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Protegent total security software has been designed for preventing the spyware, virus, rootkits, malware and other online threats. It has been integrated with the latest technology that offers an understanding of unethical website accessing and web usage filtering.

Protegent total security software  is not only offering the security from virus or malware but also goes extra mile for it. It also makes certain that the user is being offered extensive advanced protection from the viruses, phishing attacks, spams etc. which may lead to influencing the system and the data stored in it.

The world of internet is expanding at rapid rate and cyber threats as well with it. It has become relevant nowadays to be ascertain that the system which is being used regularly is protected with strong security solution. Protegent total security software has got the efficiency of resolving any sort of issue linked with e-threats by notifying the user beforehand and blocks them before they persist within the system.

Regular monitoring of the online activities has become easier with the software and also restricting the immoral acts of cyber-attackers. Storing the important files, pictures, videos, audios and other sensitive information in a system these days is very risky especially if the user haven’t installed any secured antivirus solution.

The use of Protegent total security software solution is simple and is completely free for download which means you can use it for trial and after that can come up to the verdict of buying it.

For enhanced understanding, the write-up involves other aspects as well so keep reading.

Why is there a need of using Protegent total security software?

For the adequate comprehension of this question, here is the example which would help any reader and regular user recognize the prominence of Protegent total security.

Edward is completing his grads in IT field as he is very passionate about computers and technology. Besides, this he also has a habit of getting into shopping sites every now and then always resulting into a purchase. He himself doesn’t have any idea about how many websites he has been using and has filled his personal details like mail, account details, phone number etc.

He has always been chilled about the security thinking he can managed on his own. Even after knowing the relevance of security measures when using the online sites for shopping or for any purpose he failed to prevent the virus entry within the system.

Like regular days, he was visiting the sites for something to buy one day. After adding the things in cart, he was making the payment but found that the card was blocked. He couldn’t make out what went wrong for a moment and immediately got into the details to find out the issue.

He found out that his system was compromised and there is a virus in the system. His complete data and important files were infected. He was completely lost about the problem and couldn’t understand what he should do.

Had he been using the Protegent total security, he could have avoided the problem without any hassle. The software would have removed the virus and blocked the unauthorized access within the system. It could have even helped him in recovering the data he had lost because of the security attack.

So, all in all, if you are a regular user and a freak like Edward it’s very important that you get the Protegent total security software as soon as possible to reduce the probability of e-threats.

Benefits of Protegent total security

Let’s find out the benefits of Protegent total security software:

  • One of the primary benefits of Protegent total security software is maximum security for user’s devices. They can easily identify the virus and protect the system from any kind of online threat and security risks. The software automatically detects the issues like virus, online threats, spyware, adware, etc.
  • The software also takes care of system scanning and improving the performance of system with optimization. It also discover the flaws in network and detect the weakness that may be there in the Wi-Fi router and find connectivity issues as well.
  • It makes certain the information of user is completely confidential and inaccessible for an unauthorized user.
  • When using the software, user don’t have to get apprehended with its interface. It offers the benefit of easy and simple to use interface. The software is responsive and can be handled without any technical skillset. One can easily use the features and can set the advance setting for reliable security.

Features of Protegent total security

Following are the features of Protegent total security software:

  • Real-time protection feature integrated to remove the evolving viruses and malwares.
  • Automatic update feature for enhanced system performance.
  • Safe browsing look after the secured network and removal of malicious sites.
  • Antiphishing feature for eradicating the suspicious and vague domains of web and preventing the phishing attacks.
  • One click virus removal to mitigate virus, spyware, Trojan, malware and any sort of security and e-threat.


In this era of advanced technology and growing internet aspects, it is relevant that the regular computer user must have an appropriate understanding of handling security of system including data. Users with Protegent total security software can reduce the security and e-threat probability extensively. When using the software there is no need of getting apprehended for security as it is built with advanced features.

The current outbreak has disrupted the world poorly and have forced people to stay indoors. As a result of this, people are using internet and systems more frequently for instance some are working from home, some are using it for passing their time, etc. So, it has also led to augmenting the security risks and e-threats. Hence, the use of Protegent total security antivirus software would assist them in mitigating the risks and keep the users free from any anxiety attacks.

Share your thoughts on Protegent total security and let us know if the write-up has helped you in gaining the efficient security comprehension.

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How Does Antivirus Software Work?

Antivirus software is a program type or tool that has been designed and developed for protecting the computers from malware, viruses, spywares, botnets, rootkits, Trojans and so on. The main functioning of an antivirus software is linked with the scanning, detecting and removing the viruses from computer.

Different versions of antivirus programs are available these days in the market. However, the primary purpose of any antivirus is protecting the computers and removing the viruses once they are known. It becomes really important for any user to pick the renowned antivirus to ensure security measures and Protegent antivirus should be that choice.

Protegent Antivirus Software is a tool that has been mainly designed with the intent of providing security and protection to the users and computers from any sort of security and online attacks. It has been developed under the supervision of experts whereas the team integrated for its development is talented and hold years of experience.

The use of this software assists the users in ensuring security for their systems and the data stored in it. It has been evaluated that these days it is getting difficult every day to mitigate the probability of such risks as every now and then they keep persisting. Hence, in this kind of situation it becomes imperative that the regular users should take care of security by installing the Protegent antivirus software in the system.

Let’s find some more details about the software in the writing piece, keep following.

Why there is a need of using Protegent antivirus software?

To know this answer, it would be better to reflect on an example as it will help in comprehending the significance of using Protegent antivirus software.

“ABC” is an agency responsible for looking after the public health. It manages and generates guidelines and policies that could assist the normal public in maintaining their health and surroundings.Most of the work is managed and handled automatically and different teams have been integrated to look after the security systems for safety measures. Jack is working in the organization for years and look after the technical functionalities.

One fine day, he thought of getting deep into the systems so that he can be sure of there is no any probability of risk. He took this decision as he was noticing poor performance in the system and also updating the regular information was becoming problem for other team members.

He instantly found the issue which was virus entry into the systems. Jack took the matter to management so that efficient solution could be implemented. After he found out the virus, he also noticed that the systems are not being updated on regular basis. This become one of the reasons for the problem. He also stated that they need an appropriate antivirus program which can notify them about virus entry in advance and keep the systems updated on frequent basis.

Now, if the organization was using Protegent antivirus software, they wouldn’t have been facing the problem. The software itself would have taken care of removing the virus from within the system and also would have updated the system on regular basis. Most importantly, it would have ensured that the performance of system is not going down which could make the functions improbable.

In a nutshell, with this instance it should be clear as of now that how important is the use of Protegent antivirus software nowadays.

Benefits of Protegent antivirus software

Following are the offered benefits of Protegent antivirus software:

  • Most of the times, hackers make use of the malware, phishing or virus program for accessing the computer of victim. What all they do is installing the malware within the system without the consent of user. This way it becomes easier for them to access the personal data and other sensitive information of user. But, if the Protegent antivirus software is already installed in the system, user can efficiently benefit from it. The software not only ensure detecting the hacker presence but also make sure there is no virus or malware in the system. It offers full-proof security against hackers and data thieves.
  • If you have been experiencing slowing down of system lately and a crash in the wake of connecting an acquaintance’s USB then most probably your system is filled with virus. It happens as the removable device transfer it within the system. So, what is to be done in this scenario? Just, simply get a Protegent antivirus software without a single thought as it ensures scanning the removable device to make certain that there is no virus.
  • It is evident that accessing websites that are unauthorized can lead to exposing your system to various cyber-attacks such as spyware, hacking, Ransomware etc. It can hugely alter your data files. Thus, the use of Protegent antivirus would benefit in confining the web access for restricting the exercises on networks that are unauthorized. It even makes sure that the sites are secured and harmless for the systems.
  • Pop-up ads and spam sites are the mostly used gateways by the hackers for infecting users system and damaging the files. Spams and pop-up ads not only infect the system but also slows down the performance of system. But, with the use of Protegent antivirus software problem can be resolved. It ensures neutralizing the malicious ads containing virus and sites by restricting the instant access to user’s computer network.

Features of Protegent antivirus software

Here are the features of Protegent antivirus software:

  • Advanced cloud protection feature is integrated for improved performance of the system and offering next-level protection.
  • Hourly update feature is for updating the system on regular basis.
  • Active virus control feature is to monitor the applications and classifying the unethical substances.
  • To identify and remove the unwanted spyware within the system, anti-spyware feature is integrated in the software.
  • To manage the performance of system, the software has active optimization feature.

