Is it possible to customize the security of all the laptops in my network?

laptops in my networkToday’s highly networked information age renders comfort to us in every aspect of our lives. We enjoy ease of information exchange and superior professional management owing to advancements in technology. We are quite familiar with sophisticated security measures employed by modern organizations. But, do you know centralized management and control of various operations of an organization is also quite popular today?

This centralization not only simplifies the way business activities are carried out, but also ensures quick decision making. Information and data security measures in modern organizations are too being centrally managed. As we all know, resources and users in today’s organizations are networked. Each one of them works in close coordination with the other. This gave rise to the need of having effectively managed and controlled central security system. This is the premise behind the development of business security applications.

These security software for enterprises are customizable to suit the needs of different business sizes. They have a range of desirable appropriate enterprise security modules clubbed together to support numerous devices in a network. Moreover, advanced features for remote monitoring and control can suitably function in a client server model. Armed with advanced algorithms, they are devised to effectively distribute respective security resources among the clients and perform asset management with great efficiency.

A security administrator can comfortably handle safety settings and resource distribution between various laptops, desktops and other devices in the network. Dedicated software and hardware utilities contribute to carry out this task. Enhanced network efficiency and ease of carrying out day-to-day business tasks make these applications ideal for organizations of varied sizes. Good examples of such an application are Kaspersky Space Security from Kaspesky labs and Protegent Business Security suite from Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. They make for suitable utilities for competitive organizations striving to achieve fine balance between productivity and business security.