Is it Possible to Revive Lost Data?

dataOops you deleted it! Accidentally though, but you did it. As busy computer users, we all encounter situations of this sort some time or the other in our lives. Adding to the trouble, we realize that we were too busy, or perhaps lazy, to back up our work and data. At that moment, we wish we had a time machine to take us back to pre-data loss state. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in reality!

But, what if we say that this is actually possible, the fact that you can regain access to your lost data and even take your PC to the pre-crash state. The only condition is that you need to keep your calm and not panic. By doing this you will be able to make sure that you don’t damage your machine or ruin your chances of data revival.

How can I regain my lost stuff?

You will be able to get hold of information about innumerable data recovery solutions on the Internet. In fact, various expert articles on the similar topic will point towards renowned recovery applications from some well known vendors. These would promise you safe data retrieval, and some better ones would also be able to repair your hard disk. Moreover, they even offer you a variety of recovery modes for different reasons due to which you lost your data. Hard disk crash, power failure, folder corruption, or accidental formatting, there could be numerous causes for data loss. Therefore, you should be mindful of the actual reasons of losing your data if you choose to use a recovery solution.

But the question is, is it actually feasible? If you are a busy professional and not tech savvy, can you be sure of the actual cause of your data being damaged or system failure every time? Moreover, none of these solutions can ever recover your data completely under all circumstances. All the post-loss recovery applications suffer from some limitations. 100% data revival is only possible if you rely on pre-crash revival solutions.

If you want to be completely at ease with respect to your deleted file recovery, you should opt for a preventive solution rather than repenting later.