Final Say

The final say for the writing piece is that the technology is being evolved every single day and so as the risks of cyber-attacks and security threats. So, it becomes really important for every single user to understand the relevance of Protegent antivirus software. It has not only been designed to provide security for your system but also to ensure that you are notified even before the risk occurs. Removing the risk probability of cyber-attacks and security threats with this software has becomes effortless now.

Since the pandemic has hit the world at present and every single person is at home using their systems and internet on continuous basis to continue their work procedures from home so it is easier for hackers to initiate such attacks. Thus, it is the need of hour so make sure to install Protegent antivirus software.

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What is Antivirus and Malware protection?

Antivirus and malware protection is interlinked with the use of antivirus software to protect the systems from online and security threats. Detecting and removing the problems like viruses, malware from the system, becomes smooth with the use of software. These days attacker invade the system of a regular user and insert the viruses. Users are experiencing the problems like Trojans, spyware, malware and what not so in that case it is relevant to get antivirus software.

To obtain the best security for viruses and malware, Protegent antivirus is the best software to go for. The software has been designed specifically keeping in mind the protection of users. It would be easier for them to gain protection from the cyber or security attacks that keep taking place nowadays every now and then.

Anti-theft mechanism integrated in  Protegent antivirus helps to safeguard the sensitive data stored in the system from theft activity and also takes care that no unauthenticated access takes place in the system. The best part of this software is it’s free for download and can be used for period of one month as a trial.

The advanced security feature in  Protegent antivirus assist the user in retrieving the data lost due to unexpected situations. If you intend to know more about the Protegent antivirus software then keep following the article.

Why there is a need of using Protegent antivirus software?

Now, it is an important aspect which needs to be comprehended by every user when planning to get the antivirus software. So, for better know-how let’s talk about an instance. Emily has always dreamt of doing her fashion business and to accomplish her dream she did what all she could. She, successfully achieved the goal and runs a business with amazing profits annually. When it’s about the project then she has been handling them all through her laptop making connections abroad. She has got good amount of clients and is stuck with the loads of work due to which she decided for certain hiring’s especially for managing the technical team so that her accounts are well-managed.

She has taken care of security measures appropriately so that her business data and information is not compromised at any cost but she did a mistake of not investing in the good software like Protegent antivirus software. Emily was encountering problems with her system as the performance was going down also she noticed suspicious activities in the system. This became another reason for her to include technical experts in the team who could manage the security aspects.

She hired Sam who has been working in the IT industry for years and has sufficient experience in managing the security measures. After she encountered issues, everything was explained to him so that he could detect the main problem. While he was initiating his analysis, he detected virus in the system and breaching of the information with malicious sites. It was also found that a lot of passwords were also compromised to obtain her personal information like account details.

After analyzing everything, Emily decided to resolve the problem with installing the software. So, she started researching and finally decided to get Protegent antivirus software. With the use of it, she has managed to resolve the problem however she had to face loss of information and other important data as well. But, in future, she doesn’t have to get apprehended about the security checks. The software will keep updating the system and will notify instantly if any major security attack or online threat is identified.

Benefits of Protegent antivirus

Let’s discuss some of the benefits that a user can obtain from the use of Protegent antivirus software:

  • The software offers the benefit of monitoring the applications running on the system of users so that regular checks for security can be performed.
  • With the use of software, one can easily access their internet and protected web surfing. It ensures blocking all the malicious sites and secures the system from any kind of infections.
  • Social media security also can be ensured when using the software. Since, it has become one of the most used mode of hackers while performing the security attacks so this software takes care of any phishing scam, transmission of virus and other hazardous effects.
  • The setting protection feature in the software restricts the access that is unauthorized and ensures security for settings. It ensures setting up the password so that if any other person is using the settings section it becomes tough for them to modify it.
  • The software also helps in making sure that the system is not infected while inserting the USB devices as they are the primary reason of virus entry in the system and transmitting the data from one system to another.
  • When using this software, users can forget about the system slowdown situations as it is lightest software and not only protects the user but also takes care of the system’s speed.

Features of Protegent software

Here are the features of Protegent antivirus software reflecting the primary functionalities:

  • Advanced cloud protection-identifies evolving threats in real-time and offers effective security against them
  • Malware protection-constantly monitors the malware in the system and removes them if detected.
  • Active optimization-maximizes the performance of system ensuring high speed and immediate response to identified threats.
  • Pro-active protection-ensures taking the step before security threat prevails in the system.
  • Active-virus control-prevent phishing attacks by removing suspicious web domains.
  • Hourly update– Updates the system every hour and takes care no virus enters the system.

Final word

This write-up is focusing on the illustration of Protegent antivirus software so that users can understand the significance of using it. People who are regular users of the system and aren’t aware of the security factors for them, this software plays main role. It is free for download and users can use it for a period of one month as a trial.

It is anticipated that the article would assist you in comprehending the role of Protegent antivirus software in the world when countless security attacks and online threats are being initiated by the attackers.

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The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020

What is antivirus protection?

Antivirus protection is known as the application or a program that is useful in finding and removing the viruses on the systems and networks. The software assist to detect and remove other kinds of malicious attacks, Trojans, spyware, Ransomware and other cyber threats. Basically, the use of antivirus software is secures the systems against malware without influencing the performance and speed of the system.

Conversing about The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020 mainly when pandemic is hitting the world then it is only one name, Protegent antivirus software. It is a tool designed to protect the user’s system from any kind of attacks that are being initiated by the online hackers or security attackers. With this software, users can easily be assured of security and mitigating the intricacies that they have been facing in terms of online security on regular terms such as low performance of the system or system shutting down on its own.

The integration of data recovery module that is proactive data recovery in the software ensures users can retrieve the data effortlessly. One don’t have to get apprehended instantly if using the software already as it would assist them in recovering the data which they have lost deleted by accident or misplaced because of the issues line online breach, malware, or virus intrusion.

The software(The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020) makes sure that the users are obtaining the protected podium to keep the confidential and important data secure. They don’t have to feel anxious at all losing their data and information stored in the system for years.

So, to gain the efficient and deep comprehension of the software keep reading the write-up below.

Why there is a need of using antivirus software?

Countless debates and surveys must have been initiated till now for why users should use antivirus software. So, to make it more comprehensive we will talk about an example here which would provide an understanding of it.

Erica, has been working in an“ABC” company so she is accountable for managing the security of business information and other important data. Obviously, if she is handed over this responsibility she is definitely expert and good at her work, also she has been working with the company last 5 years.

She is not only good at her work but also a good team leader. She believes in giving an equal opportunity to other employees. This was where she made a mistake, she went on leave for two-three days for her personal work. She was not able to understand whom she should hand over her responsibility.

So, she chose one of the members, name Robert who is a technical expert and was working in the company for three years. Since, he was working for longer than others so she trusted and told him to take care of everything. Robert took the share of her responsibility but went busy with his work next day only and didn’t ensure regular check on security.

The very second day, he encountered issue while going through the security checks. He not only found out that the systems were hacked but also noticed a huge virus entrance in the systems. Now, he did not have any idea as no proper software installed in the system due to which not only speed were poor but also they lost important information of the business. As a result, not only Robert but also Erica had to face the wrath of CEO of the company.

Now, if see the case, if they would have been using the Protegent antivirus software(The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020) they not only could have saved the information but also could have prevented the attack. There was no need of being present every time in front of the computer as the software would have notified them if any virus or attack was detected.

Thus, it must have been understood till now that why antivirus software (The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020) should be used. It’s a company who couldn’t prevent attack so just imagine how easier it would be for the attackers to initiate the attacks on normal user systems. So, protect your system and information with Protegent now in 2020.

Benefits of the software – The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020

Below are the benefits of Protegent antivirus software that can be relished by the users:

  • Virus security is one of the major benefits offered by Protegent Antivirus software. When installed in the system, users don’t have to get anxious about the virus. It not only instantly detects the virus or malware in the systems but also removes so that it can disrupt the system in any way.
  • Second benefit of using Protegent Antivirus software is protection from spyware. It is linked with the spying within the system so that stealing the important and personal data is easier for the attackers. Most of the times, they breach the sensitive info like passwords, account details, credit card details etc. It is mainly associated with the identity theft but the use of Protegent antivirus in the system ensures the prevention of spyware attacks.
  • Web surfing protection is another noteworthy advantage of Protegent Antivirus software. Users nowadays spend their time web surfing and attackers takes advantage of it by performing malicious activities. They insert the virus into the system through unknown sites and gathers the information whichever they want to. So, for such problems, Protegent antivirus software works like a magic. It takes care that no unauthorized activity is being initiated within the system and find malicious sites to prevent attacks.
  • Blocking ads and spam is a benefit that can be enjoyed by the user when using the software. With it, they don’t have to worry about the spam emails and unknown ads anymore. Protegent antivirus not only restricts spam mails but also prevent the low performance of the system.

