Is Antivirus Software Necessary For Online Transactions

Is Antivirus Software Necessary for Online Transactions?

Is Antivirus Software Necessary For Online Transactions


The use of internet has reached to an excessive level where people are entirely dependent on internet for their daily work. At the present time, Internet is being used by people for surfing, chatting, buying stuffs online, online payment, money transferring and so on. With the advent of eCommerce, the use of internet has increased a lot, resulting in big increase of online payments and requires need of Internet Security.

The excess of everything is always harmful. Same goes with the excessive use of Internet for online transactions. These online transactions involve transfer of confidential information like emails id, password and other critical information which in case if stolen by some middle man can lead to huge financial loses.

Today we are going to discuss that antivirus software is necessary to be installed in your computer system before you make an online transaction. Hackers do exist which creates such spywares which gets into your system through internet and are programmed to steal the confidential information when the user makes an online transaction. Antivirus software with Total Security is used to protect computer system from unknown viruses, spyware and other online threats. It also provides secure online transaction which doesn’t allows confidential data like emails, passwords to be leaked out by some middle man using programmed spyware.

Total Security Antivirus Software provides the facility of data encryption on the data which is being transferred over the internet from the user’s computer system and assures that the encrypted data gets decrypted upon reaching the desired receiver and not by some fake middle man. In the confidential data is stolen using some programmed spyware, the hacker can’t use the confidential information for any financial loss as the data would be in encrypted mode and would only get decrypted at the desired receiver only.

Ransomware is the latest internet threats which is becoming most popular virus threat and is infecting millions of computers system with its encryption program. Ransomware gets into computer system and starts encrypting files which can only be decrypted using a private key which is available to user after paying a heavy amount of money to hackers.

Computer systems which are using Antivirus software with total security are less chances of getting affected by Ransomware as compared to others.

We would strongly recommend antivirus software for all computer system in which the user gets access to internet and performs online transactions. It will ensure safe online transaction and protection of confidential information which could lead to big financial loses.

That’s it in the discussion on the necessity of antivirus software for online transactions. We would be happy to if any reader wanted to give their valuable suggestions on the above discussed topic. We do believe that the facts mentioned above are true as per our knowledge.

We hope that readers would get benefited from the above discussion and we promise that we will be come back with some more in context on Antivirus Software. Till then keep Protegent in your system for secure online transaction and to save your confidential credentials.