Protegent 360 – A Complete Package of Protection

In this contemporary period, organizations save their entire data on the computer, there can be times, when this data is drowned with a virus attack, or someone in the organization is trying to leak that data. These situations can actually affect the business growth; moreover, can create an aura full of anxiety and stress. To prohibit these atrocious situations, business can surely avail Protegent 360 antivirus. It is more than an antivirus, as it provides five more superior modules, which uplifts the business forum and secures data completely. Protegent360 is an advanced shield that protects a user from various kinds of virus interventions, prevent data leakage, facilitate enhanced system efficiency, and perform secured data encryption. This versatile antivirus software  ensures complete security and easy computing of business data.

total security

The five effective modules are:

  1. Protegent total security
  2. Port locker
  3. Activity reporter
  4. Laptop tracking
  5. Crash proof

These five modules invigorate the entire protection of the data. Protegent 360 a complete security software encompasses enumerable features that uphold the responsibility of the user’s data. Some of the adroit features of these modules are:

Protegent total security

  • Ant & Antispyware- protects from all kinds of viruses, spyware, Trojans, and malware
  • File Encryption- this feature locks up the important file in an encrypted vault

Port locker

  • Block USB Port- a user can block all his/her ports in the computer, which prevents unauthorized access. USB port, Bluetooth port, IEEE 1394 port, infrared port, etc. can be blocked
  • Block /Unblock as per schedule or block port when system idle- single or multiple ports can be blocked permanently, scheduled or even if the system is idle

Activity report

  • Monitor internet activity- records all Internet activity with the help of whitelist and blacklist features
  • Monitor keystrokes- record all keystrokes and catch DOS-box and Java chat Keystrokes

Laptop tracking

  • Laptop/ User Tracking- protects Webpage for the user, it closely tracks the movement of the person with the designated laptop, such as a company employee
  • Automated Data Encryption- Encrypts data even if the laptop is not connected to the Internet

Crash proof

  • Unformatted and formatted drives- with the help of crash proof module, a person can retrieve the entire drive
  • Deleted file/ folder recovery- bestows file recovery, salvages all the deleted and corrupted data

Protegent 360 adhere absolute protection of user’s data.