Features of the ‘The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020’ – Protegent Antivirus;

The features of Protegent antivirus are illustrated below for better understanding:

  • For increased performance and next level security, there is the accumulation of cloud protection.
  • Antispyware and antivirus protection is another feature ensuring that the system is free from malicious threats and offer 100% security.
  • Email protection security offers safeguarding the system from breach attempts. It identifies and segregates the spam from frequent messages for secure and safe access of emails.
  • USB threat protection feature takes care of protecting the system from USB threats that are unknown. It makes sure that the infected USB drive is clean for secure insertion.
  • Active optimization feature in the software takes care of maximizing the operating performance and performs high speed analysis within the system.
  • Smart code emulation feature integrated in the software ensures detecting and blocking the countless known and unknown threats before they evolve in the system.


Closing the write-up, Protegent antivirus software has been offering amazing benefits to the users by providing security from the online threats or attacks. When using this software, there is no need of getting apprehension about the virus entry, malware, spyware, Trojans etc. in the system.

Since these days security or online attacks have become a regular thing so it is the need of time. Any major risks can be prevented with the use of this software.

Hopefully, the write-up would assist you in attaining the know-how of the software.

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Free Antivirus Download for PC

Free Antivirus Download for PC

Protegent antivirus is a free antivirus software for download intended for protecting the systems from any sort of security and online attacks like Trojans, viruses, spam emails, spyware, phishing, uninvited attacks etc. The software offers the huge protection for removing the complexities which are experienced by the users in frequent basis such as system performance, system shutdown etc.

For enhanced and augmented services for the users, developed have ensured integrating the proactive data recovery module – crash proof, which is strong and obliges in data recovery in no time. Data can be recovered basically with the software if deleted accidentally or is lost due to any of the reasons like security breach, virus and so on. The software not only ensure offering the security to the users but also take care of augmenting the user privacy and permit for web surfing.

Free Antivirus Download for PC – The Best Option Available?

The Protegent antivirus provides a secure platform for keeping your personal data save and only within your reach. All your data and files that you have created with years of hard work and dedication, with this antivirus you can be totally assure that you will not lose them to some psychopath hacker.

It will be quite a pleasure to have your own personal space with no worries of spams, viruses, etc. which Protegent will provide you by just a simple left click of your mouse. Antiviruses make your operating system a clean and easy to use with no lags and slow working of your system anymore.  A trusted, well established , experienced Protegent antivirus software make your internet browsing, downloading , uploading completely secure of all malicious activities that occur in your system.

For obtaining more comprehension of the software, keep reading the write-up.

Why there is a need of Free Antivirus Download for PC?

The use of antivirus software has become the need of time. Let’s take an instance here for understanding why the software is needed. Edward is a regular system user since he is into IT filed, he is responsible for handling all the technical and regular operations. Side by side, he is planning to set up a business for which he has been making investments and what all is required. Being a constant user, he doesn’t use the system for his professional life but also for personal. He keeps making online transactions for shopping online, and other payments. So, his all of the details are saved in the system to avoid filling the details again and again.

Once, he was making the payment for something he bought online but couldn’t do it. He didn’t understand the reason what had happened. Next day, he again tried and found the same issue then he went into technical details and discovered that his accounts were hacked and there was a virus in the system. He not only lost his hard-earned money but also have to face the loss of data and other important information linked to his business and office.

Now, if we look into the case, had he been using the Protegent antivirus software he could have prevented the security breach and entering virus into the system. It could have notified him about any of the unauthorized access and virus in the system beforehand. But, his ignorance led to a huge loss for him. The software not only had ensured security of the system but also would have taken care of not losing the important data and sensitive information.

So, this case is a clear depiction of why the use of Protegent antivirus software is needed for a regular user.

Benefits of Free Antivirus Download for PC

Protegent antivirus software is available for download and except this there are diverse benefits it offers have a look at some of them below:

  • Without any illustration, it is evident that users can relish the benefit of protecting the system from hazardous viruses. One can easily detect the possible virus entered in the system and can initiate working for its removal instantly.
  • With the use of this software, it would be effortless for the users to block spams and ads. The software has the efficiency of working against the ads that are malicious which contains virus and limits the direct access to the network of system.
  • Hackers these days initiate the performing of malware installation in the system without user’s knowledge and which leads to causing the huge disruption of losing data or data theft. Protegent is the only software which would make sure to perform the regular scan to detect the hacker presence and removing the activities which are suspicious in the system.
  • Removable devices are very disruptive nowadays and attackers easily through USBs or pen drives transverse the data from system to another to initiate the attacks. Once they complete the task, they further disrupt the system with virus and later make misuse of stored data. Thus, for this kind of case, Protegent scans the devices so that any kind of risk probability can be mitigated.

Features of Free Antivirus Download for PC

To understand the software more comprehensively, let’s move on to the features of Protegent antivirus:

  • Defense against the online and security intimidation’s.
  • Restricts all the web pages supporting the virus scams and efforts of personal data phishing.
  • Monitors the USB when plugging into the system.
  • Blocks the ads and websites which are not protected.
  • Prevents the data leakage that is unauthorized from external resources.
  • Block ports with port locker software.
  • Recovers the lost or corrupted data.


Wrapping-up the article, it is reflecting the significance of using Protegent antivirus software. It has become one of well-known software’s in the security field. With this software, users are protecting their systems extensively from the security threats and data loss or theft problems. The software is easily available on the website and one can download it for free.

The use of software has become the need of time especially when users using their system all day long being their home during this pandemic situation. There is a huge probability that a lot of security attacks might be happening so if the software is already installed any major risk can be prevented.

Thus, it is believed that the article would assist you in gaining the enhanced comprehension of the antivirus software.

Download your Protegent antivirus software for free here:

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Free Antivirus Download for PC

Protegent Antivirus (2020) Free Trial Download

What is Protegent antivirus software?

Protegent antivirus software is a tool developed with two-tier security allowing to secure the computers against security and latest threats such as malwares, Trojans, spyware, phishing, unknown viruses and many more. The software has been intended for offering the extensive security to remove the issues like slowing down of the system and performance. The aspect has been ignored mainly as most of the times it goes unnoticed functioning in the background.

There is the integration of module known as proactive data recovery offering the robust solution which assists in recovering the data within no time that has been deleted incidentally. The software not only provide security from the threats that are unknown but also augments the privacy of user and consent for surfing on web without apprehension.

Protegent antivirus software is built with the mechanism that is anti-theft which ensures safeguarding the personal data from unverified access with the use of active antivirus security. The noteworthy aspect of this software is that it is free for download and user can use it on trial basis for a period of one month. It also has the security that is advanced and multi-layer which takes care of protecting the confidential data and retrieves the lost data because of unanticipated circumstances.

More comprehension for the software is given in the write-up so keep following.

Why using the antivirus software is important?

There were days when PCs were secured from any kind of threat and risks but now since hackers and online culprits are getting smarter day by day so it becomes essential that every user comprehends the significance of using antivirus software.

Protegent antivirus free trial download software is the way for securing and protecting your system against the latest and evolving threats. It only needs to be installed so that it can perform the functions running in the background. It has been identified that almost every user doesn’t understand the relevance of using the software and the security features that are there in it. Security measures integrated in the software are sufficient to work as a shield against the threats and attacks.

Following are the pointers putting a light on the use of Protegent antivirus software:

  • The software would be useful in addressing the attacks of malware even before they may cause any danger to the system. It consents the user for scanning the files which are infected and can lead to causing a huge security accident. The software keeps the user updated about any kind of malicious activity that is being initiated on the system. Basically, it assists in making aware the user of probable threats that they can face.
  • The software would be obliges in protecting the user’s shared networks against the attacks that are malicious such as Trojan horses and Ransomware.
  • With the use of this software, users can feel free when it comes to speeding up the computer performance as they can remove the cached threats.
  • The use of this software would also ensure that the data is secured and user doesn’t lose it at any cost. It can also take care of protecting the user’s files and documents from getting corrupted.

