Pros and Cons of Antivirus Program

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Adequate system security software has become inevitable need of an each computer user to protect his/her personal and professional data from evolving internet threats. For this, various software developing firms have come forth and developed a proprietary “Antivirus” to rule out the errors. Antivirus software is one of the most used programs by the users to protect their computers from vulnerable threats. These antivirus programs are constituted with detection multi-techniques that keeps your system clean from worms, virus, Trojans, spyware, etc., and give you and your family a healthy and safer place to work on.

Despite, the fact that an Antivirus has some grey side as well can’t be concealed. Most of the time, an Antivirus  cannot detect the code of  a new virus as it’s not equipped with all the detection techniques, thus a virus can escape easily. Secondly, an Antivirus is not always adept at blocking the hackers, viruses, Trojans and spyware on the Internet from invading into your computer. In addition, if, an antivirus program’s virus database is not periodically updated, it can itself act as a virus.

Most importantly, installing and running an antivirus software can take a bit longer time, and use up a lot of computer memory and hard disk space, which entails slowing down your PC performance. Significantly, a single Antivirus is not able to protect you from the all the untoward threats, you may be tempted to install more than one antivirus program.

However, all these conflicts can be resolved at once by using a top-notch Protegent Antivirus Software Solution, designed by professionals to keep your system at bay from malicious programs incursions, and also ensures a safe browsing environment. This viable tool protects your data from internet threats, boosts system efficiency, and performs secured data encryption.

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