One Simple Step Can Track Your Laptop

Gone are the days when only mobile phones were prone to the cases of theft and stealth. Now a great amount of cases have been registered which lead to the growth of cases, where lost of Laptop has increased with a refined and tremendous rate. Now the lost laptop complaints are more to be registered than the essential primarily mobile lost. What could be the possible reason behind this change?
protegent laptop theft
One of the report says “I have lost my old Laptop and I am very much wretched and feel the ultimate melancholy, where the reason for this dismay is not just cost incurred in buying laptop,but I am depressed for the loss of data, which was contained inside the laptop. That information was paramount for the growth and building of my career, but, no more. Now no information means no career state for me. Absolutely bad happened to me. Even no Laptop Tracking Software was installed to the system”

This is the self reliant story of a person who have lost all his data files and all crucial career building documents not because of the data is lost but, the data is there intact with the system, but the system is lost. What should be done I these conditions?

Simplest of all situation is the system must have been installed with Laptop tracking system. This is the system which predominantly tracks the laptop right fro the time it was lost or stolen, extensively keeping track of all the activities being carried on with the laptop. This package collects the entire information as a log into the web portal stored over Internet and as soon as the laptop is connected with the network connection, entire information which have been tracked till now is navigated with this system. Thereby, giving the entire information of the thief with essentials like:

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Region
  4. City
  5. Country
  6. ISP name
  7. ISP IP address
  8. Static IP (MAC Address)
  9. Longitude and Latitude

The entire information is displayed onto the Web portal from where user can preeminently get the entire tracked information about his/her laptop. Furthermore, feature adapted with the diverse other feature is that this tool makes necessary provisions for safeguarding the key data files and information storage but only for short span of time. It encrypts the files and crucial folders by making them non readable by others but only for some duration of time before the laptop being connected with the Internet.

For the sake of presenting the necessary detail, user need to maintain a valid email id at, so that the entire information tracked plus thief’s image can be logged at this particular Web portal, noteworthy, the user can log in to this account form any computer with any IP address.

The software is provided with a free trial version which gives glimpses to the user on how to download the package and install it onto your OS, then further, user have to fill an entire form with all the entries correct to its originality and create a user name and password, submit that form to the online portal and now your laptop is save.