Benefits of Protegent antivirus

To gain more comprehension of the software, following are the benefits of it:

  • Security from virus: The main functionality of Protegent antivirus is standing against the virus and malware forms. The virus not only leads to damaging the system but also degrades the complete performance of system. It detects and ensure removing the malware before causing damage to the system.
  • Security from spyware: Spyware initiate spying on the system to steal all the personal and sensitive information. All of the details include details of credit card, password, name, emails etc. Basically, it is linked to the theft of identity. Thus, Protegent antivirus has the efficiency of preventing the attacks of spyware.
  • Web security: When surfing online, users can experience a lot of threat forms. It has been seen that people become the victims of unknown sites and cyber attackers collects the details of account and credit card. In this situation, the only rescue is Protegent antivirus software. It ensures securing the information that is valuable during the web surfing process.
  • Spam protection: The use of Protegent antivirus software helps in blocking the virus from entering the computer via modes of ads and spam emails. It has been identified that almost every user keep experiencing the spam emails which causes disturbance to the information and system performance.


Following are the features of Protegent antivirus software:

  • The software is available with the advanced cloud protection technology which provides next level security with the increased performance.
  • Active optimization is another important feature which enhances the performance of operating.
  • Pro-active antivirus security feature ensures fostering the step of an act.
  • Antispyware feature in the software takes care of detecting and removing the uninvited spyware in the system.
  • Active virus control feature in the software assists in monitoring the applications functioning on the system and finds the unethical items.
  • Setting protection feature in the software is beneficial in protecting the settings with password.
  • Hourly update feature offers the updates every hour and secure the system from any virus risk probability.


Wrapping up the article, the complete comprehension of Protegent antivirus 2020 free trial download is given. Users who have been experiencing the issue of not having enough security measures can download it for free and can use it on trial basis. With the use of software, regular users don’t have to get apprehended at all when it comes to securing the data and confidential information in the system. Mainly, there is no need of getting anxious about any sort of virus entry, security attacks.

Since the current situation of covid-19 has hit the world severely so it is relevant to make use of the software for mitigating the probability of any security or online attacks risks.

It is to be believed that the write-up will help you in comprehending the significance of Protegent antivirus software.


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Free Antivirus Download for PC

Download Free Antivirus for Windows

What is antivirus software?

Antivirus software is a tool that has been designed for preventing, detecting and removing the infections of malware from user’s devices. Antiviruses are useful in protecting against the huge variety of threats which majorly includes Trojan horse, adware, viruses, keyloggers, and hijackers of browsers, spyware, adware and many more.

The Protegent antivirus software developed is free for download and supports any windows operating systems. Conversing about the process then it typically functions as a background and initiate the performing of scanning systems for detecting and protecting against the probable susceptibilities that may happen.

The Protegent antivirus software for window assists in scanning and updating the system on frequent basis so that efficient protection is given against the malicious activities and any of the suspicious activity. Antiviruses can be used by anyone be it normal user or businesses. It not only helps both in ensuring the security to your computer but also takes care that the virus or any security risk doesn’t enter the system.

To know more, keep following the write-up.

Why there is a need of using download free antivirus for windows?

Antivirus software protection is imperative for any user and business who are intending to secure their data and systems from getting corrupted, or damaged. It acts like the security shield for every individual when it is about preventing the uninvited individuals from entering. Prevention is better than cure and this phrase completely fits to the security threats. It is always better to integrate the system intended for identifying and preventing the attacks of virus.

If we take the scenario of business, then it is evident it accommodates a lot of confidential information and data which requires extensive security. In case, there is no appropriate security measures like Protegent antivirus software then creates complexities for the business. It gets easier for the hackers to breach the system and attain the information that can lead to disrupting the entire business growth. So, it is very important that any enterprise should consider downloading free antivirus that is available for windows.

On the other hand, these days the rate of regular users on social media or internet is increasing day by day at rapid speed. Hackers are easily getting hold of the personal and private information effortlessly because not every user has the antivirus solution. Accessing the private data is not an intricate task for them. It has been identified that what hackers to do is they insert the virus in a user’s system which not only slows down the system but also makes the way for attackers to breach the sensitive information stored. Hence, it becomes really relevant for the users to get the antivirus software to mitigate the issues like cyber and security threats.

Benefits of antivirus software

There are different benefits of using the antivirus software and to gain the comprehension of them have a look below:

  • Protection from virus and their transmission: One of the major benefits of an antivirus software includes protecting the system from virus. It has the ability of detecting any probable virus and then it begins working for its removal. It is effective and the best solution because it initiates working even before the system is infected from any virus. The antivirus helps in combating several viruses in a day without even letting the user know about it. In case, if the system is infected by the virus, there is a probability that it can be transferred further among the family, or friends. So, for securing the system from such risks it is important that one should consider downloading the free antivirus.
  • Block spams and ads: If surveys are to be believed then it is identified that the viruses in the system use popup ads and sites for making their way into the system. The mostly used gateways are popup ads and spam by the viruses which leads to infecting the computer and damaging the files. Protegent antivirus is the software that functions against the malicious ads containing virus by restricting the direct access to user’s network.
  • Defense against hackers and data thieves: Most of the times, hackers make use of the malware or virus for accessing the system of victims. They perform the activity by installing the malware into the compute without the victims understanding. They keep sending the mails that are malicious to the victims. Once they succeed in sending the emails then they make use of the information or data according to their desire. Either they can damage it or delete it. In this kind of situation, the only rescue is Protegent antivirus which ensures performing the frequent scans for detecting the hacker presence in the system.
  • Security from the removable devices: Transferring data and information have become common thing these days and safeguarding the system from the removable devices becomes an intricate task. Most of the times, users make use of the USBs and pen drives for transferring the data from one system to another which makes the initiation of security threats for the attackers. They can easily insert the virus in these devices and can perform the attacks. Thus, to mitigate the problem the only solution which process to be beneficial is Protegent antivirus software which makes sure scanning the removable device from probable virus that further assists in securing the system and information.

Features of Antivirus software

Following are the features of Protegent security antivirus software:

  • It has the extreme protection against the online and security threats.
  • It blocks all the pages of web supporting the scams of virus and attempts of personal data phishing.
  • The software efficiently ensures monitoring the USB when plugging into the system.
  • It also takes care of blocking the ads and websites which are not secured.
  • The software also prevents the data leakage that is unauthorized from the sources that are external.
  • It has got the protected data encryption if any kind of laptop theft case experienced by the user.
  • The performance of system can be enhanced extensively.
  • Wiping off the unwanted files within the system is another important feature.
  • Port locker assists in blocking all the ports.
  • It also helps in recovering the lost or corrupted data due to any of the reason like corruption or deletion.


Concluding the write-up, it completely puts the light on the significance and use of the antivirus software. Protegent antivirus is known to be one of the renowned tools in the industry that helps in securing the systems and the information or data stored in it. One can easily download the software for free on trial basis and later can come to the conclusion of buying process. The software has been developed with the two factor authentication system which consents the user for securing the system from unknown viruses, malware, Trojans etc.

As the pandemic struck the world so it becomes more important to secure the system as hackers are always in the wake of initiating security attacks all over the globe. So, using the antivirus software would be beneficial.

Hopefully, the article would be helpful for you in gaining the understanding of antivirus software.

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The Best Parental Control Software | Download Protegent 360 Complete Security

If you are a parent and worried about your kid’s online activity then you need to get the parental control software. These days’ internet has become one of the major resources when it comes to obtaining the information for every age or group all around the globe. It is known as finest sources of information which allows our children to enhance their knowledge level but then it also connects them with the aspects which they shouldn’t know before reaching to the specific age. And, it becomes the major concern for parents.

In case, if you are someone who haven’t noticed your child’s activity then you should start doing it now. Because, several dangers are there linked to young kids and teenagers when using the internet activity overly. When it comes to protecting your children from attackers then it becomes relevant you pay attention to download Protegent 360 complete security. The software plays an important role to monitor the internet use of your kid. It is also helpful for parents in monitoring and controlling all the activities that kids initiate only by giving varied functionalities such as filtering for websites, logging and monitoring etc. You can also set time limit for your kids on daily basis or by shutting down the internet use completely.

These days’ parents are raising the complete new generation that is tech-savvy. It has become common to see kids using tablets and teens texting each other for communication purpose. This doesn’t end here, even schools have integrated the use of computers and laptops as part of their course. Parents are allowing their kids to use cell phones because it helps them to stay connected with them but again this is not a good way to raise them. In these kind of situations, parents should know the relevance of getting the parental control software.

