Protegent Complete Security with Parental Control


The internet is being used all around the world at constantly increasing rate. People of all age group get access to internet and surf over internet for their daily needs. Majority of people who are accessing internet on daily basis includes students, children, employees, employers and so on.

Internet is the most important invention in the information and technology sector. But as there are advantages of internet, some of the disadvantages also come along with it. Internet provides informative information, social media sites and other resources which helps people around the world. Apart from these, there are some inappropriate content over the internet which is not advisable for the minors, children and students.

At the present time, there is a certain need for Parental Control over the children’s activities on the internet.

Keeping a check on what your students and children are doing on their desktop ensures that they are not opening any inappropriate content which they shouldn’t be viewing.

We understand that parents or teachers should monitor their children/students activity on computer system respectively.  That’s why we have the perfect solution for Parental Control in the form of “Activity Reporter”. What if we tell that this Parental Control software comes inbuilt in Protegent Complete Security Antivirus software? We are sure that you will be surprised with this unique combination of software modules.

As a part of Information and Technology sector, we are always looking to incorporate new and innovative software products which can work in a diversified way.  That’s why we have come up with Protegent Complete Security which comes with inbuilt activity monitoring tool.

Using Activity Reporter, you can monitor the various activities (Application and Internet Activity) on the computer system. We do believe that this monitoring tool would be the ideal detective for home and commercial.  Not only this, you can get the reports of keystrokes, other activities on internet and can get the screenshot of user’s activity on regular basis.

Parents and teacher can use the feature of Blacklist and Whitelist application which help them to better monitoring. The websites which you don’t want to allow your children to view can be added to blacklist and you will not notified if any of the website listed in the blacklist is accessed in the computer system.

Using this advanced monitoring tool, you also keep an eye on your children at home and can get daily reports of all their activities. Activity Reporter helps in keeping a night watch on the applications & websites surfed by the user/client and all keystrokes that have been pressed by the client.

We do believe that this activity monitoring tool would help a lot of people around the globe in an effective and efficient way.

That’s it in the discussion on Parental Control with Virus Protection. We do believe that the facts mentioned above are true as per our knowledge. I would be happy to if any reader wanted to give their valuable suggestions on the above discussed topic.

We hope that readers would get benefited from the above discussion and we promise that we will be come back with some more in context on Antivirus Software. Till then keep Protegent in your system for secure computer use and get benefits of its inbuilt data recovery software for data loss prevention.