Know Your Enemies

How safe are you in today’s digital era? Is your PC at workplace or at home capable of handling threats thrown-in by e-world? Ever wondered how your system vulnerabilities could be exploited to vandalise your resources as well as reputation? As the technology advances, associated security risks and methods to damage your vital data too get advanced. Cyber attackers and hackers are on a rampage to abuse your IT security loopholes to their advantage.

You might not be a tech expert, but you are a responsible computer user who needs to take charge of his/her web safety. Knowledge is your best rescue and the first step towards accomplishing a secured computing environment.

How to Detect When I Am a Victim?

One of the common symptoms of a virus intrusion could be extremely slow system speed. Though it might also occur when RAM is low or if there are some hard disk issues. Certain spyware or adware programs also lead to compromised system performance. Moreover, if your hard disk works over time or you get unexpected messages flashed on your computer screen you can suspect a virus attack. Further, if you notice certain programs as well as your OS getting started or closed abruptly  you must scan your PC with an antivirus.

What are The Possible Threats That can Harm My PC?

The PC threat landscape is extremely dynamic with newer versions of threats cropping up each day. The best way to stay protected in such a scenario is to be informed of latest risks, as well as methods employed by attackers to cause damage to vulnerable PC users.

  • Phishing attacks are plotted by cyber criminals to fool customers of a bank or any other financial institution into disclosing their critical personal information, including bank account details, password and user name. Such a crime takes place through forged websites. Victims are taken to such a website through emails which pretend to be from banks.
  • Spams are often carriers of malicious codes, and means of carrying out phishing attacks.
  • Spyware and Adwares: Adwares are responsible for directing you to promotional websites whenever you attempt to begin a browsing session. Whereas, Spywares are exclusively devised to leak out sensitive personal and professional information of a PC user through keyloggers.

A total security software solution takes care of your security needs and keeps all these threats at bay.