The software recommendation is given because parents are facing a huge challenge of allowing their kids to use internet services, giving them laptops or systems or giving them digital freedom. On the other hand, parents are also concerned if they won’t allow their children to use these activities then it will lead to affecting their efficiency of learning and developing. But, then again here they are becoming prone to online threats and content that probably being a children they wouldn’t be able to handle. That’s why you should download Protegent 360 complete security software integrated with parental control as one of the main features. This will enable you navigating the digital world of your kids and the activities around them.

Here is one thing you must teach your kids. As you keep telling them to lock the door if there is no one at home, similarly you have to teach them about the use of security system on the computers. It is important because this way your kids will be aware that there are activities which may take place online and may not go in favor of them.

Being a parent it is evident that all you want is best for your kid. You want to make sure that they always feel protected and secured. And, this reason is sufficient to get the best parental control software. With this software, you would be able to ensure shielding your kid from the online toxicity.

You can secure them from cyber-attackers who don’t even care about any boundary when attacking the victims. With an appropriate parental control software, you would be able to restrict the time of screen and the use of social media for children. This way you can also develop the habit of discipline among them and can also learn about life except gadgets.

Reasons you need to get best parental control software

If you are wondering that why should you download Protegent 360 complete security software as a parental control then find some of the reasons here:

Monitor your kid’s devices

Kids these days’ are busy learning things online and keep thinking that they are trying to be good citizen online. So, here comes your important role when you have to keep track of them by getting the best parental control software to track each activity they initiate online through their computer systems. The software allows you monitoring the device and checking their social media profiles they have. You can help them by initiating small steps without letting them know. You would be able to know that what kind of searches your kid is making online. Also, another important things is you should let your kid know that you are keeping a track of their online activity this way they will be more cautious.

Manage your kid’s search on search engines

Search engines like Google allows every user to make every kind of search nowadays. But, here is the problem. When there is an access to endless content then it can be inappropriate for kids according to their age and for their developmental stage. You need to download Protegent 360 complete security software as it will assist you in blocking the adult content and overt images, sites, and videos that are not appropriate depending on their age. Make sure that the system you are using is updated depending on the program for the objective of log-in under profiles that are customized. You should talk to your kids and should let them know about the content which is appropriate or inappropriate.

Establish good cyber habits in your kids

We don’t have to specifically elaborate how huge the cybercrime industry has become and cybercriminals always victimize on user’s bad cyber habits. A kid when using the online activities are always curious about learning new things and developing it in them. In this search of knowing more, they unintentionally engages themselves in the online behavior that is hazardous to them such as revealing a lot of information may be like their name or birth date. This leads to comprising their security and others as well. Therefore, to reduce the risk of poor growing cyber habit in your kid you should get the best parental control software. You can monitor if they are not sharing information on social sites or with an unknown person online. If found any suspicious activity, you can immediately restrict it.

Set screen time

We all know that how addictive screen time can be. Even adults cannot stop spending hours or sticking themselves with a devices. We all are getting detached from our physical environment just because of screen time addiction. But, then it has been evaluated that kids may find it more difficult time to break free from their preferred game or online activity. You must be aware the huge amount of screen time use can lead to bad posture, bad eyesight, inappropriate sleep and a lot of health issues.

Hence, being a parent it is your accountability to limit the screen time and change their lifestyle. And, to initiate this step you need to download Protegent 360 complete security software. This software enables you to set boundaries by setting the time limit for your kid. You can designate time for kid’s screen time accordingly.

Defend online reputation

These days’ it is seen that kids are flooding the internet with their social media posts, pictures, videos and what not. A lot of these innocent posts are ignored. But, the world is filled with some mischievous and disobedient people as well who may not only notice these posts but also may use them for their ill desires. So, keeping this in mind it becomes really essential for you to get the parental control software. This way you would be able to monitor what your kid is posting online and with whom it has been shared. You can manage the settings on your own to control who can view the posts. If you are unable to do this then making the account private is another way out. In a nutshell, software like parental controls have become a boon for parents as they can save their kid’s from any suspicious activity that goes online.

Help you with data backup

Most of the times, nowadays kid’s uses the internet for finishing their homework or school projects. So, it is vital that the data is backed up in a secured place. You must make your kid understand about the importance of securing and protecting data in the safest place. You should download Protegent 360 complete security software as this is not only a tool for parental control but also assists you with backing up the data and ensures that it is in a protected location. It also obliges you in data backup in case your laptop is stolen, or lost or not working naturally. In that case, you can back up your data with the help of software.

Teaches cyber etiquette

If you want to develop cyber etiquettes in your kid then ensure getting the best parental control software. You must tell them about this software and why do you use it. It will help your children understand the significance of cyber security, bullying and other online activities that they should be aware of. You can share the information about it but don’t let them use it as you don’t know what the thought process of your kid is. This way you would be able to develop the better cyber habits in your kid.

Customized software

You must download 360 Protegent complete security software as it is customizable. You can block the content, track the whereabouts of your kid and settle screen time as discussed earlier as well. The customizable functionalities in the software makes sure that it works as you want them to be and this is one of the reasons you should use it. Most of the software’s in the market don’t offer you this sort of upside.

What you need to do before using the best parental control software?

This question again plays an important role when you plan to get the best parental control software. You cannot go without understanding the functionality and other aspects of software as it might lead to putting you and your kid both in danger. So, here are things which you should keep in mind before working with the software:

Familiarizing yourself with technology and internet

It is relevant for you to comprehend the sites and tools that are famous among the kids of all ages and then analyze the risk of going online. When you think to download Protegent 360 security software for kid’s safety, it becomes vital that you know the main functionality as without this you can pose the threat for your security. You should also begin familiarizing yourself with the social platforms that are there and which are raising the today’s generation. This will assist you a lot in ensuring that your kid is safe and secured.

Introduce technology and online protection to your kid

Parents these days are very cautious when it comes to introducing the online activities and technology to their kid’s. But, being a parent you should know that if you won’t teach then they will try themselves and which may cause risks to security. When you intend to get the best parental control software, you should make your kids aware about the online safety. Guide them about the cyber-attacks and let them know what IT security means. Also, tell them how software can be useful in mitigating the security threats that can be there on the system. It would assist you to let your kid be away from the laptops or computer systems.

Social media and privacy

You must be aware that social platforms and privacy these days are the most challenging areas to manage. When young people like us cannot handle the social media and privacy then how kids will do. This calls for having a conversation with the. Getting the best parental control software will help you surely but you need to play your part as well. If they would understand about the privacy aspects then it will be easier for you to work with the software and your kid’s will also develop good cyber habits.

Final say

If you are striving to protect your kid from online and internet security threat then you need to download Protegent 360 security software. The software has been integrated with best control features for parents that allows them filtering out websites. They can manage the search of their kid’s online with just keywords. With this software you can easily block the content which you don’t want your kid to see or you don’t want them to access.

The best parental control software is integrated with the blacklisting feature and whitelisting the sites. The activity reporter module is useful for the parents in tracking every action of their kids. It offers you the information that is real-time. You can gain the information associated to kid’s online presence and will notify you if there is any suspicious activity. You would be able to manage the activity logs of sites that are visited without letting your kid know about it. All in all, the software obliges you to ensure the protection and safety of your kid’s when they are online or using the internet through laptops or system.

Download your best parental control software for free here:

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Protegent Endpoint Security software

Best Endpoint Security Software 2020

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security is a mechanism of securing endpoints or entrance points of end-user devices like laptops, notebooks, and cellular devices from being manipulated by malicious programs or software. Endpoint security systems shield these endpoints.

Endpoint security has developed from conventional antivirus applications to providing comprehensive security against malware and evolving zero-day dangers. Endpoint security is frequently seen as cybersecurity’s frontline, also signifies one of the primary areas organizations seem to secure their own business networks.

Since the quantity and elegance of cybersecurity risks have steadily increased, so has the demand for more innovative endpoint security options. Now’s endpoint security systems are designed to rapidly discover, assess, block, and comprise attacks in advance. To do so, they will need to collaborate with one another and with other safety technologies to provide administrators visibility to complex dangers to speed detection and remediation reaction times.

 Why Endpoint security is important for the business?

To understand this question, we are considering here two aspects so that the answer is easier. In the previous era of internet, when businesses or enterprises just began adopting the new and advanced technologies into their corporates, local networks had always the perimeters that were firm and clear. It was very important at that point of time to be present physically in the same office to access the servers and central repositories also for going through the common portal.

