Protegent Complete 360 Security Antivirus – New Buzzword in Antivirus Industry

Antivirus software is the most commonly used data security tool at home and business for protection against viruses, spyware and other online cyber threats. The word antivirus or total security is quite familiar for the computer users which works as a data security product for protection against any sought of virus attack. As the technology is advancing, Protegent being pioneer in data security product had developed complete 360 security antivirus which has 6 inbuilt modules combined into a single product providing features of data security, data loss protection and data care. Protegent 360 has also been awarded by Cyber Media as Best Emerging Security Product.

Protegent 360 Security Antivirus comes with advanced features which provide extremely advanced protection against viruses, spyware, malware, phishing attacks, spam attacks, and other online cyber threats. Protegent 360 security antivirus not only is responsible of providing protection from viruses but also keeps your data secured from getting lost, deleted or formatted.

It prevents any sought of data transfer by unauthorized person from the computer system without the admin of the computer knowing about it. Protegent 360 works as a parental tool for the children working on computer at home and as an employee monitoring tool for the employee at work place. It also has an inbuilt laptop tracking utility which allows the admin to know the exact location of the laptop or computer which is very helpful in case of laptop theft. That’s not it; Protegent 360 has inbuilt system tune-up software which cleans up temporary internet files, registries, cookies, and other unwanted files to enhance system performance. Protegent 360 antivirus contains inbuilt data recovery software which recovers any accidentally deleted data.

Now let’s dig into the various modules present in this award Winning Protegent 360 Antivirus:

  1. Protegent Total Security

Protegent Total Security is the data security module of Protegent 360 which is responsible for protecting computer from viruses, spyware and any sought of cyber threats.

  1. Crash Proof for Data Loss Prevention

There are cases when the user accidentally delete, format or lost the data present in the computer system. As data present in computer is very essential for computer user, it needs to be recovered back to avoid any financial loss. Crash Proof is a data loss prevention tool which allows user to recover any accidentally lost, deleted and even formatted data in not time. Crash Proof takes the image of the index of the storage media and saved at some save place in the memory. In case of any data deletion, the software copy backs the data by checking the index of the physical memory.

  1. Port Locker for Data Leakage Prevention

Port Locker is data leakage prevention software which prevents any unauthorized data transfer by unknown user without the admin of the computer system knowing about it. It can block any data transfer port like USB, Printer, Network Adapter, CD/DVD, IEEE 1394 permanently, temporary or for a scheduled time in a day. For every organization and individual, it is always challenging to keep confidential data safe and protected which Port Locker software does at ease. There is a certain requirement of controlling, monitoring and prevent the flow of data through computer. This product gives assurance to protect the flow of data from all the ports leaving no chance of data theft.

  1. Activity Reporter for Activity Reporting & Monitoring

Activity Reporter is the most important module of Protegent 360 which keeps a track of application and internet activities and provides detailed report of the same to the admin of the computer which can be parents at home and employers are work place. Activity Reporter is a monitoring and reporting tool which records each and every activity in the computer system from applications, internet or even the keystrokes. I can even be used to take the screenshot of the screen at a schedules time frame to know what the user is exactly doing on the computer system.

  1. Locate Laptop for Laptop Tracking

Locate Laptop is an advanced software which allows the user to track the pin point location of his/her laptop. It allows employers to know the location of its employees who are carrying office laptops along with them. It also allows any user to known he location of the laptop thief in case it gets stolen.

  1. SysBoost for System Tune-up

SysBoost is system tune-up software which tries to keep the computer performance at optimum level. SysBoost removes junk files, folders, temporary registries and also defragmenting drives. This is the best application which is designed for MS Windows and help in maintaining, managing and optimizing computer system performance.

That’s it in today’s discussion about “Protegent Complete 360 Security Antivirus”. We recommend use of this software to provide protection against online cyber threats. This software offers 75% extra features than any other available product.

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