Protegent Complete Security – Data Security Beyond Total Security

Antivirus and total security is the most common buzz word heard in data security products. But have you heard about revolutionary Complete Security which is an advanced antivirus & have extreme feature beyond the capacity of Total Security Antivirus.

Unistal being a pioneer in data recovery, data security and data care always try to develop software products which should have advanced features overcoming the current capacity and capability.

That’s why Unistal came up with the advanced data security product with the name Protegent Complete Security which has extreme features not present in any of the product in the same category. Further Unistal surprised the antivirus industry by bring this advanced 360 antivirus with proactive data recovery software; a revolutionary combination of modules making it the perfect to be used by every computer system for 360 protection from viruses, spyware, online cyber threats and accidental data loss.

Protegent 360 antivirus is an award winning complete security software comes with advanced features which provide extremely robust protection against advanced online threats. Protegent 360 not only keeps your computer secured from viruses & other cyber threats but also protects your business data from unauthorized access and data theft. Protegent360 also provides proactive data recovery module to recover accidentally deleted data in an efficient and effective way. Protegent360 works as parenting software tool which provide complete activity report of child’ computer and internet use. This enables the parents to guide their children in right direction. In case your laptop gets stolen, Protegent provides pin point location of the laptop to the user and if the laptop is not connected to internet, encrypts your confidential data making it unreadable to the thief. Protegent360 also provides system tune-up utility to enhance the speed of computer. This software offers 75% extra features than any other available product.

Prominent Features of Protegent Complete Security

  • Effective Antivirus Security
  • Extreme protection against online cyber threats
  • Proactive data recovery of lost/deleted data
  • Prevention of unauthorized data leakage from different external sources
  • Reporting and monitoring of user’s application and internet use
  • Secured data encryption in case of laptop theft
  • Enhances system performance

Unistal’s Protegent complete security software is a complete package of 6 modules:

  • Total Security

Protegent Total Security goes beyond malware protection and with its extremely advanced features offers security against viruses, malware, root kits, Trojans, and other advanced online threats. It offers secure web browsing for you and your family. Protegent Total Security is termed to have 30% extra protection from other internet security products with the help of especially designed virus scan engine.

  • Port Locker

Port Locker is one of the modules present in Protegent 360 which is data leakage prevention software. It prevents any sought of unauthorized data leakage from any external media that can be in any form like USB, Printer, Network Adapter, CD/DVD, IEEE 1394 and others. Port locker does it by blocking all the possible ports of computer through which data can be transferred. For every organization and individual, it is always challenging to keep confidential data safe and protected which Port Locker software does at ease. There is a certain requirement of controlling, monitoring and prevent the flow of data through computer. This product gives assurance to protect the flow of data from all the ports leaving no chance of data theft.

  • Locate Laptop with Data Encryption

If your laptop gets stolen, then Locate Laptop is the perfect tracking software which will provides pin point location when laptop is connected to internet. It uses Google Maps to show the exact location of the laptop along with longitude and latitude details as well. Locate Laptop has the advanced feature of finding out the location using the IP address when it is connected to internet. It also has a feature of automatic data encryption on the data present in the stolen laptop if it is not connected to internet for a specified period of time making the data unreadable to the thief. Locate Laptop helps the admin to keep track of employees’ laptop and location using a master login.

  • Activity Reporter & Monitoring

Activity Reporter is a very important module in Protegent 360 which is responsible of monitoring and reporting of application and internet activities of the users. Activity Reporter works as a spy which records every keystroke on the computer or monitor internet on regular basis without the user having the knowledge of same. The software can also be customized to record any blacklisted applications used on the computer system. The admin can also select from the various reporting format and can schedule them to get emailed to the configured email ID.

  • SysBoost

SysBoost is system tune-up software which improves/enhances the performance of user’s computer by deleting junk files, folders, temporary registries and also defragmenting drives. This is the best application which is designed for MS Windows and help in maintaining, managing and optimizing computer system performance.

  • Crash Proof

Protegent data security product range comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery module: Crash Proof which is especially designed to prevent any sought of data loss incidents. It provides 100% assurance to protect data that has been accidentally lost, deleted, corrupted or got inaccessible due to any reason. Crash Proof records the file indexes/ disk properties and updates them at regular intervals. This recorded information is stored in protected areas and used to recover lost files and also un-format a lost drive.

That’s it on Protegent Complete Security – Data Security beyond Total Security.

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