Protegent Data Security Products at Glance

Protegent is the data security product developed and distributed by Unistal after year of hard work by expert professionals. Protegent was introduced to the antivirus industry with a big surprise as it is world’s only antivirus which comes with inbuilt data recovery software.

Protegent got a great response when it was launched because of being the unique antivirus in the world which not only protects your computer system from all sought of viruses but also recover/restore any lost, deleted, formatted and corrupted data in an efficient and effective way in no time.

We having talking quiet a lot about topics related to antivirus and virus protection, but today we are going to put some light on the Protegent data security products.

So guys, get ready to know about the Protegent data security products:

  1. Protegent Antivirus Solution

Protegent Antivirus Solution has been developed with two-tier protection that allows it to protect computers against latest unknown viruses, malwares, worms, Trojans and others. This software doesn’t only provide protection from unknown threats but also enhances user’s privacy and allows users to surf web without worrying about viruses. It has been designed to provide great protection and doesn’t slow down system performance as it gets unnoticed while running in the background. It comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery module which provides a powerful solution to the user recovering any accidentally deleted data in no time.

  1. Protegent Total Security

Protegent Total Security Antivirus is packed with advanced security features which doesn’t only protect from viruses & malware but also provides extremely advanced protection against unknown online threats to your computers. It is well known for its robust protection against spyware, malware, spam, phishing attacks and also encompassed advanced features like virus protection, parental control, two-way firewall, spam filtering, USB protection and ads blocking to protect computers from online cyber threats. This security software allows user to work in risk free browsing environment. It has inbuilt proactive data recovery software which provides 30% extra features compared to any other Total Security Software.

  1. Protegent Complete Security

Protegent 360 antivirus is an award winning complete security software comes with advanced features which provide extremely robust protection against advanced online threats. Protegent 360 not only keeps your computer secured from viruses & other cyber threats but also protects your business data from unauthorized access and data theft. Protegent360 also provides proactive data recovery module to recover accidentally deleted data in an efficient and effective way. Protegent360 works as parenting software tool which provide complete activity report of child’ computer and internet use. This enables the parents to guide their children in right direction. In case your laptop gets stolen, Protegent provides pin point location of the laptop to the user and if the laptop is not connected to internet, encrypts your confidential data making it unreadable to the thief. Protegent360 also provides system tune-up utility to enhance the speed of computer. This software offers 75% extra features than any other available product.

We think that if you are thinking of getting antivirus software for your computer system, then you should try 30 day trial version of Protegent products. After using the software for 30 days, we are sure that you will surely go for the yearly subscription. Below are the download links of the Protegent products. Please feel free to use the demo version:

  1. Protegent Antivirus –
  2. Protegent Total Security –
  3. Protegent Complete Security –

That’s it in today’s blog on Protegent data security products along with demo download links.

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