. But, then as said earlier it has also led to opening the way for great and new dangers or threats linked to IT security.


These threats are mainly known as malware, Trojans and many more are there which you don’t have any idea about. Hence, if you want to fight against internet security threats it is important that you comprehend them first. So, have a look at some of the major and latest internet security threats here which can be only eradicated with the use of Protegent internet security antivirus software: 


Computer viruses 

Computer viruses are one of the internet security threats that have been troubling the world severely. They are designed for spreading the virus from computer to another and are often linked to sending attachments or downloaded files from particular sites which leads to infecting the pc badly.


The virus also involves sending the spam messages, disabling the security setting, corrupting and stealing the information from system which may accommodate the private information like passwords and even deleting the files from the hard drive. It has been identified that around 33% of the security threats take place because of a computer virus.


Hence, if you want to secure your computer from this threat then you should download internet security software for pc free download. 


Rogue security software 

Attackers or scammers these days have discovered a new way of committing internet security frauds. The new and latest security threat is known as rogue security software. It is malicious software that includes misleading the users and makes them believe that the system is infected with the computer virus and the measures of security are not updated.


After this is done, they make offers to the user for installing the security solutions. All they do is, ask you to download the program or ask for the payment for a tool. And, hence succeeds in installing the real malware within a system. Thus, to mitigate this kind of major problems it is important for you to understand the significance of Protegent internet security antivirus software.


The software will capably identify such security threats and warns you so that appropriate steps are taken to secure the important data and files including personal information.

Adware and spyware 

The main intention of designing the adware is associated with tracking the data or information of your browsing information and accordingly display ads to you. It gathers all the information after your authorization and represents as if it is a legitimate source of income for businesses that enable users trying out their software for free.


You must know that the user agreement doc is always hidden with the adware clause and must be checked cautiously so that before installing any software you can take security measures. This threat is noticeable and can lead to slowing down the complete system also lowering the speed of internet connection.


The functioning of spyware is also similar to adware but the only difference is it is installed without your permission. It includes key loggers that can efficiently record the private information or data like emails, passwords, credit cards and other important credentials which can increase the huge menace of identity stealing.

Therefore, it becomes very important that you install the internet security software for pc free download as it will keep updating you about such threats and make you aware of the malicious files or folders within the system. Once you do this, you wouldn’t have to be worried about your security all the time because the software ensures taking care of it in an efficient manner.



Phishing again is known as one of the latest security threats again creating a lot of hassles for the security and internet world. It is an approach of social engineering with the objective of gathering personal information such as passwords, credit cards, and usernames.


They frequently appear in the kind of immediate message or phishing emails intended to look as if they are authorized. The email beneficiary is victimized by tricking to open a link that is malicious and this results in malware installation within the system. It may even gain the private information via sending the mail which can seem to be sent from the bank to authorize identity which means stealing personal data.


Hence, the solution to this problem is downloading the Protegent internet security antivirus software. With this, you can be assured of being saved from such security threats and saving your computer as well. Since your entire information and personal data, these days are saved on the computer so it is relevant that you get this software if you don’t want to experience security threats like phishing.

Let’s discuss few scenario’s here taking near real life examples:- 

Scenario 1-

Let’s take up a scenario or a case which would reflect that why there is a need of using Protegent internet security antivirus software. “XYZ”, is a business that offer outsourcing services to their partners or clients. The business has been operational for decades and has managed to achieve the desired results including the anticipated growth over the years.

With the team of expert and technical efficiencies organization has managed to obtain good amount of projects in different domains. But, it was until then, the business has faced the major security outbreak. Since, business specializes in diverse IT projects as well so they comprehend the significance of managing the security systems. They have even incorporated that could help them in avoiding such risks.

Steve, the technical manager is accountable for managing IT related operations, issues etc., detected an unknown virus in the systems. Every day, employee’s productivity was getting hampered due to slowing down of the systems. The attack took place even before it came into notice. The main blow came when the business began to lose their on-going projects and wasn’t even getting the projects like before.

It was also evaluated that the business had started even facing the monetary loss which definitely they couldn’t afford. Steve was the one chosen for resolving the issue as soon as possible so that business could came back to its previous phase. He started using his expertise and skills to find the problem and to understand how the security breach occurred.

Steve got to know that issue was with the security measures. Even after incorporating the sufficient security attributes they couldn’t managed to prevent the attack. The inefficient functionalities of current security system could not stop the attackers to initiate the breach. This attack led to exposing the sensitive information and data related to the business outsourced projects and even the particulars of clients. It became the reason of company’s negative reputation and had to even experience the wrath of their clients.

The only solution to this problem was getting the Internet security antivirus software for PC free download. After getting the software, business is free from any kind of apprehension linked to security breach. The software provides them the real time update of threat database with the advanced cloud protection technology. Business has also noticed the significant amount of improved performance in the systems which has also increased the employee’s productivity.

The feature of antivirus and antispyware is assisting the business now against viruses, Trojans, spywares, malware attacks and internet security threats. With the feature of Anti-Phishing integrated in the software, business not can easily block all the pages of web supporting the scams of virus and attempting the personal data phishing.

