Need For Antivirus Software in this Modern Era

Antivirus is derived from two different words “Anti” & “Virus”. As the name suggest, antivirus is programmable software which is developed with a motive to remove any sought of viruses, spyware, malware and online cyber threats.

Before getting into the need for antivirus software, first let’s get into what is a virus?

Virus can be a short or long programmable code which is developed by hackers or computer programmer with an intention to infect computer systems and the data present in it. There are many forms of viruses which exist at the present time like spyware, Trojans, malware, worms, root kits, spam, phishing attacks and  Ransomware which is the most popular virus infected for which no antivirus software has let claimed to have a remedy to remove.

In this modern era, use of computer has reached a next level and their users are increasing at a rapid rate across the globe every day. With the increase in computer users and their data, there is always a threat of virus attack through external drives or from the internet.

Viruses and its other forms can get into user’s computer through external media like pen drive, hard disk or CD/DVD which is already been infected and is attached to a fresh machine. As soon as the external media is detected by the computer, the virus starts is operation as it is programmed. Virus can do following damages to your computer:

  • Infect the data files in the computer and make them corrupted
  • Infect the Boot Sector of operating system which allows the OS to load and start. In this type of virus attack, the user is not able to login to the operating system.
  • Encrypts the data present in computer system because of which user can’t open files and read its content. If the user tries to open the encrypted file, it shows this file is encrypted and demands some of ransom amount to decrypt the file.
  • Gets into user’s computer through spam websites which leaks out confidential information like credit card details, username, password and transfer it to a third partner. It can lead to big financial losses.

There is a certain need for any antivirus software to be installed in every computer system for protection against any unknown virus threats. Antivirus Software blocks any strains of virus in computer before it can infect the files present in it and removes the same after showing a warning message to the user.

Following are the reason why there is need for Antivirus Software:

  1. It provides protection from all kind of viruses, Trojans, Spywares and Malwares, thereby keeping your system virus free.
  2. Blocks all web pages which are supporting virus scams and personal data phishing attempts.
  3. Offers real time protection against online risks and blocks Internet clutter
  4. It works on one click removable disk scan which doesn’t allows any virus infection from external media to get into computer and infect the files present in it
  5. Prevents hackers from accessing your computer but also malicious programs from retrieving sensitive information without user’s permission.
  6. Block scam websites which gives you the option to continue further or not.
  7. Safe guard your kids from access to inappropriate Internet websites content & cyber bullying.
  8. Scans incoming and outgoing data transfer and block any occurrence of suspicious data transfer.

We recommend that antivirus software should be used in every computer system in this modern era. Keeping antivirus software in computer doesn’t only remove viruses from your computer system but also ensures that they never get into it.

That’s it in today’s discussion about Need for Antivirus Software in this Modern Era.

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