Internet Security Software Provides Protection from Malware & Spyware

Internet is very useful thing and is being used by most of the people around the globe. Use of internet is not restricted to web surfing but also includes uploading, downloading, making online payments, shopping, social networking, email and the list goes on.

Internet doesn’t only have Pros but have many cons which can bring nightmares to computer users. Internet is a vast network which is also the source of various unknown viruses which may get into computers of any user while surfing or downloading. Users might accidentally download unknown malicious program which can result in data deletion, confidential data stolen, data infection and drive failure in worst circumstances.

Unistal have especially designed and developed Protegent Total Security Antivirus solution which provides extremely advanced and comprehensive protection against malwares, spywares, phishing attacks, spamming and other online threats to your computer. Protegent Total Security provides some features like Parental Control, Bi-directional Firewall and spam filtering to protect computers from cyber attacks.

Protegent Total Security is infused with amazing features like:

Data Encryption

Protegent Total Security provides feature of data encryption over secured payments and email. The confidential data going out of the computer gets encrypted in such a way that it can’t be decoded by any middleman and is only going to be decrypted by the authorized receiver. This is a very helpful featured which makes all your online payments securely executed.

Email Filtering

Protegent total Security always put a check on the incoming and outgoing mail. It checks the email for any unwanted attachments or malicious program which might be both in incoming or outgoing mails.

Attachment Scanning

Protegent Total Security can also allows users to restrict specific extensions from getting attached in the outgoing mails eliminating data theft through emails. If the user tries to attach restricted attachment, then mail gets failed while sending.

Parental Control

Protegent Total Security allows parents and employers to put a check on their children and employees respectively. Parent can restrict their children activity on internet but blocking inappropriate websites. Employers can also block websites which might affect employee’s efficiency towards the organization.

USB Instant Fix

Protegent Total Security quickly scans the USB as it gets inserted into the computer system and detects any malicious content in it. If any malicious content is found, then it prompts the user with the recommended actions to be taken.

That’s it in the discussion of “Internet Security Software”. We do recommend use of Protegent Total Security Solution for safe and secure browsing.

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