“XYZ” capably now is mitigating and preventing the risk of web infections with the feature of web control. It is useful for the business in analyzing the activity of users online and preventing the dangers which results in data breaches. All in all, Protegent internet security antivirus software has been helping the business in efficiently managing the security attacks and running the operations like before.

Scenario 2

Another scenario is being discussed here to make a better comprehension of using the Internet security software for PC free download. Alex, is an IT manager in “ABC”Companyoffering B2B and B2C services to their customers and partners. Since these work from home and bring your own device in the businesses are quite popular so one of the employees named Stephan asked Alex to allow him for work from home.

Stephan had been working in the organization for years so Alex trusted him without any apprehension and any sense of doubt. The company was working on a highly competitive project that could have helped them in reaching the new heights of success. So, after Alex, Stephan was chosen to handle the accountabilities of other team members and he had to report every details frequently to Alex for making him aware of the project growth.

After some time Alex noticed that the project growth was hampering and they couldn’t notice any success with the completion of deadlines. He decided to go through the project on the portal they were using for the project and he identified something suspicious but couldn’t actually understood what it was.

Eventually, he decided to get in touch with the Stephan through the online modes of communication they were using. Here, again he detected the virus in the system. He was getting closer and could make out that the system was hacked or the organization has become the victim of security threat.

Constantly, there were trials to reach Stephan but it was getting tougher for them. Through the technical team in the business, Alex found out malicious activity and also noticed that he has been transferring the data and information of the project to other business. He had introduced himself as the senior management and also manipulated the other organization. Basically, he was earning huge money by initiating and breaching the security systems of the company.

Alex identified the reason and he got to know that Stephan managed everything because the organization doesn’t have any security software that could have assisted them in preventing the complexity company has faced. So, now when they hasve encountered this problem Alex took over and decided to find the solution.

He collaborated with Unistal to help him get the Protegent internet security antivirus software to mitigate the issue. Organization has been using the software and till now they have never experienced the security breaches ever. The software keeps updating the organizational system and always notify if there is any probability of security risk.

Since ABC Company is offering B2B and B2C services to the customers, it becomes very imperative that they integrate the security software. With the assistance of Internet security antivirus software for PC free download it would be effortless for Alex and the company to ensure security measures and preventing any kind of future attacks be it internal or external.

Scenario 3

We all are aware that in this era of 21st century e-commerce business is one of the successful ventures. This business not only providing the comfort to the users sitting at home but also for the business owners as well. So, here we are going to take up hypothetical cases comparing one case that is using Protegent internet security antivirus software and other one that is not using it.

“CDE” is a company offering e-commerce services to the customers. Business owner have integrated the several advanced options for the users so that they can enjoy the platform while surfing for the product they are looking for. The business has been providing the services for many years and have proficiently gained the nice amount of success becoming the renowned ones. The developers of this e-commerce website have incorporated the security system required to secure the information.

Even after integrating the security measures business became the victim of major security breach. The attack was initiated and was being conducted for months without coming into the notice of website managers. One of the team managers detected the virus and noticed that the site is holding some kind of malicious activity. After the detection, the entire team began the research and evaluated the complete system was hacked.

In this attack, one of the major concerns was to secure the information of customers. But, the attack was detected late and it was analyzed that attackers had breached the sensitive information of customers which included names, email addresses, physical address, contact numbers, identity numbers and account numbers. All of this situation led to the big mess, it became complex for the team to come out of the situation.

Finally, it was decided that the real reason should be identified. One of the major reasons that led to this breach was not including the cloud based security software. There was no appropriate measures that could have assisted them in preventing the attack such as updating the systems on regular basis. Due to the attack, it not only hampered the entire data of the business but also created the negative impression among the customers.

Second case:

“WXY” is an e-commerce business dealing in electronic gadgets and has been running the operations for years. It has managed to obtain the extensive success and growth within a short period of time. The developers of the website ensured designing it with appropriate measures and attributes which could assist the business in accomplishing the set targets.

This business has never experienced any major security attack or threat because of the regular system updates and frequent notification of detected probability of attack. How “WXY” is managing the complete security system and website technical functionalities that could lead to security attack? The answer is Protegent internet security antivirus software.

Organization is aware of the fact that these days cloud based security software are most used and robust protective software for securing the sensitive information. With the assistance of Internet security antivirus software for PC free download it is effortless for the business to manage their security systems. As the software is developed with the robust cloud based security feature, they don’t have to get apprehended about when it comes to security attacks.

Concluding both the cases, if “CDE” have used the software before they could have prevented the attack they had to face whereas “WXY” had been smart enough to integrate the use of Protegent internet security software for preventing security threats and attacks.


Wrap up 

At last, the main agenda of this writing piece is to offer you the information linked to internet security software for pc free download. The reason for developing this software is associated with providing protection from internet and security threats to the users and making an impact worldwide in the world of internet and IT. As coronavirus is at its peak, so don’t forget to get this software as you must be working on your computers a lot these days which means the upsurge in security and internet threats. So, keep it in mind and enjoy your work from home.


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