Protegent 360 Security Antivirus Complete Protection from Viruses1

Protegent 360 Security Antivirus – Complete Protection from Viruses

Protegent 360 Security Antivirus Complete Protection from Viruses1

Protegent is the data security product by Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. Unistal planned to launch Protegent with extremely advanced features which no antivirus company had thought off. With the hard work of qualified professionals and experienced management, Unistal introduced Protegent as world’s only antivirus with inbuilt data recovery software. Protegent was officially launched in 2012 by Unistal and surprised the antivirus industry with advanced combination of Antivirus Software for protection against viruses, spyware, malware, etc and Data Recovery Software to recover/restore lost, deleted and formatted data files from your system.

After introducing Protegent, Unistal didn’t stopped there only. Protegent 360 Antivirus or Protegent Complete Security was launched by Unistal with extremely advanced Total Security Solution with other advanced modules like Crash Proof, Port Locker, Activity Reporter, Locate Laptop & SysBoost.


Protegent 360 Security Antivirus is an award winning complete security software and received Best Emerging Security Product Award by Cyber Crime. Protegent Complete Security is packed with extremely advanced security features to offer absolute protection against advanced online threats including viruses, spywares, malware, and other online threats. Protegent 360 doesn’t only protect your system from viruses but also protects your confidential data from any physical loss with the help of inbuilt data recovery software in the form of “Crash proof” which recovers accidentally deleted data in an effective and efficient way.

Following are the advanced modules which are included in Protegent Complete Security Software:

  1. Protegent Total Security

Protegent Total Security Solution is extremely advanced data security product which goes beyond malware protection and provides robust security against online threats to your computer. Apart from the capability of protection from malware, phishing attacks and spam, Protegent Total Security includes features like antivirus, parental control, bi-directional firewall, and spam filter to block any unauthorized/infected mail in your system.

  1. Crash Proof

Crash Proof is inbuilt proactive data recovery software present in Protegent Complete Security which is very helpful for users to recover accidentally deleted data in an efficient and effective way. Crash Proof is a Data Loss Prevention module that can be very useful module which can get back lost, deleted and formatted data from your hard disk.

  1. Port Locker

Port Locker is a Data Leakage Prevention module which allows the admin to restrict unauthorized access to confidential data present in the system. In this module, admin can block ports of Pen Drive, CD/DVD, Internet, Printer so that there may be no chance that any unauthorized person can stole confidential information from the system.

  1. Activity Reporter

Activity Reporter is a monitoring and reporting module present in Protegent Complete Security which allows the admin to known the activities going on the computer system which includes application activity, internet activity, etc. Daily logs are maintained which includes which applications and website accessed by the user daily.

  1. Locate Laptop

Locate Laptop is a location tracking software which is very helpful in case your laptop is stolen. It provides pin point location tracking of the laptop being stolen using Google Maps and even provides the coordinates of the location. There is a advanced feature of automatic data encryption which is very help in case your laptop is stolen. In this case, the data present in the laptop gets automatically encrypted after customized span of time if not connected to internet.

  1. SysBoost

SysBoost is a System Tune-up module which is used to maintain the performance of your computer system. Sys Boost efficiently wipes junk files or folders, optimizes internet setting, cleans browser history and internet cookies, removes disorganizes windows registry and all temporary files.

Protegent Complete Security is overall the perfect data security product for every computer system with amazing advanced modules.

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