Now, taking the second scenario, when the technologies have advanced and workplaces have also become modern, the transferring of business into cloud hosting and software as a service has become very common which led to turning the situation entirely different. Businesses have employees, partners, vendors and what not now. All of them connect with each other through the enterprise network from their personal devices and at times from remote locations as well. It has made everything stress-free for corporates as they can run the business globally but it has also led to introducing several cyber security threats that businesses are facing on regular basis these days. Also, it is important for businesses to understand that most of these threats occur because of the insiders.

So, it has become very crucial for the corporates to integrate the Endpoint Security Software to identify all the possible entrances that are used by the outsiders or hackers to gain the access of internal network. This way it would be easier for the business to secure all the endpoints that may become the target of cyber-attack or any of the security threats.

Best Endpoint Security Software 2020:-

Protegent Endpoint Security software

Protegent Endpoint Security Software is a tool used to protect the end devices or endpoints such as computers and laptops from the threats like malware, spyware, ransmoware, and access that is unauthorized. With the help of this security software, user can ensure controlling the access to network which is most likely to become the victim of malware’s or malicious attacks. The Protegent Endpoint Security Software is developed with cloud-based innovation to closely monitor and to ensure threat detection, fortification and stoppage.

Protegent endpoint security is developed with the motive of offering an extra advanced security features to protect the corporate from massive security threats associated to endpoint devices of network.  The primary help this security software offer includes limiting the access for hackers while they are planning to initiate attack with the new methods of obtaining access, stealing the important data or information, and influencing the employees so that they can disclose the significant information of business.

With the incorporation of Protegent Endpoint Security Software, it would be easier for the businesses and user to secure their entry points from the user who is unauthorized and any sort of malicious activity that may take place. Companies also can efficiently look after the maintenance of endpoint compliance with the standards of data security.

Conversing about the enterprises, then Protegent Endpoint Security Software process assists in securing the organizational devices effectively thus protecting the corporate network from susceptibilities and measure any kind of exploitation by attackers through cybercrimes, malicious, malware, spyware etc.

Protegent is developed mainly keeping the security threats in mind integrating the endpoints with current patches, following the adequate protocols of security, also the standards set by several compliance policies are met. The users of software would find the integration of configurations to prevent the security risks in the endpoint devices.

To comprehend the Protegent Endpoint Security Software, you need to keep reading below as the relevant aspects are detailed for better understanding.

What are the uses of Protegent Endpoint Security Software for businesses?

To begin with the installation process of Protegent Endpoint Security Software, it is essential that corporates comprehends the uses of it. It would be helpful for them in using the product appropriately. So, here are the primary uses of software:

  • One of the main uses of Protegent endpoint security includes device protection. Since nowadays the trend of BYOD (Bring your own Device) is quite popular and also organizations are allowing for it, so in that case the software use would assist them in securing the endpoints and devices from cyber threats like ransomware. It would oblige in reducing the probability of any inner threat caused by employees. Corporates can secure their devices even when the employee is working from remote location.
  • Secondly, corporate can make use of this software for network controls. It is evaluated that most of the businesses have to experience intricacies when controlling their network because they don’t find any adequate and required security product. So, in that case, Protegent endpoint is the solution for such organizations as it would help them in networking controlling. It is also integrated with the comprehensive firewall so there is also no requirement of getting apprehended for the filtration of incoming traffic and categorizing the probable risks.
  • Application control is another primary use of the software and corporates without any doubt can integrate it to secure their endpoint devices. It includes the integration with server of application so that appropriate monitoring and restricting the endpoint kind’s access can be ensured.
  • It is seen that these days most of the businesses are worried about their data protection because of the increase in cyber and security attacks or threats conducted by the hackers. It makes them more worried because of the information stored in it. So, integrating Protegent endpoint security would not only help in securing endpoints but also ensure data controls. The software has the ability to prevent and reduce the probability of data leaks. The best part is that it also benefits the business in improving their data security with the encryption of confidential information.
  • Browser protection is also the use businesses can incorporate with the installation of Protegent endpoint security. The security software inculcates the option of web filtration so that the sites corporates can permit the access to the only type of sites they want their employees to use when connected with the network.

What benefits Protegent Endpoint Security Software offers to the Small, Medium and Large Enterprises?

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to destroying the businesses of all sizes, be it small, medium or large. Even after the pandemic, it has been noted that most of the enterprises are still neglecting the problems like cyber security.

Companies are utilizing the remote workforce technologies so that the infection spread is combatted but they are not concerned about protecting the modes of communication being used for getting in touch with the employees. Hence, it has become the need to integrate Protegent endpoint security solution to reduce complexities that can take place due to security threats.

It’s just not about the present situation even in future it is very important for businesses of all sizes to accumulate the software to be stress-free. For more information, let’s have a look at the benefits of Protegent endpoint security for small, large and medium-sized businesses:

  • Management of patch increasingly: It is significant to understand for every size of business that patches matter. There is always a crucial information related to security in every endpoint patch which assists in mitigating or preventing the cyber threats or attacks. It has been identified that hackers make use of the endpoints that are unpatched and use them as way of major targets. As per the survey of PonemonInsititue, the usual endpoint is three months overdue when it comes to update. Whereas, there is always the requirement of around 97 days for testing and deploying the patches to every endpoint.

Therefore, Protegent Endpoint Security Software is the solution when it comes to patch management for all size of businesses. The software enables the IT team for identifying the devices that are unpatched and assists in troubleshooting the probable susceptibilities before attacker plans to abuse. This security solution ensure patching of the devices in a manner so that the workflow for employees in an organization is disrupted.

  • Enhanced visibility: Lack of visibility is one of the problems in enterprises causing the risks like cyber security. Organizations keep putting efforts to create the extraordinary acumens into their atmosphere. But, it is essential to comprehend that if there is no visibility then it gets problematic for experts of cyber security to identify the attack surfaces planned by attackers. Businesses should also know that hackers always victimize as they prefer secluded, susceptible, and the ignored endpoints.

Hence, among all the other benefits enhanced visibility is also offered by Protegent endpoint security solution to the small, medium and large sized businesses. The software assists corporates in identifying all the devices that are linked to the network so that appropriate norms are amended for the remote work. Thus, the software helps in uncovering all the probable gaps and ensures performing the frequent checks so that fragile spots are prevented within no time.

  • Streamlined connectivity: It has been evaluated in studies that layered and complex endpoint security may at times enhances the breach probability rather than eliminating it entirely. If we take it in an objective manner, then it may sound sensible. Basically, congesting endpoints with multiple agents lead to create the problems associated to integration that create varied susceptibilities for protection. Protegent endpoint security is the solution that can offer benefits like streamlined connectivity. The software ensures offering comprehensive abilities that are helpful for enterprises when it comes to streamlining the solutions linked to cyber security.
  • Reduction in loss:In this current scenario, most of the employees are working from home due to covid-19 situation. So, in that case it becomes very important for the organizations to look after loss prevention whether it is digital or physical. Conversing about the digital sphere then Protegent endpoint security offers the benefit of providing the protection to endpoint devices since so many employees are working remotely these days specifically.

The software is useful in preventing the data from leaving the locations of database that are verified including endpoints. It also help in preventing the complex data from being uploaded to the databases i.e. public cloud. On the other hand in case, if an employee experience the loss of an endpoint comprising important data or information then this software remains the only help. It assists in remote wiping and identifying the endpoints so that the data can be protected efficiently.

What are the unique features of Protegent Endpoint Security Software?

Protegent endpoint security has been developed with the intent of assisting the organizations when it comes to securing the endpoint devices. So, there are unique features that have been integrated to make sure that it works best for enterprises. Here are its features:

  • Sandbox threat capture: This is one of the prominent features in the software and is beneficial for enterprises when it comes identification of the unknown threats. With the cutting-edge technology accumulated in the software, it has the efficiency of capturing the file which are unknown and sends them to the endpoint antivirus threat labs. The main purpose of sending the files in these labs is to initiate the real time analysis for ensuring safety and protection.
  • Vulnerability scanner:It is seen that malicious registry and traces of cookies don’t find any sort of difficult when it comes to the system. It is effortless to damage and breach the personal information. Hence, it is essential for an enterprise to integrate the Protegent end point security system as it benefits in scanning the vulnerabilities of the system. After the scanning is done, it ensures system registry cleanup from the problems like virus, malware or software traces which include unsolicited changes.
  • Speed-lighting: This feature of Protegent endpoint security is useful for the corporates in obtaining the updates linked to threat and hence make it one of the frivolous software’s. The feature accumulate the significant segment of analyzing threats in sandbox hence ensures system is not slowing down.
  • USB Vaccine:This feature has been integrated in the software to protect the USB drives across the network so that the businesses don’t experience disruptions when operating. It also repairs the USB’s that are infected within no time and also retrieves unhidden files because of virus outbreak.
  • Junk cleaner: With this feature in Protegent endpoint, it would be easier for the corporates to categorize and remove the unrequired files. These are the files which are generated by windows and applications like log, temporary and files for error reporting.
  • Data loss prevention: With the use of Protegent endpoint security, enterprise obtains the feature of data loss prevention as well. It assists in storing the data in case theft takes place and limits the access which is unknown for the devices.
  • Registry Repair: Corporates can efficiently mitigate the issue of registry file that leads to impacting the performance of system. Registry repair feature in the software ensures cleaning up the concealed traces in file extension category, assist menu order, startup
  • Updates & Upgrades:With this feature, businesses can ensure hourly updates and upgrades which again eradicates the probability of any security threat for the endpoint devices.
  • Light weight antivirus:The software is a lightweight and hence makes sure that the systems are not slowing down which is why it is also called Speedo.

Admin console features

Following are the admin console features that have been incorporated in the Protegent Endpoint Security Software to make it more proficient:

  • Easy creation and groups managing with endpoint clients.
  • Different policy enforcement for the offsite and onsite users.
  • Security policy creation and adequate deployment all over the groups.
  • Easy interface integrated for use.
  • Simpler deployment associated to customized settings per group/client.
  • Solitary dashboard allows the user viewing the status of endpoint protection, status and events of USB.
  • Role-based administration consent for sharing and delegating the accountability for actions.
  • Comprehensive feature of reporting for tackling the system that is pre-defined and customizable.
  • Improved and supple massive network management.
  • Single console for managing the security for both antivirus and web.
  • Easy installation wizard for use with zero configurations.
  • Easy generation for an audit report of the user system centrally with profound details of hardware and software.
  • Simple identification of user logs (events, device, manual scan, real-time scan and manual scan, USB events, app logs, anti-ransom backup logs, new file logs etc.
  • Easy sending of the endpoint reports on the email id of admin.
  • Generation of audit report centralized.
  • Taking centralized anti-ransom backup.

Which are the challenges a business encounter and why it must need an endpoint security?

According to the Verizon report of 2018, it is estimated that around 92% of the malware attacks takes place through emails. Reason identified for the problem is that in an enterprise employees keep clicking on the link thinking that they are from trusted resource. This leads to giving a chance to hackers for initiating the malware installation, spreading it and access gaining for the applications, databases and servers. All we mean to depict here is that the parameter security solutions don’t prove to be sufficient for fighting back the malware attacks.

It is being addressed here so that businesses can understand the challenges which require endpoint security. For better comprehension, let’s have a look at the challenges below:

  • Operating system exposure: It is identified that the security issues in a business takes place because of the operating systems. Reason being is that even when the technology has advanced even then enterprises are using the old systems such as Windows XP which are not supported by the Microsoft. To upgrade the system, there is the need of huge monetary and outflow that is operational. So, to reduce this organizations settles down for the traditional antivirus security. The result is security attacks and data theft.

It is important that businesses integrate Protegent endpoint security so as to reduce the issue because it has the efficiency of mitigating the discussed problems. It not only helps the business in securing the endpoint devices but also notifies even before the security attack takes place.

  • Not understanding the endpoint security: This is another significant challenge most of the business experience because they don’t comprehend it in an efficient manner. Most of the times, organizations confuse endpoint security with previous available computer protection programs. They just believe that it would help them in securing the network and the IT infrastructure and it’s not their fault entirely as certain endpoint security software claims too many features and don’t provide them to the user. But, Protegent endpoint security is unique and exceptional.

The use of this software would ensure providing the different controls such as port, application, endpoint detection and response, data loss prevention, sandboxing, secure email gateways and cloud perimeter security. All in all, businesses can proficiently feel calm when it comes to security attack or any malware, spyware etc.

  • Not keeping the apps up to date: This again is one of the main challenge that requires protection. It is seen that most of the businesses are not concerned about updating their applications time to time which leads to creating the huge probability of security attacks. Enterprises have the misconceptions that simple antivirus security installation will figure out the solution for security threats. It is high time that they understand the significance of endpoint security and integrate it in the system. With the use of Protegent endpoint security, they don’t have to be concerned about the updating of application every time. Software itself initiates the regular updates so that the vulnerabilities can be suspected and eradicated if found any.

Scenario- Real case Problem

Here we are going to illustrate the real case problem to understand the amazing qualities of Protegent Endpoint security. There are always two kind of IT managers in an office. One who is always chilled out and second who always find himself in chaos.

Let’s talk about the second one first. Ed works in a company called, “ABC” as an IT manager. He is been working with the company for years and understands the core of business. He used to begin his mornings in the office but one fine day it wasn’t usual. As soon as, he reached the office and switched on his system, he was in a big chaos. He encountered the virus detection. The complete office was in mess and he couldn’t understand.

Now, he started identifying what actually went wrong and evaluated that the software was not updated. The employee’s productivity in the office was very poor, computers also were speeding down. He had no idea of whether the systems were experiencing contamination with malicious content from the sites or it is because of the external storage. Somehow, he managed to resolve the issue with the assistance of technical team.

Scenario 2

Adam, works in a “XYZ Company” as an IT manager. He is always relaxed and calm. He never finds himself in the trouble. The team always shows complete productivity and also systems never slows down. So, how does he manage to do that? Simple solution, installed Protegent endpoint security. He has efficiently take care of the issues beforehand. The software is easy to install deploy and manage.

He has obtained the several defense layers that continually ensures performing the usual endpoint security. The single console solution assists him in minimizing the overhead management and offers the visibility with control. He can easily view the risk score and ensure analyzing the misconfiguration with the susceptibilities.

The Protegent endpoint security has set him free from worrying about any security threat and proficiently he manages everything with the software as it keeps updating on regular basis.

Therefore, it is also essential for Ed to integrate the Protegent endpoint security if he wants to begin his morning calmly every day like Adam.


It has become a challenge for every enterprise when it comes to dealing with the endpoint security challenges as most of them are using the software’s that are traditional. There is a requirement of accepting the fact that nowadays it is improbable to accomplish endpoint security without using the solutions that are automated.

It is every day cyber and security attacks are rising and traditional software’s don’t have the efficiency of dealing with the trends of cyber threats. Hence, to resolve all these issues Protegent endpoint security is the only solution.

With the software, every business can mitigate the issue in an efficient manner and don’t have to find the complexities when it comes to resolving the security or cyber-attacks.

Hopefully, the article would assist in understanding the Protegent endpoint security software – Best Endpoint Security Software 2020.

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The Best Laptop Tracking Software | Download Free Laptop Tracking Software

What is a Laptop tracking software?

Laptop tracking software is the tool used for protecting and tracking the laptop if is lost or stolen. It reduce the problem for the users and corporate when dealing with the laptop theft case. The software is useful for the users when it comes to recover their system in the event if is misplaced by mistake or stolen.

Locate laptop is a module under the Protegent complete security and is identified as the best laptop tracking software due to its exceptional working process. The system requirement for software includes windows, windows XP, Vista, windows 7 and windows server 2008. The software development is initiated so that tracing the laptop location and data retrieving in the system becomes easier for a user.

Another noteworthy aspect of this tool is, it’s a free laptop tracking software (on trial period) which means users don’t have to get apprehended about payment when downloading it. If we talk about the physical assets, then protecting the laptop is bit difficult. They are concealable easily and probability of theft cases rises significantly.

Taking the aspect of laptop use in organization then the robbery of this asset can cause vivid loss to any corporate because of the increased data storage. Hence, the development of laptop tracking software initiated so that users and corporates are not worried about their personal information stored in the system like banking details, pictures, videos, or any other personal and professional documents.

The unique functionalities and features of the software not only assist the user in tracing the laptop but also ensures security to their information and data effectively that is stored in the system. To provide more understanding of the software, other aspects are discussed in the write-up more comprehensively so keep following the writing piece.


Uses of the software

Now, to install the locate laptop software it is important for a user and organization to know what it can do for them. So, here are the uses of software for enhanced understanding:

  • Firstly, the use of locate laptop software would help an organization or a user in detecting the pin point location once it is connected to the internet after it is misplaced or lost.
  • The incorporated Google map application in the software will assist the user in demonstrating the location with particular information of latitude and longitude.
  • The use of this software in any organization is helpful to keep track of the employee’s laptop through master login.
  • When the user experiences robbery or lost the laptop then it’s just not the financial loss but more than that it is of data and information stored in it which leads to the major apprehension. The use of software obliges the user in encrypting the complete data without letting the unauthorized person read it through automatic data encryption feature integrated in the laptop.
  • It is also easier for a corporate and a user to recover the applications with the use of locate laptop software.
  • The use of this software allows an individual to activate or deactivate the integrated functionalities in the system. The only requirement is to use the verified code from the compatible device.
  • The software which is also known as one of The Best Laptop tracking Software can be used for the image capturing of an unauthorized individual through the feature of web cam while tracking laptop location.

What benefits locate laptop offers?

According to technology firm, it has been identified that a user experiences laptop theft every 53 seconds around the world.        If figures are to be believed then theft most of the times takes place in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports or public transports. Hence, the need of using locate laptop – laptop tracking software arises to reduce the probability of risks like theft case or misplacing the laptop by mistake.

Following are the benefits locate laptop offers to its users in a proficient and effective manner:

  • Track and control: It is obvious that when a user or an organization experience the laptop robbery or misplaces it then the problem creates a lot of hassle. It becomes difficult to understand what should be done in this situation but installing the locate laptop software removes all the worries. User can benefit from this software extensively. They can obtain the better efficient tracking and control aspects. The software offers the functionality of tracking devices proactively in place, time, and detect movement efficiently. The software enables the user to quickly react to the movements that are unauthorized through GPS.
  • Security of device with anti-theft solution: Another major benefit of using the laptop tracking software is linked to device protection. The users of locate laptop not only can enjoy the advantage of tracing or locating services but also can ensure security for their system. With the software, it is easier to wipe the data or folders remotely that are there in the laptop so as to be relieved for the private and personal data in case laptop is lost or stolen. The encryption feature secures the complete data and information.All in all, the software offer security actions for a lost device and configures it automatically.
  • Laptop managing remotely: Locate laptop not only offer the benefit of download free laptop tracking software but also allow the users to enjoy the advantage of managing the laptop information remotely once the lost laptop is tracked. The user wouldn’t find any complexity when working with the software as it tracks the location with IP address and once it is done, it becomes easier for user to manage the information or personal data sitting at home without letting the unauthorized user know about it.
  • Encryption of data automatically: Reason locate laptop is known as the best laptop tracking software because it offers automatic data encryption feature. Automatic data encryption feature in the software benefits in making the data unreadable to the unknown user. For instance, if laptop is lost and an unknown person gets hold of it then the software encrypts the data automatically.

In a nutshell, installing the locate laptop software offers numerous benefits to the user ensuring that they can easily

What are the features of software?

The development of locate laptop took place under the module of Protegent complete security so that enhanced services are offered to the customers. Security of the laptop is one of them but there are other features also accumulated in this download free laptop tracking software. So, to gain the more understanding ensure following the reading as below are the major features of software explained:

  • Laptop tracking: After the brief illustration of locate laptop, it is evident that the user can use it for identifying the location of lost or misplaced laptop. Thus, laptop tracking is one of the major features that have been integrated in the software for the comfort of user. With this feature, user can easily relish the benefit of tracking information linked to laptop user. Users don’t have to get apprehended about handing the feature manually as the complete functionalities automatically tracks the required information to trace the location after the laptop is connected to internet.

After tracing the location information, user requires opening the and provide the necessary details i.e. login and password to report theft. Once the relevant information and scanned police report is attached, software will begin the work of locating laptop. The user would be able to obtain the data within short period of time like IP address, ISP, city and so on. The security solution combines tracking methods, and selects the most precise and reliable result from GPS to locate your laptop.

  • Automatic data encryption: The users of locate laptop can enjoy the feature of automatic data encryption. With this feature, users can easily encrypts their information or data in case they experience the laptop lost or misplacement case. It is evaluated that mostly users are majorly concerned about losing the important data and information like pictures, videos, and other professional documents. But, if the user is using locate laptop software then they can get rid of the worry as it automatically encrypts the data in a lost or stolen laptop.
  • Tamper proof agent: The tamper proof feature integrated in the locate laptop helps in reporting on the server including the information like IP address, location, country, city, ISP, longitude and latitude also date and time. With this feature, user doesn’t have to hinder as there is no requirement of human involvement.
  • Recovers data with cloud server: The Protegentcomplete security software is developed with the integration of cloud technology and as locate laptop feature is developed with the accumulation of recovering data feature. So, in case user misplaces the laptop or it is stolen then user can easily recover the information loss or sensitive data. Cloud server is useful in retrieving the complete data for an authorized user if it is delete.
  • Screenshot: Last but not the least, locate laptop also involves the screenshot feature. If the software is installed in the system then the user doesn’t have to get apprehensive about the stored data or information for the lost or stolen laptop. It automatically captures the picture of screenshot every time the screen is used by an unauthorized user. The best part is the unauthorized user doesn’t get to know about this feature as it is hidden in the laptop.

How locate laptop works?

Being one of the best laptop tracking software, Locate laptop process is simple yet effective. It helps user in quickly locking and finding the laptop and secure the valuable information if it’s lost or stolen. Users can also use the browser easily anytime, anywhere and remotely to discover the system and to find who has it. Let’s find out the software process below for better understanding:

  • Locate is the first process that is initiated by the software after the user is aware that the laptop is missing or stolen, it instantly tracks and maps the location if an unknown person is using it through connecting with internet.
  • Second process is linked to making the online support of locate laptop aware quickly by providing the necessary details to trace the exact location. If the user is unable to do this, user can immediately lock the device by preventing strangers from using. Rest they can move on with the process through reporting the theft on official software website locate laptop.
  • Locate laptop sends the complete details on users email after the required details from user is obtained which includes location with IP address, ISP, city etc. is traced. Thus, this way user can easily find the missing or stolen laptop.

Scenario- Real case Problem

Let’s  explain it as a story, There is a company ‘XYZ’- dealing in technologies and services like web and mobile app development consented one of the employee named ‘Tom’ for work from home due to some personal health problems. Understanding the concerns and difficulties, organization was convinced and trusted him as he was serving in the company from last few months. They approved the laptop to him so that he can continue with the work and also for the reason that tasks of company are not hampered. Had they any idea, company wouldn’t have ever done this mistake because soon it realized that the laptop was stolen.

The managers and senior kept calling him but no answer they received. They tried reaching his home but found out the wrong address was provided by Tom. Company got to know that they have been conned. The issue was not only lost laptop but the information and data stored in it.

The company was in a great dilemma and was unable to understand that what they could do in this situation. Problem got more intense as he was working on several development projects and the information was in the laptop.

Scenario 2- Solution

Now, after experiencing such problematic ‘Company – XYZ’  was in stress but they soon managed to resolve the problem. The solution company applied was locate laptop tracking software. With this software, they not only traced the laptop location but also managed to save the important information linked to the business. After the company was aware about the theft, one of the managers instantly reported theft on with attaching the scanned police report.

The software helped the business in certain ways. Firstly, the tech team secured their information on the laptop and also software automatically encrypted the complete business details with other important information so that Tom is unable to use it for his own purpose. After the case was reported to official website, the instant step was taken to locate the laptop. With the provided information to the support, laptop was traced with IP address, ISP, name, city etc. The complete details were given to the company on mail so that they can obtain the laptop. Successfully with the locate laptop software, ‘Company – XYZ’ efficiently managed to get their laptop back and saved the information required for the projects. Tom was caught hence ended up in lockup.

So, the case is presented here to make the reader understand about the locate laptop more comprehensively. With this one can measure how big problem laptop theft or lost can create for the real user. Therefore, it is very important to install secured laptop tracking software to eliminate issues like ‘Company – XYZ’ faced.


Concluding the whole write-up, it is anticipated that it must have helped the regular laptop user and readers to understand the significance of laptop tracking software. Since in this era of 21st century when technology is being advanced extensively specifically in the IT industry so the risks of security threats have also increased.

It has been analyzed that laptop theft cases are growing year by year due to the private and personal information stored in it according to the various researched initiated. To prevent the misuse of data and information through laptop theft or lost case, Unistal has developed Protegent complete security software with locate laptop module.

Hopefully, the writing piece has helped you in gaining the information on locate laptop effectively. If you want to then you can easily download free laptop tracking software from here:

Protegent complete security solution

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